Illicit Affairs 2

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Illicit Affairs 2

Directors Jacky St. James and James Avalon present four titillating tales of clandestine affairs gone wrong.

The fantasy of infidelity is well served across the porn landscape as adult projects routinely incorporate cheating into their storylines. However, James and Avalon manage to inject a sense of drama into these four short stories that expands the trope in compelling ways.

Each of these stories touches the audience on an emotional level, which always serves to make the sex more impactful. We also get a very strong cast and some wonderfully horny visuals with the strong narrative.

Avi Love and Michael Vegas:

Things start with Vegas waiting inside Love’s house, looking agitated or worried or both. When she enters, she’s surprised by his presence, but before she can muster much resistance, Michael kisses her passionately and she kisses him back. After a few intense moments, the couple regains their composure and Michael leaves begrudgingly. Avi narrates to the audience that afterwards, she and Michael tried to avoid each other, hoping their lust would subside, but to no avail.

In the surprise twist, Emily Willis is revealed as one of Avi’s bridesmaids and the audience learns that Avi is set to marry her girlfriend. Of course, this is a problem, because Avi is running around fucking Vegas behind her fiance’s back. Avi looks wonderful riding Vegas, with her hips gyrating just right to make her cute ass ripple slightly. She also practically glows during reverse cowgirl, really letting herself fall into the ecstasy of Vegas pounding her pussy desperately, as if neither of them will ever get this chance again.

There’s a wildness to their sex that affirms the raw joy of their surrender to their feelings. The scene ends with a poignant admission from Avi and an emotional pledge from Michael. This is wonderful stuff.

Jessa Rhodes and Ryan Mclane:

Jessa finds herself frustrated that she always seems to be the one sacrificing and missing out on the finer things in her affair with businessman Ryan Mclane. Tired of the seedy hotels off the Vegas strip and the cheap nights she shares with Ryan because he’s worried about his wife (who controls the financial accounts) finding credit card receipts, Jessa delivers an ultimatum. She wants full commission on every liquor sale and full control of her own casino otherwise Ryan can kiss her scandalous pussy goodbye.

Unwilling to give up his carnal drug, Ryan agrees, and Jessa rewards him with a rousing celebratory fuck. She takes a good pounding here and eggs Ryan on from start to finish. Her dirty talk almost feels like a challenge to his manhood, spurring him to fuck her harder with each passing moment. When she offers him her ass, he slams her like a piston and she loves every moment of it. Unfortunately for Ryan, his wife Silvia Sage walks in as Jessa is leaving the room and he’s caught with his proverbial pants down. Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned!

Angela White and Michael Vegas:

The succulent White slinks into the room clad in a sexy red and black bodice. Vegas is inexplicably cold to her entrance, asking why she’s dressed that way when Mona is coming over for dinner. Right away, the tension between Vegas and White is palatable and the audience can’t help but wonder what the hell is wrong with this man that he would bring up some other woman when a half-naked goddess is standing in front of him. Eventually, Vegas comes to his senses and commits full boar to fucking Angela to pieces.

My oh my does Angela look amazing and Michael worships her body the way everyone in the audience would if they could switch places with him. This woman is so enticing, so easy to watch. There are few performers working today that can capture and express the power of sex the way Angela can. When Vegas finally rips Angela’s bodice off completely and the two of them are completely nude, the intimacy of their sex just explodes.

When Mona walks in on them, Vegas is oblivious, but Angela is well aware of her presence yet she doesn’t stop.

The climax sees Angela finish Vegas off then drop the bomb that she knows what’s been going on between Vegas and Mona. It’s a dramatic ending to the scene that will leave audiences spent, confused and satisfied.

Remy Lacroix and Steven St. Croix:

St. Croix comes home looking for his wife, but instead finds his wife’s sister Remy lounging on his couch. Frustrated, he demands she explain her presence, especially after he made it explicitly clear that she wasn’t to come around anymore after their steamy encounter on his wife’s last birthday. A defiant Remy refuses to leave, instead bludgeoning St. Croix with the threat of revealing the nature of their relationship to her sister unless he gives her what she wants, which is … him.

This was yet another great narrative scene that allowed the sex to enhance the story. Steven is frustrated and desperate, while Remy is equally desperate, but justifiably confident. She knows that Steven won’t deny her, because he won’t risk his relationship, so even though he won’t give her the emotional connection she craves, he will absolutely give her the sexual connection she needs.

Remy plays this so well! Watch the way she holds Steven’s gaze as he pumps her hungrily. She refuses to let him reduce their sexual encounter to a forgettable physical coupling, instead forcing him to acknowledge their emotional connection at every sexual turn. It’s so well done and it makes the sex so much more powerful.

I enjoyed this quite a bit. Each story was compelling and properly bolstered by its accompanying sex, and the theme of the film was made all the more powerful by the strength of the narratives involved. Angela White is a mega star who commands the screen and blows the doors off every scene she’s in, but Remy LaCroix and Avi Love also deliver equally fantastic performances here.


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