The Seductive Art of Massage

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The Seductive Art of Massage

Welcome to The Talon House: a massage parlor that has a reputation for fostering lesbian hook-ups. Guests are treated with the utmost respect and the staff lives to fulfill their every carnal fantasy. Sit back and enjoy an intimate look at what happens behind closed doors at one of the city’s most exclusive taboo establishments.

“The Masseuses: Part 1” (Jane Wilde and Lacy Lennon):

New masseuse Jane Wilde draws the lucky straw of client Lacy Lennon who is going through a bitter divorce. Jane’s mousey attitude is initially a turnoff for Lacy, who is in no mood for passivity or professionalism. But after pleading her case and promising that she can provide Lacy the release and relaxation she’s looking for, Lacy submits to Jane’s skilled hands. Wow is Lacy dominant in this scene! She takes Jane for a ride that she doesn’t expect and the results are wet and explosive. Oh my, the moment where Lacy literally pulls her sticky fingers out of Jane’s oozing pussy is dirty as hell and amazingly provocative. There’s no wasted motion from Lacy, who is clearly there for no reason other than to get her pussy off and Jane is her willing tool. Watch Lacy’s expression when she buries her pussy on Jane’s face; she is enjoying every moment of making Jane her fuck toy. For her part, Jane fully embraces her role in the encounter which reinforces the theme of the film; her only purpose is to make Lacy cum again and again and again. What a hot dynamic and what a dynamite scene to open the film!

“The Masseuses: Part 1” (Aiden Ashley and Evelyn Claire):

Jane exits her appointment with Lacy and runs into Aiden Ashley in the hall. Worried about complaints that she was inappropriate with a client, Jane confides in Aiden and begs the veteran masseuse not to report her. To her surprise, Aiden reveals that the true identity of The Talon House is pleasing their female clientele with acts of sexual liberation. When Jane asks if Aiden’s ever done anything like what she just did, her co-worker recounts a two-hours-old experience she had with client Evelyn Claire. During their session, Evelyn shares with Aiden the oddity that she doesn’t respond to human touch. Intrigued, Aiden asks permission to challenge Evelyn’s theory, leading us to a damn steamy encounter. Aiden is wonderfully aggressive here without being overly rough. The challenge is to coax a response from Evelyn, and Aiden achieves this with a mixture of bullish aggression and tender passion. It’s truly a joy to watch Evelyn melt into Aiden’s sex over and over. You can see her unexpectedly shuddering into ecstasy under Aiden’s masterful assault, and her reciprocation feels genuinely thankful and is scorchingly arousing. My oh my, watching Aiden rub Evelyn’s pussy as she cradles her lovingly in spoon is a goddamn treasure! It’s a striking physical representation of their emotional connection in that moment.

“The Guests: Part 2” (Kenna James and Kylie Rocket):

A conversation between Kylie and her in-the-closet lesbian friend Aidra leads us to another flashback encounter. A frequent quest of The Talon House, Kylie tells Aidra exactly what the facility is all about: lesbian hook-ups. Aidra is intrigued but skeptical, leading Kylie to recount her experience that very morning with masseuse Kenna James. I could watch Kenna kiss all day. This scene opens with a strong emphasis on kissing and cuddling and it is downright scorching! Kenna just feels so enraptured in her partner when she’s allowed to engage in the art of seduction through kissing. Watching Kenna prime a woman for the adventure of sex with her thorough kisses is one of my favorite things to witness. I’ve got to give Kylie Rocket credit for the sultry way she gyrated her pussy on Kenna’s wanting mouth as she sat on her face. It was spectacular and Kenna returned the favor in equally spectacular fashion later in the scene. Just wow.

“The Guests: Part 2” (Aidra Fox and Naomi Swann):

Interested-but-hesitant Aidra concedes the room and allows Kylie to make her an appointment at The Talon House. When Aidra arrives for her appointment, she nearly balks and walks out, but her masseuse Naomi is incredibly understanding and sympathetic to her disposition. Her comforting no-pressure demeanor puts Aidra at ease, and after some gently massage therapy, she’s ready to explore. The conversation between Aidra and Naomi is what makes this scene. Aidra, fully vulnerable and looking for a rudder in her sea of uncertainty, finds her North Star in Naomi who serves as the perfect guide for Aidra on her journey of enlightenment. She puts Aidra at ease almost instantly and then deftly introduces her to a world of pleasure she’d been denying herself for years. It’s a beautiful story. The opening sex alone where Naomi rubs Aidra’s pussy gently while smiling down at her will be enough to send viewers through the roof. The way Aidra laps hungrily at Naomi’s pussy in return equally arousing. There are other blazingly hot moments in this scene that I won’t spoil; instead I’ll simply implore viewers not to fast-forward a single moment. You’ll regret it if you do.

Massage porn is a very popular genre and this was a really nice way to feed that fantasy while keeping things fresh. A strong cast of performers anchors this tale, and Jacky St. James should be applauded for eschewing the tendency to turn projects like this into unrelated shallow scenes. The narrative that holds the individual encounters together adds a layer of engagement that will bring the audience in and stroke the libido in ways that lesser porn simply doesn’t.


The Talon House is a place where women go to escape life's troubles. Where an asexual woman can discover her sensuality, where a closeted lesbian can be freed, where a horny divorcee can scratch a sexual itch, and where a free-spirited woman can unleash her deepest desires.

Yes, The Talon House is where sex and pleasure are of utmost importance and where women will go to experience the best that life truly has to offer.

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