Mariska, Desires of Submission

Mariska, Desires of Submission

Mariska is the latest woman to find herself under the spell of notorious Master Jean Lefort (Rico Simmons). When she witnesses the intensity of submissive Alexis Crystal’s initiation into the world of anal, her curiosity is piqued and she decides to embark on a journey of discovery with her loyal husband at her side.

Herve Bodilis presents the fourth (and presumably final) volume is his submission series, this time with the voluptuous Mariska stepping into the starring role. I really like the fact that Bodilis connected this volume to previous ones by bringing back Clea Gaultier’s character from the prior film. The idea that this one man has played such a significant role in the sexual awakening of so many women is peak fantasy. The way this movie celebrates anal plays hard into the fantasy, is perfectly done and I marvel at Bodilis' continued excellence as a director. Mariska plays her part with stunning brilliance, and following her journey of discovery is incredibly satisfying. As I watched this story unfold, I was legitimately sad that I hadn’t seen any other offerings in the series because I found myself wanting to know Lefort’s history.

The film opens with Alexis Crystal in the throes of a fully public submission at the hands of Lefort. The skillful Master promises her she’s about to experience the greatest pleasure of her life through intense anal sex from two men, and Alexis can’t wait to give herself fully to the moment. There’s some very intense mind games at play as Lefort establishes the depth of the fantasy, and the ensuing sex is blistering and intense but not overly frantic. Alexis is fully committed not only to the anal and salacious DP she receives from studs Ricky Mancini and Kristof Cale, but also to her submission to Lefort’s lifestyle. Her ass gets a stiff workout and she loves every moment of it. Meanwhile, a curious but timid Mariska watches alongside a confident Clea, and the audience gets their first hint that Mariska is new to this world.

When she gets home, Mariska reveals everything she saw to her husband (David Perry) who applauds her for following through with their agreement. The revelation that Mariska and her husband have mutually decided that she will explore this decadent world adds a completely different tone to the film and it enhances the fantasy. To celebrate their descent into the world of doms and subs, Mariska and her husband share a passionate night together that serves as a physical representation of Mariska breaching the sexual threshold into a new world. I loved the shots from the hallway of the couple fucking, as they added a voyeuristic element to the sex: like the audience was standing in the adjacent room watching the lovers go at it.

Fully committed to their endeavor, Mariska agrees to attend an indoctrination dinner with Clea and Lefort. Unfazed by Mariska’s hesitant nature, Lefort initiates her without mercy, demanding she allow herself to be fingered by Clea right at the table while the waiters get to fondle her bared breasts. Satisfied with her response to his test, Lefort dismisses Mariska and orders Clea to satisfy the urges of the young wait staff. I’ve said this before, but Clea Gaultier is absolutely amazing. She captures the camera whenever she’s onscreen and she exudes a natural sultriness that melts the inhibitions. Kristof Cale and Josh give Clea a right proper pounding, sodomizing both her holes slowly and deliberately.

Feeling confident enough to take the next step in her journey, Mariska purchases a chained collar and presents it (and herself) to her husband for his enjoyment. Perry takes advantage of Mariska’s willingness to submit to him, eventually culminating with him piercing her tight asshole for the first time. My word pay attention to Mariska’s face as Perry spears her ass. You can see the pain, the pleasure, the shock and the elation on her face plainly. This is a woman experiencing ecstasy as she never has before and it’s hot as fuck.

Alexis Crystal, still in the midst of her own personal journey with Lefort, is seen seducing a seemingly fresh initiate in the delicious Alyssa Reece. I absolutely love rimming and there’s plenty of it here. Alexis can’t get enough of Alyssa’s succulent ass, and when she introduces the glass butt plugs to the encounter, Alyssa melts into her deepest carnal desires like butter. This is easily the most sensual scene in the movie.

The film ends with a fantastic orgy that features a fully liberated Mariska embracing her newfound sexual freedom in a kinky orgy in which she and Clea get used by an avalanche of cocks. Cum-swallowing blowjobs, vigorous DPs and plenty of partner swapping make for a fabulous end to Mariska’s journey. Mariska takes a particularly aggressive pounding and her desperate moans of pleasure are a clear admission of her evolution as a sexual being. The audience literally watches the moment that she becomes a fully grown slut.

This was a good movie that features plenty of fire sex that is perfectly supported by a strong story of personal growth. Mariska is brilliant in her portrayal of a woman embracing her sexual self while Clea Gaultier and David Perry play the perfect supporting roles on her journey. There’s a very powerful story her that shines just as bright as the scalding sex and I was very impressed with the balance Herve Bodilis struck between the two elements. After watching this volume of the series, fans will definitely want to go back and visit earlier stories of the sordid tale of Master Jean Lefort and his filthy consorts.


Mariska thought she was an accomplished woman. She will soon realize that she still has many pleasures to discover and fantasies to fulfill. Married for several years, she hadn't realized that routine had set in in her relationship. Her recent encounter with Cla Gaultier and her mentor Jean Lefort will quickly open the doors to a totally fulfilled sexuality for her. Reluctant at first, Mariska turns out to be a perfect submissive for whom sex and all its pleasures are now part of her daily life.

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