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Catfished 3

In “Catfished 3,” viewers follow four unsuspecting guys as they each try to navigate the choppy waters of online dating without getting hooked by catfish. Writer/director Jacky St. James interweaves thematically related tales taking place within the same universe, in a smooth fashion. And the cast is great, with a nice blend of industry veterans and newcomers to go along with some of the best studs in the business.

St. James does a solid job introducing the audience to the film, with Vanessa Sky and Nathan Bronson helping to hold everything together. Their easy banter feels natural and settles the audience in for the ride, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the story even though the sex comes at us fast. Ryan Mclane was also the perfect choice to end the movie due to his stellar acting. He delivered just the right amount of vulnerability to make the story’s climax land and his interaction with Aila put an excellent bow on the story.

Things start with Codey Steele and Vanessa Sky, whose situation is certainly catfish-esque, though a bit less traditional than one might think. She calls Nathan Bronson to compare dating war stories and much to his chagrin, Bronson is forced to admit his most recent online date stood him up. Vanessa digs him with a reminder that she warned him his date’s pictures were fake before recounting her own tale. We get a bit of massage porn fantasy here but it’s incorporated nicely. Vanessa’s got a great ass and we get to see plenty of it during cowgirl and doggie, and St. James wisely incorporates lots of full body shots so the audience can appreciate the nakedness of the performers. Codey really pounds himself to a rugged finish as he barely makes it out of Vanessa’s pussy before he’s spilling his cum all over her ass. Hot. The catfish reveal is unexpected, but fits the theme perfectly.

Bronson, not to be deterred, gets right back on the horse, but his next online date is another case of being stood up. The bartender (Lilly Bell) notices a forlorn Bronson watching his phone and mentions that the picture of his date is the same girl who stood a guy up in the bar the previous week. She lays on a bit of ego-boosting flirting to catch Bronson’s eye and the next thing you know, they’re back at his place fucking like rabbits. Lilly Bell looks amazing in cowgirl. This position was full of energy and she shows absolutely amazing stamina. This was a great pairing because Bronson always feels like he could slam forever and Lilly matches him point for point. The narrative twist here is that having been burned by the catfish, Nathan is suddenly keen to try it out himself, perpetuating the deceitful cycle.

We then move away from Vanessa and Nathan on to Gianna and Lucas, two exes who live amicably together. Lucas is talking to the same woman online that Nathan was talking to, and Gianna offers him the same warning Vanessa offered to Nathan: the pictures aren’t real and he’s not talking to who he thinks he is. Eager to prove his know-it-all ex wrong, Lucas sets up a face-to-face date with his online lover, only to discover that the person behind the profile is actually a gay guy looking for a hook up. Naturally, things don’t go the way Lucas envisioned, and he’s forced to return to the apartment and admit to Gianna that she was right. Lucas confides to Gianna that dating sucks, and despite their rocky relationship, having her as a girlfriend was preferable to this. That’s all Gianna needs to hear to put the seduction on and within moments, Lucas is balls deep in her. Gianna really does look great with a dick in her throat and she spends a lot of time swallowing Lucas here. The choking is pretty awesome and Gianna’s long legs look great spread wide for Lucas.

Things end with Ryan Mclane involved with an online persona using the exact same picture as all our other poor victims. His friend (St. James) issues the thematic warning, and Mclane sets up a meeting at a hotel just to see his fears confirmed. The surprise twist here is really nicely done and serves as a great payoff to the film, so I won’t spoil it. However, the ensuing sex is the perfect reward both narratively and sexually. Aila is hot, Mclane is horny and he damn near plows her with blissful abandon. The doggie is the highlight by far, as Aila really gets into it. The final twist comes out of nowhere but wow what a great ending! Seriously, make sure you stay past the last cumshot; it is totally worth it.

This is a really good movie. It’s got a nice blend of humor and intrigue and the way the characters all connect keeps things interesting. The sex is all pretty stellar, with Lilly Bell and Aila Donovan standing out alongside Ryan Mclane. Shawn Alff and Jacky St. James both deliver top-notch non-sex performances as well.


Fooling somebody online is easy - but what happens in real life - especially when you've been deceiving someone or when you're the one being deceived? Meet four different people - all being deceived in one way or another.

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