Pornochic: Mailyne & Megane

Pornochic: Mailyne & Megane

Dorcel’s glamour, all-sex showcase series, helmed by Herve Bodilis, is back with the next generation of French adult female performers stepping into the sexual spotlight. Megane Lopez, Mailyne and Tiffany Leiddi all venture into uncharted sexual territory as the cinematic auteur’s love letter to porn’s Golden Age continues.

Megane Lopez and Kristof Cale:

The scene opens with the lovers already wrapped in the throes of passion. The soft lighting in the room creates a romantic atmosphere that fits right in with the passion exuding from Megane and Kristof. I like how she holds Kristof’s gaze for much of the opening moments of the scene before his thrusting intensity escalates and their encounter turns into a full-on romp. The final position is very slutty and Kristof really gets deep inside her before she sucks him to a throaty finish.

Tiffany Leiddi, Mailyne and Ricky Mancini:

The scene opens with the nightcap encounter of a date between Mailyne, Tiffany and Ricky. Clearly the decision has been made to engage in a steamy threesome, and the ladies don’t wait even a moment to get their hands on each other. These women are absolutely gorgeous and watching them fondle and kiss each other passionately while clad in nothing but sheer bra and panties is the perfect way to end a date. Mailyne’s got fantastic nipples and there’s plenty of nipple play for the audience to enjoy here. Both ladies look like dynamite too, and when Ricky looms over Tiffany as he stuffs her missionary-style, the naughty challenge in her eyes is downright filthy. Speaking of filthy, watching Mailyne give her tight ass to Ricky is equally satisfying, and seeing her head rocked into Tiffany’s pussy as Ricky pumps her ass is exactly as nasty as you’re hoping it is.

Mailyne, Megane Lopez, Kristof Cale and Joss Lescaf:

Two separate couples on separate dates take notice of each other in a luxurious social club (the set here is freaking fantastic by the way). After some initial prodding, Kristof convinces his date Mailyne to approach Megane and the next thing you know, the foursome is on. My goodness Megane looks absolutely stunning, as Kristof fills her pussy with piston-like motions while she swallows Lescaf’s cock like a snake gulping down a horse. When Mailyne gets her turn, she’s equally exuberant about it, rocking her ass back into Joss’s stiff cock hungrily while Megane beams at her. The red lighting works wonders for the mood of this scene and Mailyne really looks great with Lescaf. Everything here is very erotic.

Mailyne and Kristof Cale:

Watching Mailyne go from fully nude to dressed is a wonderfully erotic exercise. The red, lacy lingerie looks exquisite against her almond skin and highlights the reddish hue to her hair. What a wonderful wardrobe choice. I also felt it was a great visual element to have Mailyne keep most of her clothing on during the sex. She looks insanely hot throughout (particularly while Kristof is slurping on her clit while DPing her with his fingers). Mailyne also looks wonderfully slutty whenever her asshole gets penetrated and the way she bites her lip with pleasure when Kristof slides into her arse is peak wanton. This woman looks awesome getting her ass fucked.

Megane Lopez, Kristof Cale and David Perry:

Afternoon sex is the order of the day as the film comes to a close. Megane, Kristof and David retire to their flat after a date that likely included brunch. Megane rewards her dates with unmitigated access to her holes in an afternoon fuck fest. There’s plenty of sexy swapping, and Megane feels blissfully occupied the whole time. She’s a very active performer who is filled with tons of energy and sexual abandon.

It was very nice to see these three young women elevated into the spotlight. All three seem to have a bright future in the industry and fans have a lot to be excited about with any upcoming projects in which they feature. I am particularly excited to see more of Mailyne and Tiffany, both of whom really left an impression on me.


For Malyne, Mgane Lopez and Tiffany Leiddi, three of the most exciting French actresses of their generation, sex holds almost no secrets. Almost...

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