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Unrelated X

Director J-Vera and writer Bree Mills present a satirical parody of the popular faux-cest porn trend in this new series from Adult Time. They take a fun jab at the industry by billing this sexy series as one where people have the audacity to have sex with compete strangers. Sometimes, these dastardly villains will even declare step relationships a poor reason to engage in sex! The horror!

“A Step Too Far”

The satire is strong with this one! Kenzie’s father has recently married Steve’s daughter (a stripper), making her Kenzie’s stepmother, and Holmes her step-grandfather. Kenzie perfectly overplays her role as the naughty, nubile, tart who can’t wait to get nasty with her surprisingly sexy senior, all while keeping the torrid affair a secret from her daddy. Everything about this setup screams satire, right down to Steve’s ridiculous justification for fucking his much younger, newly minted step-granddaughter; he doesn’t have much time left on Earth. That was a funny bit because Holmes plays it so seriously.

Holmes folds Reeves in half a lot in this scene, and it’s pretty awesome. The side missionary is particularly blistering and Kenzie’s facial expressions while Holmes is fucking her serves the young girl/older guy kink effectively. There’s also a raunchy moment where Holmes sits on Reeves’s face that is downright filthy! The swerve of the episode comes at the conclusion when Joanna Angel (Holmes’s daughter), comes into the room.

Completely unfazed by the obvious state of post-sex bliss enveloping her father and her stepdaughter, Angel reveals a horrifying development in their family’s saga. I won’t spoil this perfect parody conclusion, but it is an absolutely brilliant punchline to the subject matter at hand and everyone embraces the necessary over-the-top reaction. The episode then concludes with a sneak peek at upcoming episodes.

“The Family Doctor”

The always excellent Tommy Pistol features as a family physician for Joanna Angel. Having recently married into the family, Angel sees Pistol as her step-doctor, and the idea of fucking a step-doctor is one that she cannot resist. Pistol, on the other hand, is desperate to convince Angel that step-doctors are not a thing and the ridiculous nature of such an idea should not be a catalyst for sex.

“Bar Fight”

Shawn Alff and his stepsister Kenzie Reeves are hanging out at a bar when the very eligible bartender comes on to her. Intrigued by the handsome fellow, Kenzie joins him for some sexual shenanigans, to the extreme chagrin of Alff who cannot believe his stepsister would consider copulating with a stranger to whom she’s not related.

“Held Accountable”

Shawn Alff finds himself in financial hot water after his taxes are selected for audit. Turning to his accountant Ryan Keely for help, Alff finds himself confused by his lustful feelings for her because they aren’t related. Overwhelmed with sympathy for Alff’s plight, Keely offers to get him out of his jam by calling in a favor to her own stepbrother, who works for the IRS.

This is actually a pretty unique parody as the writers opt to take some light-hearted jabs at industry trends. The opening episode is a great precursor to the type of action audiences can expect from the series, with overblown performances and plenty of on-the-nose commentary. Kenzie Reeves and Steve Holmes set a nice precedent for the series with their overstated performances, and the accompanying sex is certainly wank-worthy.


18-year old Kenzie Reeves was having a completely average day lounging in bed with her beloved step-grandpa, Steve Holmes. He didn't waste any time and peeled off Kenzie's top, sucking on her perfect titties. Dr. Pistol insists that Joanna Angel is obsessed with him being her family doctor... even her step-family doctor. He's tried to convince her a million times that step-family doctors aren't a real thing, but Joanna didn't want to hear it. No, all she cared about was getting in his pants. Home from college, 21-year old Shawn Alff thought he was headed out for a normal night of fun with his super-hot step-sister Kenzie Reeves. But they were soon to learn that the night would be far from normal. Shawn Alff has admitted that he's desperately in love with his accountant, Ryan Keely. He's claimed that he can't stop thinking of her and knows that she wants him, too, but there's a problem: they're NOT related.

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