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Infidelity 3

At some point in time, for one reason or another, everyone thinks about cheating at least once. But when thoughts turn to action, the consequences often change the lives of those involved forever. In this movie, four couples find themselves drawn towards a life-altering plunge into the abyss of infidelity, where their worlds will intersect in an explosion of passion.

Written and directed by Jacky St. James, “Infidelity 3” is cleverly presented almost as a miniseries. It can certainly be watched in sections, as each layer of the story gets its own segment, but viewed as a whole, it’s a more compelling narrative that flows nicely. The coolest thing about this presentation is even though the story itself is a singular experience, the episodic format allows everyone the chance to flex their acting chops, because they’ve got to fill that expanded space in the story.

I think this did wonders for Karla Kush and Ana Foxxx especially, both of whom really knocked their acting performances out of the park. Alex Jones’ performance was also noteworthy, with the studsman showing some honest vulnerability and anguish in a way that went beyond simply crying. I thought it was a very nuanced and solid performance that added a lot of punch to the story.

Speaking of the story, Jacky St. James proves once again why she so often finds her name on awards ballots. This is a good tale with tons of twists, but Jacky’s writing is tight and focused, allowing the audience to follow along and grow their investment. The characters feel distinctly unique and relatable, which heightens the audience’s anticipation for seeing them have sex. That’s exactly what feature porn should do.


James (Mike Mancini) is a cutthroat realtor who is good at his job. He works well with his equally adept sales partner (Karla Kush), though they often clash over his immoral selling tactics. Longing for a reprieve from his frustrations with his wife Molly (Alison Avery), and the stress that comes with a family of four, James kisses Karla on a whim while discussing a potential sale. When the client (Mr. Alff) is late to the showing, James and Karla decide to act on the sexual tension that has built between them despite the fact that they’re both married. Karla Kush is freaking awesome. She’s pretty, she’s got a cute ass, and she just becomes a ball of lust when the camera starts rolling. She can also deepthroat with the best of them as evidenced by the way she effortlessly makes Mancini’s meat stick disappear down her gullet.


Mr. Alff’s wife Maddy (Maddy O’Reilly) arrives at her masseuse’s office (Ramon Nomar), much to the therapist’s surprise considering the sexually charged encounter they shared the last time she came to see him. Maddy tells Ramon that she wanted to kiss him, but she’s happily married and loves her husband. However, she admits she’s a sexually driven person and that drive brought her back to Ramon. This leads to a sensually aggressive encounter that is the highlight of the film. Maddy O’Reilly has a wonderful body and Ramon’s virility is a perfect match for the way she so ferociously submits to him. Holy cow watching Maddy’s supple ass suffocate Ramon as she rides his tongue is absolute magic!


After cheating on Molly with Karla, James’ shame leads him to set Molly up with a self-care day. While she’s off getting a massage, James cleans the house, then heads to a movie, leaving Molly with the place to herself. No sooner is James out the door, then Molly’s side piece Matt (Will Pounder) pops over for a day fuck. I gotta say, Alison Avery looks fabulous in reverse cowgirl. It’s the most visually pleasing position in the scene and Jacky St. James wisely directs cameraman Mike Quasar to spend a good amount of time capturing it. Also, huge props to Avery who gets cum in her eye and doesn’t even flinch! Story-wise, shit hits the fan when James comes back to get his wallet and catches Molly in their bed with Matt.

“The Aftermath”

With the secret out, Molly calls up her friend (Ana Foxxx) to vent. Ana is herself at a crossroads because like Molly, she’s been cheating on her husband (Alex Jones). But where Molly is only sad that she got caught, Ana is legitimately distraught about her actions. When Alex finds some lingerie that he didn’t buy in the laundry, Ana comes clean. With divorce on the horizon (via divorce lawyer Maddy), Ana reflects on the price of infidelity and the work required to make monogamy work. Fortunately for her, Alex shares a similar mindset. What a fantastic sequence this is! Ana is one of the prettiest performers in porn today and the emotional connection between she and Alex really leaps off the screen. All the time St. James put into building their story pays off in spades with the sex.

The tale ends with a light-hearted wrap-up between Karla and James that puts a nice bow on the story.

This is one of the stronger films I’ve seen from Jacky St. James. I love the way the four stories intersected with each other and I thought the sex was nicely varied not only through setting, but style and tone as well. Jacky is a very good writer and Mike Quasar captures all the action beautifully with his excellent camera work. This type of movie is a blueprint for studios who want to continue making full features in today’s climate of episodic content and I hope to see more of this style moving forward.


Marriage isn't easy - especially when work and life gets in the way. But when four couples find themselves in situations that challenge their own commitments, they all respond in very different ways. While some just act on impulse and desire, others find themselves falling hard for the wrong person and others even begin to wonder exactly who and what they want anymore. These couples' commitments will be tested - and not all of their relationships will survive.

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