Reform School Girls 4: The Wicked Warden

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Reform School Girls 4: The Wicked Warden

Detective Mimi (Kenna James) continues her crusade against the corrupt reform school system she discovered during her successful sting operation against Madam Dominique’s facility. With the backing of her police precinct and the support of her District Attorney girlfriend Shyla (Shyla Jennings), Mimi seems on the cusp of breaking the ring. But when her sister Kenzie (Kenzie Reeves) gets arrested on a minor in possession charge, she’s sent to the cruel Headmistress Helena’s (Helena Locke) reform school. With Mimi’s sister in Helena’s clutches, the crooked school system finally has some leverage against their troublesome nemesis. Can Mimi locate Kenzie and rescue her before Helena makes her disappear forever?

Adapted from a story written by Maddy Barton, “Reform School Girls 4” continues the adventures of Kenna James’ character from “Reform School Girls 3.” I really love sequels, and I love the fact that this series evolved from a fetish lesbian series to a fully-fledged feature-like franchise. James was a great choice to serve as the connective tissue between the 3rd and 4th films because she’s such a well-rounded actor and performer. I applaud the way Barton continued Mimi’s story from Greenwood’s re-imagining of the franchise, and there are so many paths forward now that the series has embraced it’s potential as an ongoing feature franchise. It’s honestly pretty exciting.

I love that the movie opens in such a hopeless way. The dark lighting enhances Kenzie’s vulnerability and despair as she’s processed by Helena’s menacing staff, which includes Penny Pax and Anny Aurora. Barton and Greenwood really deserve credit for crafting a complex tale here. There are a ton of narrative tendrils in this movie but Greenwood manages to keep them from getting too confusing, leading to a heavy sense of drama that keeps the audience engaged. Every character really gets the chance to have their story shine at one point or another. The plot line of the sympathetic guard was a great touch, while the drama of Shyla working within the confines of the law offered a nice contrasting possible solution. It was also a great callback to the previous movie as Shyla’s fear of Mimi suffering a similar fate to the one she endured in the previous adventure played a role. Lastly, the sexual dynamic between Helena and Penny paints them both as depraved heathens who thrive on the suffering of others while delighting in their own twisted sexual urges. This is good writing and good execution all around.

The sex is also great, as expected. Rocky Emerson and Bella Rolland (man I like Bella Rolland!) have a wonderfully erotic scene to open the film. It’s purposefully dark, with just enough light to allow the audience to see the action while still creating a tense yet passionate mood. I love the way Bella just envelops Rocky’s entire pussy in her mouth, and the panning shot down Rocky’s lithe body culminating in a lingering ass shot as she slurps on Bella’s flower is really sexy. Kudos to Greenwood for that capture! We also get some delicious face-sitting from Rocky with some nice close-ups of her ass and Bella’s tongue flicking all around her clit.

Mimi and Shyla share a really intimate sexual encounter after a very emotional conversation that is the epitome of good storytelling enhancing the sexual element of porn. Note the way Kenna keeps her eyes on Shyla’s as she inhales her pussy. As the audience, we don’t see lots of tongue flailing, it’s just Kenna’s mouth covering Shyla’s pussy and we’re left to wonder what she’s doing with her tongue that’s making Shyla squirm with pleasure. There’s a realism to that that makes the sex feel different. It allows the audience a level of connection to the sex that is hard to achieve sometimes. I applaud Ricky Greenwood for taking this approach to the sex.

Kenzie Reeves and Anny Aurora share a more traditional scene with plenty of the action made visible for the audience. I particularly enjoyed when Kenzie folded Anny’s legs over and fingered her while the camera focused on her ass. That was a scintillating shot! These two are also much more aggressive with each other than the previous couples, with the fingering being quite fast and furious. They also could have started a fire with the friction from their scissor.

Penny Pax and Helena Locke have the most kinky scene in the movie, as there is a strong domme/sub vibe between them. Helena takes control of the action from the start while Penny is wholly submissive to her. There is a really great moment where Penny is on her knees feasting on Helena’s muff as Helena grinds her pussy on her face like she’s riding a pony. Whew! There’s also some tit torture that is pretty intense but not overly aggressive. That moment alone is probably the most stimulating in the entire scene because the camera slowly pans up and captures Helena and Penny’s faces. You can see the very different pleasures they’re both experiencing at that moment.

I rather enjoyed this sequel and I was very happy to see the cliffhanger ending as it opens the door for further adventures. As usual, Kenna James knocks her role out of the park, but I also thought Helena Locke was quite believable. There’s also a good variety of scenes here for those only interested in the sex. Once again Ricky Greenwood shows his ample skill as a feature director and his work continues to impress. Fans of lesbian porn will find this film quite stimulating with its compelling plot and dynamite performances.


Reform School Girls 4: The Wicked Warden is the fourth entry in Sweetheart Video's Reform School Girls series. Dana Vespoli directed the first two entries in this all-girl feature film series. Ricky Greenwood took over with the third entry in the series, and Reform School Girls 4: The Wicked Warden, also helmed by Ricky Greenwood, continues the story from part three.

For the fourth entry in the series, Kenzie (Kenzie Reeves) is picked up for a minor infraction. Her sister Mimi (Kenna James), a cop, has caused many problems for reform schools by being an undercover snitch. Wicked warden Helena (Helena Locke) keeps Kenzie out of the system and puts her into her reform school. Mimi, who is dating the district attorney (Shyla Jennings), tries to determine why her sister disappeared.

Like the old women-in-prison exploitation films of the 1970s, Reform School Girls 4: The Wicked Warden has ample opportunity for women on women sex scenes due to the scenario and the plot.

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