Submit to Desire 5

Sex Art
Submit to Desire 5

An anthology of sexual situations involving couples giving in to their deepest and most carnal desires, from director Andrej Lupin, delivers glamcore thrills.

Timea Bella and Matt Ice (“Imagine”):

This edit is from Lupin’s 2015 short film about a chance meeting on a beach between two strangers. There’s a very strong story preceding the sex, but as this in an anthology, the story is omitted in favor of the sex. Things open with some pretty erotic kissing, mainly due to the slight pulse of Timea’s hips on Matt’s groin as she envelopes him in her arms. This sexy vibe continues once both performers are nude as Timea rides Matt and my oh my does it looks fabulous. The overhead shots are quite awesome and really show off the bodies of both performers nicely, and I liked the growing intensity behind Matt’s pounding as he got closer and closer to release.

Chrissy Fox and Jayden Cox (“Lost in the Rain”):

This edit comes from a Lupin 2015 short film about a woman who gets caught in a bone-chilling rainstorm on the way to her lover’s house. There’s plenty of story to experience if viewers want to head over to and search out the full title, but here, we are treated to just the scintillating sex. The 69 is wonderful, with lots of overhead shots of Fox’s round ass smothering Cox’s face while she masterfully tongue’s his cock. Seriously, take note of this woman’s oral skills! Chrissy also has beautiful breasts which Jayden really gets rocking as he fucks her in spoon, though I wish the editor would have captured a bit more of their full bodies during this moment. I also think one of the sexiest things about missionary is the opportunity it presents for the woman to grab hold of the man’s ass as he pounds away. It’s a very visceral and wanton expression of pleasure and Chrissy does it multiple times as Jayden slams her muff. It’s quite arousing.

Linda Sweet and Kristof Cale (“Lovely Trip”):

What beautiful and fitting music accompanies this scene! I think music adds so much to sex scenes and I wish more directors used music in their movies. After an endearing scooter ride around a quaint city, the couple retires to a bedroom for an afternoon of sensual sex. There’s a definite softness to open this scene as the performers get to know each other physically, learning what turns each other on and how to elicit pleasure from each other’s bodies. Once Cale figures out how to make Linda squirm, he turns into a relentless machine, assaulting Sweet with orgasm after intense, squirting, orgasm. Sweet looks, sounds and feels overwhelmed by ecstasy the longer Cale fucks her, until eventually her thirsty pussy sucks the cum from his cock.

Kiara Lord and Matt Ice (“Perder Tiempo”):

The title of this 2015 short film translates to the phrase “to lose time” which could initially be considered an odd choice as the couple doesn’t hesitate to get naughty with each other, but if one were to watch the original film, the title would become much more clear. As it is, this anthology edit eschews much of the story in favor of making the sex the main attraction. That said, it was super hot to watch Matt rub Kiara’s pussy right outside surrounded by palm trees and the risk of getting caught. Watch how Kiara’s body seems to ache for Matt’s touch as he rubs her to orgasm against the sliding glass door; it’s great. I also love the fact that he left her black lace panties on when he turned her around to fuck her from behind against the door. Sex with clothes on is incredibly sexy when done right and here it’s done right. Lastly, when Matt lifts Kiara to fuck her, it is a thing of beauty and the creamy finish is well earned.

Marica Hase and Matt Bird (“Sexter”):

A parody of the show Dexter, Marica takes on the titular role alongside her victim Matt Bird. You really should take the time to watch the full short film to get the full intensity of this scene, but what we get here is still quite effective at creating the mood. There are some really great shots of Bird’s skin covered with goosebumps as Hase stalks his prone body which matches the physical response Lupin is hoping to create in the audience with this setting. Marica plays the role perfectly, staying excruciatingly deliberate in her seduction of Bird’s helpless form. I must admit, I’ve never seen a full-on sex scene like this where one performer is essentially lifeless at the start. It’s a very unique idea and it’s executed very well. Eventually Bird stirs (after Marica has taken full advantage of his involuntarily erect dick), and what follows is an erotic yet slightly morbid sexual encounter where Marica is clearly finding all the satisfaction she craves while Matt is completely at her mercy. Matt eventually empties himself into Marica’s sopping wet pussy before the surprise ending that I won’t spoil here.

Again, Sex Art does a good job gathering a strong collection of Andrej Lupin’s works. These anthologies are great for fans who just want to experience the sex, but they also serve as a great bridge to their older source material. For example, the “Sexter” scene will likely drive at least a few curious fans to that original work from 2015, and I for one think that’s just grand. These fully-fledged projects deserve more eyes on them, especially when they’re as well done as this.


When the moment strikes, these couples waste no time in allowing their passions to take control, taking them on a glorious trip that ends with the ultimate pleasure. Director Andrej Lupin presents five, young, sexual couples captured in beautiful locales and portraying explosive fantasies. Sex Art encourages you to join these couples and submit to desire.

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