How Women Orgasm

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How Women Orgasm

Bree Mills explores the world of masturbation through her singularly creative lens with a limited docu-series that gets candid with current performers on the subject of self-love.

The subject of the female orgasm has been a topic of discussion in chat rooms, bars, letters and every other conceivable medium for generations. Part of our fascination with this natural phenomenon stems from the oppression women have endured in society for years, as sexuality has long been a subject of constant debate in regards to women. The conversations often tend to end with a consensus that many of us, men and women included, don’t understand how women achieve orgasm, what it feels like or what it looks like.

With this series, Bree Mills asks five women all the questions you’ve ever wanted to know about masturbation from the female perspective, and it’s a refreshing look at sex through their eyes of heterosexual men who so often can only guess at what the experience is like.

Each episode starts with an interview portion that covers topics ranging from their first masturbatory experience, to the techniques used and overcoming feelings of shame surrounding the act. Each woman’s story is unique and honest, and warmly conversational. Projects like this respect the agency of women while also allowing men to take part in the conversation, and the end result is an authentic, erotic experience for everyone involved.

Jane Wilde:

I love the fact that Wilde is sans make-up outside of lip gloss. This is such a tone setter. It’s no secret that porn is selling a fantasy, and that fantasy often includes stars made up to look like idealized versions of themselves. Sometimes, that fantasy is the performer’s choice, but other times it’s to feed the fantasy of the audience (or what an algorithm considers quality).

Here, Jane shares her all-natural self with the audience, just as she shares her natural orgasm. As promised by the star during the interview portion, her orgasm doesn’t take long, but it’s so personal, so real and surprisingly quiet. If you are a frequent porn watcher, you’re probably accustomed to the women screaming and moaning like banshees as they cum, but here, it’s mostly quiet moans and breathing.

Mills uses three cameras to capture the action and alternates between a tri-view and close-ups. Wilde gets incredibly wet, but the majority of the action is naturally obscured by the Hitachi wand she uses on herself. No crazy visual penetration here, as she keeps that want firmly pressed against her pussy from start to finish and lets it work its magic on her. It’s a beautiful sequence.

Dee Williams:

“It’s never silly to do things that make you feel loved.” What a fantastic quote from Dee Williams that is so relevant to not only the female sexual experience, but really anyone’s. We so often shame people for doing things that make them feel good, and Dee’s message is that this practice should not exist and needs to end.

Dee is a fingers woman who revels in the idea of being watched (she mentions it in the interview portion and that kink plays out as she pleasures herself) and her fingers expertly navigate her “downstairs” (as she calls it). Her technique looks a lot like what you see in porn with a heavy emphasis on circular rubbing right on her clit. Towards the end, she pulls out a toy that instantly sends her over the sopping wet edge and everyone on the crew just marvels at the intensity of the moment.

Whitney Wright:

Whitney shares her struggle coming to terms with masturbation due to her Christian upbringing. She reveals that while it felt good, there was something ingrained in her that told her to be fearful of getting caught because she “knew” she was doing something “wrong.” It’s a very raw admission on her part and is a truth that so many women likely share.

Such admissions can be so powerful and let people who share that experience know they aren’t alone. Again, the power of female agency is on display with this project. In line with the interview portion of this sequence, it’s no surprise that Whitney starts out with (and stays with), a vibrator.

There’s a truth to her experience that the audience gets the opportunity to empathize with given what we know of Whitney’s background and that makes the sex she shares on camera much more impactful. It’s like watching her take a victory lap over the sexual oppression she endured in her formative years.

Jay Taylor:

Jay talks a lot about her experience with water and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard faucets being the go-to vehicle for female self-pleasure. Jay too, felt the need to hide what she was doing early in life as she reveals she was often caught and punished for masturbating. Again, a reality that probably speaks to many women out there.

Jay chooses to use a Hitachi wand and a vibrator in tandem and the results are quietly explosive. Jay rocks her hips a lot and tends to let the wand work on the hood of her pussy rather than directly on her clit. The sensations cause Jay to snarl and cross-eye her way to ecstasy and it’s a wonderful example of how varied and intense masturbation for women can be.

Jenna Foxx:

Jenna recounts a hilarious story about masturbation and Icy Hot that will probably resonate with many people. It’s a very real way for her segment to open. She beams and laughs throughout the interview as she recounts her experiences, and it feels like she is talking to a group of old friends who are reminiscing about old tales of youthful, sexual exuberance.

The unique thing about this sequence is the fact that at the time of shooting this movie, Jenna hadn’t masturbated in a long time. The audience thus gets to witness Jenna’s return to self-love after a lengthy hiatus and I’m certain many who share that reality will find the freedom with which she embraces her moment quite liberating. I thought it was very interesting that even though Jenna states she prefers to use her wand (because it’s quick and she can easily get a couple of orgasms from it), she opted to use her fingers exclusively here. Still, her climax is soft, sensual and intoxicating.

This was such a great film. Seeing women be themselves, talking about the freedom and pleasure that comes with masturbating, then sharing that ecstasy with the camera was a wonderful experience. There’s a much bigger conversation that could have been had with these women on this subject, but this was a fabulous start. I applaud Bree Mills for bringing an idea like this to life in such a fashion, allowing women to speak their truth to power. I can’t recommend this enough to women and men alike, regardless of your sexual preference, because it is through experiences like this that we can all find our own path to discovering our sexual truths.


'Women pleasuring themselves AS themselves."

Inspired by the need for more authentic sex education videos and Adult Time's vision for content, How Women Orgasm is a new docu-series that features candid interviews with women about masturbation and then shows them pleasure themselves as themselves in front of our cameras.

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