One Night in Budapest

One Night in Budapest

Director Frank Vicomte returns to the world Herve Bodilis created for Cherry Kiss in his 2019 blockbuster “One Night in Paris,” with an all new tale of sexual exploration and free love, this time following the newly single Kiss on an adventure of debauchery across the exotic city of Budapest.

Oh, it’s a spiritual sequel! I love sequels! I say spiritual, because while Cherry returns and the narrative could still fit her character from Bodilis’ film, not every aspect of the movie matches up directly with its predecessor. For example, in the previous story, Cherry was married, but here she refers to her previous partner has her girlfriend. Also, Kristof Cale is a friend of Cherry’s in the Paris film, but here he doesn’t seem to know her. Still, these are minor details that don’t really take away from the fact that this story could absolutely be a continuation of Cherry’s adventures, and that’s how I choose to look at it. Once again, Vicomte shows his penchant for incorporating vast exterior shots of the city to set a strong exotic tone for the film. The entire opening sequence is full of these establishing shots that transport the audience to a world that is not their own.

Cherry arrives in Budapest looking to continue her ride on the carnal carrousel after breaking up with (in my view) Adriana Chechik from the previous film. A shame, because those two had a beautiful story in that movie, but alas, c’est la vie. Hungarian minx Tiffany Tatum serves as Cherry’s guide on this adventure, which is doubly ironic because for one, Tiffany was born in Budapest, and for two, in the previous film, it was Cherry who played the guide role for Adriana. Here, Tiffany introduces Cherry to all the sexual freedom Budapest has to offer, including an erotic sex club where anything goes. But perhaps the most significant thing is that Tiffany exposes Cherry to photographer Vince Carter, who could turn out to be more than what he seems, and exactly what Cherry is looking for.

After a long, hot day of exploring the city, Cherry meets Tiffany, who offers her a shower and lunch since she doesn’t have a hotel. Taken by her arousal at seeing Cherry’s glistening body in her shower, Tiffany tells her partner Kristof that Cherry could be some fun if he’s interested, which of course he is. And just like that, Cherry has found her first sexual adventure in Budapest! I really like the way Cherry moans when Tiffany is eating her pussy. There’s a sensuality to it that just makes the body shiver with lust. When Kristof joins the fun, he takes turns fucking both ladies in a variety of positions, and it all looks great. Cherry looked particularly good in spoon and Kristof gave her a pretty good thrusting while she munched on Tiffany’s box.

The next day, Cherry’s guided tour of the city begins, as Tiffany takes her to Vince Carter’s photography studio, where she models nude for extra cash. Meanwhile, the audience gets a chance to see Vince getting ready for the shoot, as he checks over his equipment and prepares the lighting and backdrop canvases. His makeup artist Veronica Leal arrives a bit early to prepare as well, and once the two artists are ready for the shoot, they find they’ve got some time to spare, so they might as well take advantage of it. Carter drops to his knees and hikes Veronica’s skirt up to reveal a black thong and a butt plug that’s already in her ass, which he gladly rims with his tongue. How lewd! This was such an erotic way to open the scene. Carter doesn’t even mess around with Veronica’s pussy, instead going straight for her tight ass. He does take his time though, relishing every thrust and every delicious moan that escapes her throat. It isn’t until he folds her up in one of the chairs that he really goes to town, fucking her asshole hard and fast until he finishes all over her pussy. Holy fantastic Batman! After Tiffany’s photo shoot, Carter suggests that Cherry should do some modeling (which she declines), then he invites her out to dinner, but she rebuffs him a second time, citing her recent breakup and hesitation about getting involved with anyone else so quickly.

The other place Tiffany takes Cherry is a sex club where BDSM is the flavor of the night. Cherry witnesses a variety of bondage play (with both men and women as the submissives), and eventually the milky Lina Luxa catches her eye. The lighting here is quite nice. Lina is very pale, and the surrounding setting is mostly black, matching her blindfold, restraint collar and garter belt. Combined with the shadows created by the minimal light, the effect is one that causes Lina to shine like the pale moon in a night sky. Her physical body becomes the center of the scene because the lighting effect makes her stand out. She takes a lengthy anal pounding from Renato during which she writhes in pleasure from start to finish as Cherry looks on, completely fascinated and more than a little bit aroused. Vince appears and offers to show her something else the Budapest nightlife has to offer, and with Tiffany suddenly “tied up” in her own affairs, Cherry agrees to accompany him. I thought this was a nice narrative touch in the story. It’s obvious that Tiffany has found her own fuck-fun somewhere else in the club, and standard porn logic dictates the audience should see that fun play out in a scene, but as it’s not paramount to the story, there’s no need to spend time on it. Perhaps this was simply Frank Vicomte managing his budget, cast, and/or time, or maybe it was a purposeful story choice, but I thought it was a good move either way.

Carter takes Cherry back to his apartment, where a masked Ian Scott and Thomas Stone are balls deep in sultry vixens Alyssia Kent and Renata Fox. After a few tense moments of watching, Carter invites Cherry to join them, which she does, and what a fun time it is! The two studs get equal turns with all three ladies, with Cherry really bringing some voracious energy to the party. She is damn near galloping on Renato’s dick as Alyssia rides her face while Renata Fox gets slammed over them both and holy mackerel is it hot. The scene culminates with a scorching DP for Cherry which Vince Carter misses out on, having left the party earlier during the festivities.

The next day, Cherry asks Vince why he left the party early, and he answers that he wants something from her that she’s not ready to give yet, so he’ll wait for her to be ready. It’s a very heavy line that takes the story from standard, raunchy sex fest, to poignant, heartwarming love story and Frank Vicomte deserves credit for deftly changing the entire tone of the movie in a single instant. Having seen everything she needs to in Budapest, Cherry leaves the home of Tiffany and Kristof, promising them she’ll see them again one day.

The story’s epilogue sees Cherry show up on Vince’s doorstep three months later, ready to give him what she couldn’t before, and Vince is more than ready to accept her gift. The lovers descend upon each other and their sex is raw and nasty, showcasing how badly they’ve been starving for this moment. Vince fucks Cherry’s ass with abandon and Cherry just melts under the heat of her own ecstasy as Vince pumps her ass frantically. The release of sexual tension between the two just screams off the screen.

The was a great story and a great sequel. Cherry Kiss is a real star and she should be cast in as many features as possible. She’s sexually magnetic and has the ability to completely capture any scene she’s in. The sex is really filthy (that four-way is a scorcher), and anal fans are going to be smiling from ear to ear as they watch this. There aren’t enough true sequels in porn which is a shame, because watching the further sexual adventures of characters is so very appealing to a good portion of porn consumers. I’d love to see more of this and give me more Cherry Kiss!


After her torrid adventures in Paris, Cherry Kiss goes on an adventure in Budapest. There she will meet new, exciting and enriching people and discover new pleasures.

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