Pornochic: Avi and Lana

Pornochic: Avi and Lana

Dorcel’s glamour, all-sex showcase series is back with American star Avi Love and Russian bombshell Lana Roy stepping into the sexual spotlight.

The “Pornochic” series is a concept created by Dorcel contract director Herve Bodilis as a star showcase featuring high-end visuals and scintillating sex. It is a nod to the “Golden Age of Porn” (also known as porno chic) during which adult movies were met with a highly positive reception from mainstream audiences and critics.

Bodilis’ series is about pushing the stars into uncharted sexual territory in the vein of those classic films that garnered so much praise and recognition.

Avi Love and Ricky Mancini:

I love the way this scene opens. One of the things Bodilis is so good at is spotlighting the physical world in which these sexual fantasies occur. As an American who doesn’t recognize the city where this takes place, watching Avi walk the streets in broad daylight immediately works to transport me to an exotic world full of wondrous possibilities.

Avi enters a hotel and sheds her posh coat, revealing nothing but black lacy undergarments. She blindfolds herself and Mancini enters silently and begins to fondle her body lustfully. This foreplay goes on for quite some time and it’s one of the best things about the scene. Building sexual tension through foreplay is such a powerful tool in porn and this scene is a perfect example of just how much those moments can enhance what follows. Speaking of what follows, holy cow the doggie is great!

There’s just a few very quick moments where Avi grinds her hips against Mancini’s dick that are downright dirty, and the anal that follows is pretty damn slutty. Avi is open not only to Mancini, but to the audience as well, as she holds her legs up around her head and urges Ricky on with her eyes. Super hot. Also, huge props to Bodilis for eschewing the standard cum shot and opting instead to let Avi jack Mancini to the finish. There’s an unspoken level of intimacy in finishes like that because the woman has the control normally given to the man.

Lana Roy, Kristof Cale and Vince Carter:

Lana is having dinner with Cale and Carter when each of them presents her with a gift. Giddily, she opens her prizes to discover sexy, cream-colored lingerie that the gentlemen obviously intend for her to model for them. I gotta say, the entire opening of this sequence is a clever play on the standard scene-opening strip tease that is so common, but with a twist.

Instead of Lana stripping for the camera and showing off her undergarments, she strips out of her (very chic) leather skirt and matching shirt and steps into her sexy outfit. I thought this was a pretty nice touch that showed off Herve’s creative ability to craft a visually compelling sequence that doesn’t include actual sex.

Once the sex starts, Lana gets filled pretty nicely (Carter’s cock looks impossibly big in her mouth) and Lana relishes every moment. I was particularly impressed with the way she beamed as Vince pounded her from beneath while Kristof teased her nipples with his dick. Her smile nearly split her face! I also love how Lana played up the “shocked” look as the two studs took turns on her ass.

Her expression tells a story of a woman overwhelmed with pleasure which of course feeds the fantasy of a woman taking a cock in her ass for the first time and being completely blown away by how amazing it is. Watch Lana’s orgasmic convulsions as her body finds sexual release around Cale’s cock that’s buried in her ass. Holy cow.

Avi Love, Lana Roy, Vince Carter and Rico Simmons:

This four-way opens with the two couples arriving at their apartment together, but then the girls shut the guys out of the room so they can get ready. Watching Avi and Lana undress and subsequently dress each other in sheer, black and red bras and panties was a great choice. Again, the scene is feeding the fantasy expertly by allowing the audience a proverbial peek through the window into the sorority.

Watching women dress has always carried an incredibly strong sexual arousal connotation with it, and Bodilis puts that fantasy on display front and center with this scene. Once the sex starts, there’s plenty of partner swapping, tandem fucking and kissing between the ladies. The modified 69 was a scene highlight, as it felt like everybody just couldn’t get enough of each other. Lana and Avi both take a pretty good mouth fucking and Carter really slams Avi good while Lana licks her pussy hungrily. In fact, Avi really shines like a sexual supernova here.

Avi Love, Clea Gaultier and Vince Carter:

An early evening of drinks between the three socialites leads to a sexy rendezvous back at the aprtment, and there is not a wasted moment. This time, Love is clad in purple underwear (she looks amazing in purple), while Dorcel contract star Gaultier sports a cream-colored lacy set of her own.

I love the first half of this scene, as Clea simply revels in Avi and Carter’s carnal passion. Pay attention to the soft moans coming from Clea as she watches Carter pound Avi to orgasmic bliss. She’s enjoying everything almost as much as Love is and Clea’s hands never stop caressing Avi’s body. When it’s finally Clea’s turn, I love the way she and Avi clasp hands while Carter pumps her from behind.

What a tender moment! It’s like Avi was telling Clea to hold on because the ride is going to be amazing. The climax with Avi rubbing her own clit sensuously while Clea bounced on Carter’s dick was a perfect way to close the action.

Lana Roy and Kristof Cale:

This scene opens with the audience following a scantily clad Lana down a hallway as she carries a furry-tailed butt plug which lets us know we’re in for some rocking anal. Sometimes a scene just needs to tell you what’s about to go down so you can get ready for it. Kristof starts out very gentle with the butt plug and Lana’s face is filled with pleasure and gratitude the whole way. Eventually Kristof thrusts his way into Lana’s wet pussy while the furry tail hangs seductively from her asshole. Knowing it’s connected to the butt plug makes the sex that much hotter, while priming the viewer for the inevitable main event of Cale piercing Lana’s succulent asshole with his flesh sword. Wow, does Lana look like she is being filled to the absolute brim here! Kristof looks huge inside her ass and the resulting visual just screams taboo, dirty fuck-fest. It’s great.

This was a great showcase for Lana Roy and Avi Love. Both ladies put on quite the clinic, Lana with her eye-rolling orgasms that looked like they were completely overwhelming her, and Avi with her blissfully gleeful surrender to her sexual kinks. Throw in the scintillating Clea Gaultier who is always fantastic, and you’ve got another top-notch entry into Herve Bodilis’ “Pornochic” series that should leave fans very happy.


The American star Avi Love and the Russian Lana Roy discover Paris and French-style pleasures. As a couple or in a group, they will have new experiences that they will not forget any time soon.

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