Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

These four women may be high maintenance, but they’re great fucks, making this intense, raunchy porn from Deeper.com absolutely worth catching.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Jessie Saint before this movie, and now having seen her, I’m in total lust with this delicious strumpet; here making her hubby, played by Mick Blue, buy her things, day in/day out, if he wants to smell, suck and slam her fine, fine pussy; which he more than happily does. Saint is no saint here, that’s for sure; and her slutty persona makes for superlative smut. The throbbing, atmospheric music itself adds to the tension, danger and horniness of this erotic adventure with snake-like Saint; every single position with this wench being awesome. She’s terrific as a hopeless submissive during missionary, cowgirl and doggie; the close-up shot of her getting skewered during spoon alone being enough to get me off; but I also like how, even when she gets face-fucked, she seems to take charge of Blue boy’s cock during those more gnarly oral moments. Spinner Saint? She’s the best!

The very noir-looking Skye Blue plays a strange masseuse giving Manuel Ferrara the rubdown of his life, though he’s at first very reticent (because he’s married?), before she shows up in his over-sized bathroom while he’s showering to — whether he likes it or not — fully service his uncut penis, with devastatingly arousing results. I didn’t know the word “can’t” existed in Manuel’s vocabulary when it came to sex, but I believe it at first here, before Blue just proves too hot to not handle. She’s got tits big enough to fuck, which Manny happily does. Great tits, in fact. Love how they hang from side to side during missionary. I also love her curved, wicked-looking lips. And Blue’s bounteous butt really rocks and roll during cowgirl, while she also knows how to take control and really rock on that roll. This girl is also a magnificent cocksucker, giving lots of necessary, nasty eye contact before — after another quick session of standing doggie — Manny blasts squirt after squirt o’ sperm into Skye’s pretty, devilish face.

Tyler Nixon is harassed by his bitchy boss, played with true ferocity by Abigail Mac, who even pesters Ty by calling him over and over again while the poor slob is trying to take a simple piss at work; but Mac looks superb and, as we all know, the lady can suck and fuck like a demon, and brilliantly acts like one here, too; while Nixon is excellent as the nervous, browbeaten employee who’s totally fed up with his quirky, kinky, creepy boss, though anyone in his right mind would wanna slam her silly; which he does (hooray!) in (double hooray!) the empty men’s room; best moments here being a fantastic, slow, luxurious bj filled with whorish eye contact from Mac; standing doggie with Mac, who’s completely beside herself with passion; and our girl’s boisterous bouncy-bouncy antics on boner during reverse-cowgirl upon the dirty men’s room floor. Yeah!

Black beauty Ana Foxx plays her own form of femme fatale, here burning tattooed madman Small Hands and his cock to cinders; Ana portraying the man-eating girlfriend of Smally’s wife, with Foxx constantly trying to seduce Smally behind wifey’s back, until she gets him alone to herself in the couple’s bedroom; with Hands’ sucking of Ana’s amazing ass while she’s bent over being highly memorable, while doggie (as you’d expect from foxy Foxx) is even better; and what an incredibly bubblegum-pink pussy she has, which you can clearly see during missionary; Foxx also knows damn well how to take over during cowgirl; and seeing her spinner’s body sweat and shine during reverse-cowgirl, as well as slowly, slowly grind on that cock will make your own cock immediately explode. She just gets so into it. And Ana insists on Ty coming inside of him, whether he likes it or not. Whew! Love this chick!

“Femme Fatale” is one of those anecdotal porn titles that’s absolutely great for couples and pervs alike; with each girl absolutely shining as a dangerous, decadent, dirty dungeon of desire and delight. Kudos to all four ladies — Jessie, Skye, Abigail and Ana —and gifted director Kayden Kross.


Femme is a fatal force in Deepers newest collection of erotic vignettes. Abigail uses her power over an employee to habitually break him down throughout the week. Ana pulls the necessary strings to find herself alone with a friends husband. Jessie makes it clear to Mick that financial gifts are the clearest path to success with her, and Skye doesnt let the opportunity slip away when a married man crosses her path a second time, having narrowly avoided her grasp once before. Each woman controls the situation from beginning to end, each man is left dangling thankfully at the end of her string.

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