While He Watches 2

New Sensations
While He Watches 2

The featured on-screen hotwives here (that is, women whose husbands enjoy watching them get happily nailed by other men) are absolutely scorching, in a terrific New Sensations sequel from talented director Eddie Powell, with the ladies showing off the marvelously exhibitionistic, delightfully slutty sides (we love ‘em!) of their personalities; with especially high points going to blonde spinner Chloe Temple, who rounds off this killer quartet of passionate pixies.

23-year-old fox — and one horny one at that! — Charlotte Sins starts the boisterous balling rolling, getting heatedly hammered by James Deen in front of her fictionally-frothing-at-the-mouth (in a good way!) hubby, played by Jake Adams. Aside from being wildly delectable, even when she’s getting her undoubtedly succulent snatch eaten, Char is a magnificent cocksuckette, going deep and wet and loud. “Can I ride his cock?” she asks her hubby of Deen-dick. Hell, yes, baby. Your boy Jake is into it! I even dig how Char gets cross-eyed with pleasure during reverse-cowgirl. So sexy! I also enjoy how the standing-doggie action is shot from beneath our players at one scorching point. Sins is also great, by the way, at getting potently face-fucked. Quite arousingly, she always includes her horny hub in the action, as far as trying to pleasure him with her highly visible (and audible) sexual pleasure as he watches. We also have some awesome cowgirl action, Sins moaning as her bountiful butt cheeks are spread, slammed and spanked. There’s eventually a traditional return to doggie, with Deen drilling Sins to the point of where she wildly screams; Jimbo ultimately depositing quite the Deen-deluge onto Char’s ever-famished tongue. Baby!

Alex Coal, 28, is a hotwife who digs Jessy Jones, while her hot-to-gawk hub, played by Mike Mancini (no relation to late music maestro Henry, I presume), watches her get seriously skewered; Coal relishing every second, inch, drop of Jones’ joint-jamming. And, gotta tell ya, Alex is one fabulously firm and fertile femme. So freaking delish! And she dons wonderful eye contact (with both Mike and Jess) as she deeply sucks dick ever so trampishly. I also love how crazy Coal props that magnificent derriere up in the air right from the start for Jess to powerfully pummel. Check out those pert nipples (on Alex, not Jess). And, man, what a fanny on Coal! Love how she sincerely pants, and pants, and pants throughout her potent plugging. Spoon is another memorable position with awesome Alex; missionary, too, as her eyes frequently roll into the back of her skull from ecstasy, before Jones blows Jess-juice all over her hairy twat. Yes!

Next, fair-skinned, 27-year-old vixen Bunny Colby (whose curious name sounds like a character out of a Raymond Chandler novel), is a raging beauty whose screen hub, Eric Masterson (porn’s official Peter Lorre), loves seeing bawdy Bunn get banged by none other than Euro madman Ramon Nomar in one of the movie’s true highlights. At first blindfolded while she’s getting eaten and missionary-missiled, Bunny just doesn’t put in a bad position. Doggie is one of my favorite Ramon manoeuvers, however, with Bunn’s beautiful buns there for the world to see, while her hangin’ hooters sway like crazy. And Bunn seems sincerely in a state of tear-inducing joy as Ramon rams her via missionary, before Nomar-nut liquid plasters her hefty hooters. Umphhh!

We end with a scorcher, as 22-year-old blond sweetheart/spinner Chloe Temple (now here’s a girl with an incredibly unique-looking face, in the best possible sense) gets royally reamed by Oliver Flynn, as Temple’s screen husband Codey Steele breathlessly watches Chloe (personally, I’d never share an off-the-scale tart like her with anyone!), getting her tonsils and twat totally torpedoed. I love how Klo lovingly yet lustfully drains dick with her mouth. To the base, too! She also rolls her eyes into the back of her head (like Alex Coal) while getting penetrated missionary style. Cowgirl is definitely outstanding, as Ollie yanks her hair while she rides his rod, displaying her truly juicy pooper. Reverse-cowgirl lets you fully appreciate Chloe’s slim and pliant sizzler of a body. Ditto for spoon. And doggie? Well, hell, it just doesn’t get any better than that particular position with Klo, watching this ultra-babe getting that tight tukus slammed from behind, as she (once again!) begs to have her hair pulled. Our boy Ollie eventually sprays flying Flynn fluid all over those little titties on tasty Temple. I love this bawdy whore to the core!

Wow! From start to finish, Char, Alex, Bunny and Klo are a joy to behold as these decadent damsels delight in showing off their coquettish charms before their fictional husbands as the lusty lassies get banged in mouth and muff by blood-swollen extramarital dick; with my fave in the lot (and it’s a brilliant lot o’ slots, lemme tell ya!) being the sleek, slutty, stupendous Chloe Temple. But, again, all of the ladies rock, thanks to their outstanding individual looks, love of sucking/fucking, as well as the excellent direction of Eddie Powell. Get it!


Nothing's sweeter than watching your significant other's pussy get smashed! That's right! It's Alex Coal, Bunny Colby, Charlotte Sins, and Chloe Temple putting on a show for their hubbies! Don't ask us why they're into it...it just works!

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