Sodom. The word itself is sinful, scintillating and elicits a deep, carnal reaction within the very bowels of one’s sexual desires. Kayden Kross taps into this dark desire with four tales of anal encroachment designed to stimulate the most depraved fantasies of men and women alike.

It is no secret that anal sex is very popular in porn. There is just something mystifying and exciting about seeing a woman offer her ass to a suitor. There’s a taboo power dynamic associated with anal sex that Kayden Kross expertly explores in this movie.

“Bad” (Ivy Lebelle and Markus Dupree):

Markus is a powerful businessman and Ivy is his personal secretary in this scandalous tale of sexual chess. The story opens with a deadpan Dupree finishing up his day’s work as Lebelle enters the office. She goes over the routine weekend schedule, but Dupree’s stern gaze gives her pause. He commands her to sit, and promptly writes out a check, passing it to her along with a declaration that her services will no longer be needed. Unfazed and unsurprised, Lebelle takes the check, but informs Dupree that she won’t be going anywhere. Indeed, she blackmails him with a very serious threat that sets the tone for the entire encounter. You really need to pay attention to the dialogue here (it is very well written) because it introduces a great joust between Dupree and Lebelle. I was especially impressed with the shot of the chess board framing the duo as combatants. That was great art direction!

The sex is all business from the opening thrust as Dupree wastes little time plunging his flesh sword into Ivy’s succulent asshole and he never lets up. There’s a clear punishment vibe to the entire scene, but what makes it work so well is the slutty way Ivy longs for it. Her demeanor begs Markus to take her however he wants to and her body rewards his vigor with squirt after orgasmic squirt. This finish here is incredibly raunchy and is a total power fantasy that will leave audiences quite satisfied.

“Happy Birthday” (Emily Willis and Markus Dupree):

Emily enters the story clad in fishnet stockings, a bra, and a button-up collared shirt, carrying a single cupcake adorned with a single, lit candle, and a pair of handcuffs. She finds an expectant Markus Dupree lounging on their bed, clearly waiting for her. She drips the candle wax all over her abdomen before cuffing her own hands, then offers her body to Markus as a gift. Markus pierces Emily’s asshole mercilessly, taking her in a variety of positions including a very slutty reverse cowgirl and a highly arousing face-down ass-up doggie. Emily submits to Markus’s every desire, allowing him concessions like crushing her face against a floor-length mirror while pounding her rapidly in the ass, folding her in half aggressively while gaping her asshole repeatedly, all the while begging him for more. The finish sees Markus use the mirror in a very inventive and kinky way.

“Packed” (Avi Love, Mick Blue and Markus Dupree):

Avi Love plays a sub to Markus Dupree, who narrates both the specific client she and her master are rendezvousing with, as well as the overall nature of her relationship with her master. She explains the way she packs her bags in preparation for any meeting, while simultaneously packing her bag for the specific meeting the audience is witnessing. A very clever bit of storytelling, particularly the scene where Markus inspects Avi’s “intimates” (as she calls them) in which there are multiple females onscreen being overlooked by Markus, but each female is actually Avi dressed in different clothing awaiting Dupree’s approval. Blue’s introduction to the festivities is brief, and then the sex is on in full swing as Markus and Mick fuck Avi’s mouth immediately with a fervor that affords her no quarter. The furious pace never lets up (even during the impressive and lengthy DP), as the energetic swordsmen slam Avi into blissfully orgasmic submission. All three performers deserve a round of applause for the standing DP as well. Whew what a sprint to the finish!

“Heat” (Katrina Jade and Michael Vegas):

Katrina reigns over her sexy court as fire dancer Michael Vegas prepares to entertain them from the confines of his stone prison. He emerges like a phoenix arising from the darkness, engulfed in flames as he deftly spins his flaming props, to the amazement of Katrina’s court. Eventually, she rises from her throne and takes Vegas to a private chamber where she can show him her true appreciation for his craft. Please take note that it is no trick of the camera or stand-in when Vegas expertly flails his flaming sticks and ropes around, that is actually him. In his personal life, Vegas is an accomplished fire dancer and possesses the skill to bring such a dangerous sequence to life with relative ease. I wish more directors would showcase the actual talent of their cast in their movies/scenes. It makes the character much more intriguing and allows the performers to bring an element of themselves to their performance which typically leads to a better performance. Vegas dives right into Katrina’s asshole, pumping her nasty hole rhythmically in standing doggie and a slightly modified missionary, as the audience looks on, completely enraptured. There are a ton of shots of Katrina’s bountiful ass and thighs, and she takes every bit of Vegas like a champion.

This movie fits its title perfectly and I couldn’t be more happy with what Kayden Kross gave us. The fantasy of anal sex is alive and well, and this movie takes that fantasy and expands upon it in very inventive ways. Ivy Lebelle and Katrina Jade really give some impressive performances, while gorgeous tart Emily Willis is perfectly wanton in her scene with Dupree as well. The final scene in the movie is clearly the culmination as it boasts a vastly superior visual clarity and incredible talent who brought their “A” game to set every day.


Anal sex is more than just novelty in this collection of illicit stories focused on the give and take of power, sexual favor, and opportunity as the players step carefully around each other, each with their sights set on the high that is taking the objectified person they've come to desire most.

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