A 40 Year Old Wife’s Deep Desires

A 40 Year Old Wife’s Deep Desires

A sexually frustrated marriage counselor finds the satisfaction she’s looking for by running an erotic book club that helps her and her fellow members explore their most intimate and tawdry desires.

Veteran Dorcel director Liselle Bailey helms this web of a tale about lust, betrayal and sexual rediscovery. This story is somewhat of a mystery that contains so many plot twists and revelations that the viewer will find themselves unable to tear their mind away from the torrid adventure at hand.

This is easily the most intricate film I’ve seen from Bailey and I applaud her willingness to branch out and tell stylistic stories that aren’t typically in her wheelhouse. Ania Kinski puts on a pretty solid performance considering the ambiguous nature of her role, and her character’s arc is really the foundation of the entire film. Sexually, she’s electric and the rest of the cast matches her carnal charge nicely.

The film starts with Ania in bed with her husband (Pascal White in a pivotal non-sex role) who finishes inside her, then promptly rolls over and falls asleep. Ania’s face tells the story as she is wholly uninterested and unfulfilled by the bland sex. Right away, Bailey forces the viewer to pay attention to the setting and the action, because details that clarify the story are subtly presented from the start. As the narrative progresses, the viewer is left to determine what is real and what is fantasy, and it’s a very fun game. Some of the cast have stories that intertwine with each other, while others embark on their own journeys of sexual discovery. By the end of the film, if one has paid close enough attention, the narrative climax will be a satisfying payoff to all the tension built from the first minute.

The sex is strong in this movie and offers a respite from the mental calisthenics of following the plot. There’s a very fun dual scene between Max Deeds, Amber Jayne and Tiffany Rousso that combines voyeurism with erotic lesbian sex. Jayne blows Deeds in a club bathroom while Rousso listens outside the door and even though the oral is quick to finish (right on Jayne’s ample bosom), Tiffany takes advantage of Amber’s horny demeanor and brings her to her apartment for some follow-up fun. What a great transition to go from a naughty tryst in a nightclub bathroom to Amber licking Tiffany’s clit while Tiffany reads a steamy novel! The casual way in which she flips through the pages as Amber pleasures her was very erotic. There’s a lot of sexy rimming and face-sitting and the combination of watching the two ladies dive into each other immediately after watching Amber swallow Max Deeds is quite stimulating.

Ania has a very dirty encounter with Kai Taylor which could easily be fantasy or reality depending on how you interpret the scene. Either way, she takes a vigorous ass pounding on her kitchen counter and she looks great doing it. This scene is actually quite pivotal, but it’s easy to miss the narrative details with the scalding sex happening onscreen.

Then, Lina Lux and Axel Aces have what is essentially a cuckold scene, but the twist is the entire encounter is Lina’s lover Pascal’s idea. Sometimes, this type of scene is the woman’s idea and the man is emasculated as he’s forced to watch a more virile guy please his woman in ways he cannot. Here, Pascal is giving his wife to Axel for his own awe and pleasure, and Lina loves every minute of it. There’s a cool effect where Lina periodically looks towards the camera as she’s getting fucked and it acts as a double POV, because she’s clearly looking at Pascal and the audience. It creates a nice sense of inclusion. Axel gets a nice treat as Lina grinds her pussy against his cock hungrily while he plows her doggie style over a chair, and then he gets to have his way with her ass. Good stuff.

Tiffany Rousso has a threeway of her own where she services two cocks like a professional, and she has a grand time doing so. Her face is expressive as her body is riddled with non-stop pleasure and the positions really show off her hardbody. Tiffany keeps both studs busy with her hands and her holes and I must say the red bra was a great visual touch as it complimented the soft blue wall in the background wonderfully which really drew the eye to Tiffany herself.

Ania finds herself in her kitchen again, this time with two men hungry to use her, and she is more than willing to oblige them. Unlike the first scene, where Ania is very submissive and timid, here she is voracious and aggressive. Even though the guys give it to her vigorously (they really pound her hard during the DP) it is clear that Ania is in control and it’s a huge development for her character.

I really enjoyed the sex in this movie and the mysterious nature of the story itself. I found myself not only aroused, but intrigued as the story developed. Ania really knows how to stroke the libido and her scenes alone are worth the price of admission here, but Lina Lux puts on quite the stimulating performance herself while Tiffany Rousso really amps up the eroticism during her scene with Amber Jayne. If you’re a fan of any of these ladies you should give this movie a watch, and if you like mind-bending plots that require a keen eye, you should definitely pick this one up!


Lily, in her forties, is a marriage counselor in a rich neighborhood in London. She provides support to troubled couples who come to seek her advice. One might think that she applies the advice she gives them to her personal life, but it is not the case. Ania is married to a businessman who works in the City and is always on business trips or cheating on her with Kim, a young student.

Feeling abandoned, Ania set up a very private reading club with some of her patients who became true friends. To get out of their daily routine, these women live by proxy the erotic adventures they discover during their reading sessions. Whether with one or more strangers or between them, Lily, Claire and Melissa fulfill some of their deepest fantasies while remaining faithful to their husbands.

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