Lady Gonzo 4

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Lady Gonzo 4

Joanna Angel returns to helm the fourth volume of the reality-style, hardcore series that she created for Adult Time in 2019, this time bringing the voracious Jessa Rhodes and bombshell Lena Paul along for the raunchy ride.

The premise behind “Lady Gonzo” is passionate sex shot by female directors in the way they want to see it. The coolest thing about this series is its heavy emphasis on the non-sex content leading up to the action. Joanna offers the audience a peak into the “real” lives of these adult performers before the sex starts and it’s like a “the making of” reel from the porn days of yore. This very cool callback to classic porn is also done in a very modern way.

The other cool aspect of this project is the idea that this sex is going to be shot from the female perspective. So much of porn has been traditionally male-dominated (though that has rapidly begun to shift), yet here we get a picture of what female directors think is erotic and arousing — not that it’s any less hardcore! From the angles shot, to the positions and the acts themselves, the gaze is vibrant here and it’s very interesting to see it.

Jessa Rhodes and Ramon Nomar:

The movie opens with Joanna picking Jessa up and driving her to the location where she is set to fuck Ramon. There’s about 20 minutes of footage that plays out like a livestream with Jessa and Joanna just driving around talking. It’s a great way to connect the audience to the performers because it’s like they’re sharing an everyday conversation with us. There’s plenty of heavy petting between the two ladies in the vehicle, and then again in an industrial hallway before they arrive at a velvety loft decorated with sugar skulls and table flowers. By the time Jessa gets to Ramon, she is more than ready to go, and wastes no time mounting him.

She rides him a ton in this scene and holy cow is she good at it! Watch the way those hips swirl and gyrate! It’s very cool to listen to both Joanna and Ramon verbally spur Jessa on to orgasms as Ramon pounds away at her, and Joanna really focuses on Jessa’s face to capture the moment of release each time. At one point, Joanna places the camera on the table and buries her tongue in Jessa’s pussy while Ramon is fucking her and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen that before. Jessa truly gets worked over during this scene and she is a quivering mess by the time it’s done, including a very real cramp suffered right at the end that is strangely endearing.

Lena Paul, Joanna Angel and Lucas Frost:

Joanna starts the non-sex portion of this scene with Lena Paul already horned up on a balcony overlooking the glittering nighttime cityscape. They talk about how Lena’s massive, natural tits came in super early, how much she likes fucking Lucas Frost and how easily she squirts when she’s super horny. Lena does have amazing tits, and a wonderfully curvy ass as well, and Joanna makes sure to capture both of them early and often. Lena is really into everything Lucas does to her and you can tell in the way that she melts into him from start to finish that she is in the throes of passion the entire time.

Her pleasure feels extremely authentic and holy moly does she look fabulous as Lucas has his way with her! Lena isn’t the only one turned on, as Joanna reveals with a few candid shots from her camera that she’s completely aroused as well, having ditched her clothes so she can rub herself off while filming. Eventually, Joanna jumps in, unable to contain herself any longer, and Lucas and Lena are more than happy to accommodate her. The entire encounter turns into a very raunchy three-way with Joanna and Lena both getting a thorough dicking and sharing a nasty cum swap that really has to be seen to be believed.

This movie is pretty unique in that it approaches the sex in a way that feels much less scripted. It’s kind of a callback to adult productions from the early 2000s and it’s a fun, nostalgic trip down porn’s memory lane. Both Jessa Rhodes and Lena Paul really grab the audience and hold them with their natural charisma, and both ladies look almost too good to be true. The sex is quite passionate and both times it was awesome to see Joanna herself overcome with lust and join in.

I think the thing that stood out the most to me was how often Joanna focused on the faces of Jessa and Lena. A lot of porn fixates on the penetration, but Joanna really took care to capture the emotions on the ladies’ faces, adding that multidimensional gaze to the movie. It’s certainly worth your time and money!


It's time for the latest smutty spectacle from cock-demon-in-chief Joanna Angel. Tonight she's roped in bodacious blonde Jessa Rhodes and suave Ramon Nomar to be her pervy playmates. Joanna's been friends with Jessa for a really long time, but she's never gotten to shoot her, so she's super excited to get the night started when she picks Jessa up. On a rooftop overlooking the amazing L.A. skyline, erotic entrepreneur Joanna Angel greets her next fuck-toy, the ravishing Lena Paul. Stacked and sexy, Lena's ready to get down and dirty with her man for the night, superstar Lucas Frost. Lucas is one of Lena's favorites because their chemistry is undeniable and things are ALWAYS hot and heavy between them.

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