Age & Beauty Vol. 1

Adult Time
Age & Beauty Vol. 1

The fine folks at Adult Time present three scintillating tales of torrid encounters featuring mature women.

The term MILF is synonymous with porn due to marketing, and while that is certainly an effective selling point, the very real fantasy of sex with older women is one of the more powerful tropes in cinema (and that includes porn).

I really enjoyed this presentation of the older woman, fantasy because it didn’t focus all its energy on the conquest of the older woman by a younger man. Instead, it simply presented sexy women in situations that afforded them the opportunity to fuck sexy men. That was very refreshing.

“The Reunion” (Nina Hartley and Michael Swayze):

Newly married Bobby Parker (Michael Swayze) gets the shock of his life when he comes home from work one day and discovers his wife (Casey Calvert) conversing with their new neighbor on their front lawn. When his wife introduces him, he is stunned to realize the neighbor is none other than Ms. Fitzwilliams (Nina Hartley), his former 3rd grade teacher. Bobby’s wife extends a dinner invitation to Ms. Fitzwilliams, which she happily accepts. Swayze does a really good job here playing the uncomfortable protagonist. Throughout the dinner, Swayze is nervous and timid (especially whenever he has to interact with Ms. Fitzwilliams), letting the audience know that there’s some kind of history between the two which creates a fun tension that Casey is blissfully unaware of.

As dinner rolls to a close, Casey suggests Bobby walk Ms. Fitzwilliams home (how chivalrous) and we can all see what’s coming. I loved the way Ms. Fitzwilliams invited Bobby inside with her knowing eye and her admission that “I won’t tell if you don’t.” No beating around the bush here, she’s out for one thing only and she’s going to get it. Very cool power dynamic. The best thing about the sex is listening to Nina Hartley ooze into her orgasms vocally. There’s a strong sultry quality to the sound of her voice and when she moans you can almost feel her body’s pleasure. There is something incredibly arousing about watching such a young man be completely overwhelmed sexually by a woman his senior in this way. Nina has a natural magnetism that is impossible to ignore.

“Coffee Date” (Syren De Mer and Justin Hunt):

Elizabeth is part of a book club that is voraciously reading the latest steamy, romantic bestseller and loving every minute of it. To Elizabeth’s surprise, the young barista/bartender Nikki, who works at her favorite coffee shop and bar, is also reading it. While Elizabeth is having the time of her life sharing the experience of reading the book with her club mates, she develops a strong connection with one of the anonymous online members and after some playful back and forth private messaging, they decide to meet up. When Elizabeth arrives for her date, she sees Nikki who is also waiting for a blind date.

After chatting briefly, Elizabeth realizes that she and Nikki were unknowingly waiting for each other. Mortified, Elizabeth rushes out of the shop, but she forgets her laptop. Nikki brings it to her at her home, and expresses the strong connection he feels with her. Their age difference doesn’t matter to him and he likens their chemistry to the connection the characters in the book share. Elizabeth gives in to her desires and the two lovers fall into a passionate tryst. I really loved the opening to the sex here. There was something very sensual about the way Nikki cradled Beth as he rubbed her pussy at the start.

The unexpected squirt was pretty erotic and watching Nikki slide into her wet pussy immediately following was hot. Beth also really goes to town on Nikki’s cock in cowgirl and even though their first go at the position was brief, they come back to it in grand fashion which is a helluva treat, because Syren looks awesome in cowgirl. The finish is right on her luscious ass and is a very nice payoff.

“Company Loyalty” (Darla Crane and Seth Gamble):

Seth Gamble has taken charge of his father’s company and is coming to terms with the awesome responsibility of being a CEO. One day he calls Darla, his administrative assistant and one of his father’s original hires, into his office for a meeting. Darla is full of trepidation as she fears her 32 years at the company are coming to an end, but instead, Seth thanks her for all her years of selfless dedication to the company and presents her with a token of his appreciation. His heartfelt admission of gratitude has quite the effect on Darla, and Seth himself is clearly smitten by her.

One thing leads to another, and soon Darla finds herself on her knees sucking Seth hungrily in front of his desk. The power dynamic switch here was very cool. Normally in these older woman/younger man scenarios, the woman is the aggressor and holds all the power, but here it was Seth who held the power, albeit unwittingly. His awkward admission establishes his authority while also establishing his vulnerability. He effectively cedes the dominant position to Darla and she takes full advantage of it. It’s a very good subversion of expectations. Darla shows off her impressive flexibility during a very hot standing doggie on the desk, and she really gets into the cowgirl, riding Seth like the stallion he is.

The MILF genre is full of older women fucking younger men and while that holds an element of excitement for many viewers, it’s very nice to see the genre take on a presentation that doesn’t focus so much on the age of the female performers. These three stories certainly have their foundation in the popular trope, but they approach them with grace and reverence, treating each scenario as a natural, realistic occurrence, rather than a fetishization of age. I really enjoyed that approach and I hope more studios explore this genre in a similar fashion. Nina Hartley is electric as always, and Syren De Mer really deserves special recognition for injecting such emotional depth into her character. After watching her story’s build up, I couldn’t wait to see her have sex and my goodness she did not disappoint! She was the highlight of the movie for me.


Adult Time proudly presents Age & Beauty, the experience of Older Women. Roberts (Justin Hunt) eyes are drawn to the woman, entranced by the vision of beauty, wisdom, and grace before him. The mature woman, Nina Hartley, is basked in the golden glow of the sunset behind her, standing tall as a confident, powerful woman. One day, Elizabeth's (Syren De Mer) life takes an exciting and sensual turn when Nicholas (Michael Swayze) finally proposes that they meet up for coffee. Her dream of seeing him face-to-face is about to come true, and she can't wait. After thinking she would be fired, Darla Crane is absolutely delighted when her new boss, Seth Gambles, gives her a special gift. His fleeting touch, the close proximity of their bodies, and the adrenalin still pumping from her fear of being fired, all adds up to a charged moment.

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