Power Hungry

Power Hungry

Four short stories encompass this movie that follow the theme of women desperate to entwine themselves with men who hold all the power in the bedroom.

Kayden Kross delivers her unique brand of smut in a movie that showcases four short feature-like scenes about power and submission. The aesthetics here are spectacular, with many of the locations, positions and props working perfectly to create a very specific mood.

The reigning XBIZ Director of the Year also assembles a great cast that is anchored by growing powerhouse Kenna James and the adorably beautiful Cecilia Lion.

The subject matter here is provocative in more than a sexual sense, but Kross handles it with style and grace, showing once again what makes her one of the best directors in the business.

“Check Your Phone” (Kenna James and Logan Pierce):

Kenna plays a disillusioned wife who has lost the physical passion for her marriage and resorted to a poorly hidden affair to satisfy her desires. Her husband (Pierce) discovers her secret one night during dinner and demands to know why she would do such a thing, to which she responds with a very powerful line: “Once, you told me to take off my panties and crawl to you, and then you never asked me to do it again.” What a tone setter!

In these short stories, the writer has to choose their words carefully because they don’t have the luxury of time. The point has to be made quickly without being rushed, and Kayden nails it here with that single line. Kenna James is spectacularly melancholy and continues to prove herself as an upper echelon actor in adult cinema.

In a fit of despair, Pierce suddenly re-creates the moment by demanding Kenna remove her panties and crawl to him, which she does immediately and willingly, showing her desperation to be subjugated. I applaud Kross for telling a story that will speak to some women on a very personal and visceral level in a world where such a desire would be disparaged by many. Very brave and very refreshing.

The sex! Holy cow the sex! Watching Pierce drag Kenna around on her knees with his dick in her mouth was hot! Pierce manhandles Kenna callously and without care throughout the scene and her pleasure screams off the screen. It’s really amazing.

“Make Me Feel Something” (Andreina De Luxe and Mick Blue):

As with the first tale, Andreina is bored with her relationship and longs for something more. Mick Blue is vexed by his inability to pull any emotion from her no matter what he does or says. The tipping point occurs when Mick comes home to find a bra and panty-clad De Luxe playing a lifeless tune on their piano.

Unable to stomach the emotionless husk of a partner De Luxe has become any longer, Blue storms into the room and slams his hands onto the keys in the lower register (creating a very symbolic ominous musical moment) and demands a solution. Andreina simply tells him to make her feel something and he thrusts his hand around her throat roughly. Again, great character work from both parties here.

Andreina, whom I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing, is pretty, but she lets all the light and life drain from her face in the opening to this scene in convincing fashion. Mick slams Andreina hard and fast and in all kinds of positions while choking her often. It’s quite the intense encounter but as it progresses, a tenderness develops between the lovers that softens the entire exchange and actually brings a romantic tint to the sex.

Super kudos to the visual capture of the side missionary because wow what a smoking hot sight! Can we get more of that position in future movies from everyone, please and thank you?!

“Vanity Will Trap You” (Vina Sky and Marcus Dupree):

This scene doesn’t waste much time. Vina walks into the room, strips to nakedness and the next thing we see is her tied up in a contraption that comes straight from the imagination of the sci-fi film “The Cell.” What an incredible touch to have Vina’s hair also restrained among the ropes! Seriously, as you’re watching this scene, hit the pause button and just take in the art that is Vina, bound and on display for a stalking Marcus Dupree. It’s really something.

Marcus barely gives Vina a chance to breathe as he pounds her relentlessly the entire time. The reverse cowgirl is awesome (great job by the camera operator to capture such an erotic position) and unbelievable stamina from Dupree who just never stops! Oh and squirt fans? You’re going to find plenty to like here.

The opening to this scene is awesome. The editing trick of having multiple Cecilias in the room at once is a fantastic one. The wax play is also extremely erotic (especially the way Mick’s entire body is shrouded in darkness except for his hand and the candle) and the narration from Cecilia is on point. The solo/self-asphyxiation moment was also insanely hot and I wish it could have gone on just a bit longer.

Cecilia gives the audience a clear understanding of what she’s doing and what she wants, and then the scene transitions to the payoff of her inner thoughts. The spanking is naughty, but not in a way that is typically associated with teen-themed porn, but rather very strongly associated with a power dynamic between two sexual equals. Mick is doing to Cecilia what Cecilia demands of him. Physically, she’s helpless (bound by ropes) but mentally she holds all the power and issues all the commands. It’s a nice reversal of the power play.

The aggressiveness of the scene builds as things progress, and I loved the moments with the two lovers fucking in front of the huge windows overlooking the city. Also, watching Blue slam into Lion’s pussy while she’s folded in half is worth the price of admission.

Overall, there are some very strong sexual and narrative performances in this series of short stories. Kenna James stands out once again (as she does in basically everything she’s in at this point), while Cecilia Lion delivers a sensual and sexual response that will leave the audience gasping for air. Kayden Kross really knows what her audience wants and how to deliver it.


Women have an appetite for men in power in these four new tales of slick deviance and the twisted methods used to fuel it. Vina wraps Mick's fingers on her throat and begs to feel something, Kenna turns the discovery of an affair into kindling for an aggressive fuck with her husband, Cecilia tries repeatedly to direct a lover into a more dominant role, and finally, a woman arrives with nothing but an outer coat and an address, fully prepared to lay herself bare to whatever lessons a mysterious stranger will teach her. Each finds her hunger met with something strong enough to satiate it.

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