Sordid Stories
Sordid Stories

Two short stories filled with mystery, betrayal, intrigue and lust are on the menu in the latest release from Deeper, which won the 2020 XBIZ Award for Vignette Release of the Year and was also nominated for Best Vignette Sex Scene. “Sordid Stories” is a title that earns every bit of those accolades due to very strong visuals, electric sex and two captivating stories that will keep the audience hooked from the first minute to the last.

Kayden Kross has really come into her own as a director, and the content she is producing for Deeper appeals strongly to fans who enjoy a more complex style of smut. It is a joy for a fan like me to see so many adult studios rediscovering the appeal of story-driven porn and I can only hope this promising trend continues throughout 2020 and beyond.

“Diabolique” (Nicole Aniston, Angela White, Small Hands and Mick Blue):

The first story is an intense, whodunit thriller that drips with erotic suspense. The tale opens with Mick Blue dead on the floor, his blood pooling beneath him. A lingerie-clad, handcuffed Aniston enters the room stoically, checks poor Mick’s body to verify he has indeed expired, then looks up deliberately at someone off camera and tells them they’d better go. It’s an intense opening that hooks the viewer with story intrigue right away which is (in my opinion) essential in short stories like this. Can we take a moment to marvel at the majesty of Nicole Aniston’s hardbody? Check out the legs and arms on this woman; she’s an Adonis! Angela is perfectly menacing as the relentless detective interrogating Aniston and Hands, and Nicole gives off some serious Catherine Tramell vibes with her performance. The ending should catch most viewers off guard and offer a very satisfying payoff to all the tension built from the opening credits.

As for the sex, it is scalding. The mounted blowjob between Aniston and Blue is really hot, and there are so many great looks at Aniston’s rippling figure during her scene. I especially liked the way Mick kept Nicole’s body pressed against his during the missionary and doggie portions as well. And that finish? Holy dirty! Meanwhile, Small Hands and Angela White get nasty in the interrogation room in a scene that screams of “Basic Instinct” inspiration. The way Angela controls Hands’ desperate pounding is absolutely scintillating (pay attention to the pleading desire on his face throughout compared to Angel’s almost dismissive gaze) and her ability to remain aloof and composed while Hands comes apart at the carnal seams is outstanding. Kayden Kross also deserves credit for changing the lighting during the anal, as it helped create a far more intense tone for the more intense sexual act. Great vision there. And lastly, we get another unique finish that only someone of Angela’s ample assets could pull off.

“Valley of the Fuck Dolls” (Evelyn Claire, Joanna Angel, Small Hands, Aidra Fox, Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara):

Aidra Fox has been in a relationship with Manuel Ferrara long enough that she feels confident he’s going to pop the big question any day now. When he asks her to meet him for coffee, she’s certain her fairy tale is about to reach a satisfying conclusion. Instead, he reveals to her that he’s been married the entire time they’ve been seeing each other, shattering her storybook ending. Luckily for Aidra, their waitress Joanna witnesses the entire embarrassing encounter and offers Aidra a chance to regain her confidence and sense of worth. Taking Joanna up on her offer, Aidra enters a world of latex lust and debauchery led by Kayden Kross. Another surprise twist (not so much for the audience, but rather for Aidra’s character) brings the tale to somewhat contentious close as the promise from Joanna of Aidra becoming “enough” may or may not feel paid off depending on your perspective.

Again, the sex accompanying this short story is capital. In the first scene, Small Hands plays a customer who chooses Joanna Angel and Evelyn Claire from a bevy of willing submissives, and he fucks them both with commanding vigor. I really enjoy Evelyn and seeing her pale skin clashed against her dark, latex attire was a strikingly arousing visual. Hands uses both women thoroughly and leaves them both writhing in each other and his seed. Meanwhile, in the XBIZ Award-winning scene, Kayden Kross (at the behest of Joanna Angel) opts to break Aidra in alongside her husband who happens to be Manuel Ferrara. Kross and Ferrara really work Fox over here, never truly giving her a chance to catch her breath or gain any composure. It’s pleasure overload for her and it’s damn erotic. The highlight is easily the cowgirl/face-sitting combo where Aidra really lets her hips shine as she bounces on Manuel’s dick lustily.

This is another winner from Deeper and really works well as a miniseries. This studio has definitely carved themselves a nice niche in adult entertainment and this movie is yet another example of their success within their chosen genre. An awesome cast and an interesting story make for a damn good time here, plus there is some extremely strong fetish service for latex, bondage and dominion fans. Get yourself a subscription to this website or find these movies at your local brick and mortar shop. You won’t regret it.


Deeper presents two featurettes as a package deal in Sordid Stories. "Diabolique" stars Angela White facing off against Nicole Aniston in a noir tale of seduction and deceit as both women use their sexual power for personal gain. "Valley of the Fuck Dolls" follows as a collaborative effort between writers/ directors/performers Joanna Angel and Kayden Kross, in which beautiful women don latex from head to toe as real-life dolls, their bodies presented for pleasure.

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