Nerd Girls Vol. 3

Nerd Girls Vol. 3

Four tales of young women engaging in the fantasy that is hot sex with smart girls. Behind their glasses and books, these ladies have their own studies in mind!

Launched nearly a decade ago, TeenFidelity specializes in the fantasy of watching young women do the nasty. Run by Kelly and Ryan Madison, TeenFidelity has featured some of the industry’s hottest young talent and this movie is no exception: Paige Owens was consistently booked by various studios throughout 2019 and Autumn Falls won Best New Starlet at the 2020 XBIZ Awards. The encounters are presented without dialogue, but there’s still a story to be told through the actions onscreen.

“Straight As” (Paige Owens and Ryan Madison):

Paige is a studious young woman (likely in college) who spends her days in class and her nights earning a living as a dancer in a strip club and a nude model. This is a pretty fun opening sequence and it goes on for quite a while. The music was upbeat and had a happy vibe to it, but the highlight was the stripper sequence. The rope light was super cool and watching Paige twirl around the pole was arousing. The sex starts without much fanfare as Madison just shows up during the photoshoot portion of the scene. The momentary awkwardness is quickly forgotten as he jumps right in by face-fucking Paige pretty intensely. From there, it’s a lot of Ryan literally fucking Paige around the room. I mean, at one point, he physically fucks her from one side of the room to the bedside in standing doggie. Ryan also folds Paige damn near in half on a divan and really pounds her to death. The fun of this scene is the myriad of positions explored. Ryan seems intent on putting Paige in every possible pretzel form he can, and Paige is up for all of it. After they’re both satisfied, Ryan drags Paige out of the room like a rag doll with a goofy, satisfied smile on her face.

“Classy” (Vanna Bardot and Ryan Madison):

Vanna’s “nerdy” characteristic is her glasses and her braces. After a playful tease in which Vanna flirts about her lover’s eclectically decorated office, she finally finds him at his desk and it’s go time. A gag-filled, super spitty blowjob opens the sexual shenanigans and from there, Ryan just obliterates Vanna all over his office. There’s lots of hair pulling and choking and Vanna really shows off her flexibility as well. At one point Ryan has her doing a standing split while he fucks her, that I wouldn’t have believed possible if I hadn’t watched them do it. Also, creampie fans are going to love the finish.

Autumn Falls and Ryan Madison:

Unlike the preceding scenes, this encounter has no narrative theme. Instead, it is purely POV. Autumn (holy great rack Batman!) is a student who has had enough studying and opts for some finger banging fun on the couch instead. The mini solo scene starts out as a fairly standard tease, but as it progresses, it evolves into a POV scene with Autumn gesturing at the camera and the camera responding as if it were the audience. I think POV scenes can be immersive, but this one had a lot of staccato during the position changes with the camera jerking around quite a bit, and mid-scene the POV changed to third person with both performers being fully visible, before flipping back to the first person POV. That didn’t really work for me. Something that did work for me was watching Autumn ride Ryan’s dick from behind because my word that woman has a nice ass. We get the same finish here as in the previous scene. Perhaps we should call it the Ryan Special?

Kyler Quinn and Ryan Madison:

Like Autumn’s scene, Kyler gets no narrative exposition for her scenario and the only connection she has to the movie’s theme is the fact that she wears glasses. This scene has an even more found-footage type feel than the previous scene at the start, and there are a lot of abrupt cuts in that broke the action. However, Kyler is enthusiastic and open to Ryan trying all kinds of positions on her (the reverse missionary piledriver on the couch is pretty cool) and he takes full advantage. The scene culminates with a creamy Ryan Special and some very naughty panty play right at the end that really ups the taboo factor.

Paige Owens and Autumn Falls are the standouts here. Ryan Madison has a very clear and particular style and if semi-rough, fast-paced sex is your thing, you should find plenty to like in this movie. The scenes seem to lose a little bit of the film’s theme as they progress, but the sex remains exciting throughout. Every location was great and the variance between them was welcomed.


Book smarts translate to bedroom skills for these horny teens. They've done the reasearch and are ready to put their knowledge to the test! With Ryan Madison as their instructior, you know he won't go easy on these eager sluts. It's no surprise that they all pass with excellent marks, each earing a pussy full of baby batter as their reward.

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