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Girls of Wrestling

When aging wrestling superstar Layla (Ariel X) finds herself struggling to keep up with the physical wear and tear of the business, she turns to medication and alcohol to help her push through the pain. One fateful night, her life is turned upside down when she’s arrested for a DUI and subsequently fired from her promotion. Out of options, Layla reluctantly agrees to become a coach at her best friend’s amateur gym. With industry journalist Paula Ford (Charlotte Stokely) feeding the story of her tragic fall to the public and the misgivings of the young, hungry talent who see her as a washed up relic of the past hanging over her head, the pressure on Layla has never been greater. Will she tap out like a jobber or will she rise from the ashes like the champion she once was?

First things first, I absolutely love professional wrestling and I think it is so bold and so refreshing to see a studio engage with subject matter that doesn’t seem to lend itself to porn stories upon cursory consideration. To pull off a movie like this in a non-spoof fashion, the cast has to be dedicated to the physicality, and the director has to have an understanding of the source material. Fortunately, director Ricky Greenwood knows exactly how to make a wrestling porn movie feel authentic, and the cast dives in with marked enthusiasm making this feature a total fan service fantasy. There are promos, chair shots, match choreography, referee bumps, handicap matches and much more that fans of wrestling will recognize instantly.

The final match of the film between Layla and Sophie “Shotgun” Smith (Sinn Sage) is pretty well done and both ladies deserve credit for putting their bodies on the line like that. Ariel X brings a melancholy moodiness to the game that plays really well with the focused determination of Sinn Sage’s character and together the two performers weave compelling interlacing stories of redemption and triumph. The ensemble cast has just enough to do to keep the background narratives relevant and that gives the movie’s story a robust depth. It’s all very good work from Greenwood.

As an all-girl feature, this movie boasts some scalding sexual performances. Ana Foxxx and Aiden Ashley (known as the tag team The Foxy Ladies) get all riled up during practice against their onscreen adversaries Whitney Wright and Brandi Mae and decide to release their sexual tension in a fun fourway that happens right in the ring. Great setting! You’re going to want to watch this scene for the crazy hot train (holy awesome asses on display) and insane finger banging headstands if nothing else, because those were beautiful sights to behold! Also, the striking contrast between Ana Foxxx and Brandi Mae’s hardbodies was really cool to see. Both are in phenomenal shape but have completely different body types and it was very cool to see them together.

Storyline rivals Summer (Cadence Lux) and Trish (Kenna James) do a little more than ice each others’ bruises after an intense workout. Watching Cadence finger Kenna to orgasmic bliss is awesome and I really liked the way the camera blurred in an out of focus depending on what part of Kenna’s body the director wanted to audience to focus on. That’s something that can be distracting if overused, but Greenwood strikes a nice balance with the effect. The way Kenna teased Cadence with her fingers was super hot (man Kenna is so good) and props to Cadence for damn near burying her face so deep in Kenna’s cute ass she could hardly breathe. And a big hell yea to whomever designed Kenna’s attire as it was a perfect homage to Rowdy Roddy Piper. So awesome!

Paula Ford has an intimate moment with reigning champion Phoenix (Karla Kush) that turns into a passionate lovemaking session that has a very different vibe from every other scene in the movie. Anytime Charlotte Stokely is part of a film’s cast, the audience knows they’re in for a treat. She is so genuinely intimate with her partners and the result is always a scintillating sexual experience that smolders like coals on a fire. When Karla buries her tongue deep in Charlotte’s pussy it truly looks like neither of them ever wants to stop.

The sexual payoff comes in the form of a victory fuck between Sophie and Layla that starts slow and builds to a crescendo of uncontrollable lust. The use of shadows in this scene is great because it accentuates the impressive muscle tone both ladies possess while giving the scene a soft feel. The scissor is particularly arousing and watching Sinn mount Ariel’s face so she could ride her tongue to an ass quivering orgasm was capital!

Feature porn needs more movies like this in my opinion. There is so much nerd culture subject matter out there that is begging for directors with vision and cast members dedicated to serving the fantasy to tackle and this movie is a good example of one way to go about capturing that demographic. The wrestling sequences take themselves seriously and the cast commits to that part of the performance, and the dialogue is relevant to the industry, which enhances the fantasy for hardcore fans of the sport. Sinn Sage and Ariel X were the standouts here but Nina Hartley also brought some real emotion to the story and deserves to be recognized for her part in keeping the drama alive and raw. I recommend this for any wrestling fan for sure, and anyone who likes lesbian sex should also give it a look.


When Layla (Ariel X) was caught for a DUI, her life changed completely. She lost her pro wrestling contract and was sentenced to do community service. Luckily, her old coach and best friend Nina (Nina Hartley ) has offered her a spot as a trainer at her gym. She can train the amateur wrestlers, and Nina will help her to get back on her feet. Laylas arrival at the gym happened at the perfect time. The girls need to be ready for a big event and they need a lot of help to bring the show to the next level. Her leap into the amateur league will not be easy. Everything she does will be scrutinized by the young reporter, Paula Ford (Charlotte Stokely), even her emotional relationship with the gifted star Sophie Shotgun Smith (Sinn Sage). Layla will give everything shes got to raise this promising squad to the big leagues - and a lot of tension and pent up desires will be taken to the mat!

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