Young Fantasies Vol. 4

Young Fantasies Vol. 4

Vixen presents the fourth volume of its popular “Young Fantasies” series, this time under the direction of Laurent Sky who conjures up four short erotic tales told from the perspective of nubile women.

Vixen is one of the most popular studios in porn and they’re known for the high production values of their projects. Here, Sky assembles a cast headlined by rising star Gianna Dior and anchored by the delicious Lena Anderson.

This movie plays like a hardcore version of those steamy Skinemax movies we all used to sneak around and watch when our parents went to bed. The stories are simple, but just engaging enough to placate the viewer’s fantasies and shift the libido into overdrive.

“The College Student” (Gianna Dior and Mick Blue):

This story starts with Gianna narrating the plight of the average college student — swamped with studies, working multiple jobs to make ends meet financially and stressed to the max. But Gianna has other ideas. Rather than participate in the rat race that is part-time work, she seeks out employment as a high-priced escort who makes a very lucrative wage being Mick Blue’s fuck thing once a month.

Gianna has really pretty eyes and legs that go on forever, and watching her have sex is particularly arousing because of the pleasure she exudes through her facial expressions. Gianna looks pretty awesome throughout this scene, highlights definitely being spoon, modified doggie (Gianna biting the quilt as Mick slams into her from behind is a chef’s kiss moment) and cowgirl.

Wow does she look great in cowgirl! I love the way she lets Mick know when she’s about to cum, which by proxy lets the audience know as well. A lot of people who watch this are going to finish at those points.

“The Brat” (Lena Anderson and Alex Jones):

Lena is the child of a divorced couple who is spoiled beyond belief. With the house suddenly more empty than it’s ever been, her mother rents out the extra room to an insanely ripped Alex Jones who Lena promptly develops an affinity for after watching him work out day after day.

I love Lena Anderson. She has a magnetism that draws me into her presence and I find her forever legs (similar to Gianna) incredibly sexy. This scene speeds past the setup fairly quickly, but the opening solo component is downright scalding. Lena is splayed open in a soapy tub letting the running faucet do the work of her fingers on her pussy and my goodness it is a sight to behold! Solo scenes are common in porn, but it’s rare to see them invigorated in such a way. A wonderful, wonderful choice by director Laurent Sky to treat the audience to such a sexy visual. Alex is very long and Lena looks and sounds like handling him pushes her to her limit, whether she’s sucking him off or letting him pound her pussy. It’s incredibly arousing.

“Sister Drama” (Addie Andrews and Van Wylde):

Here we have another very simple setup that zips by fairly quickly. Addie’s sister has moved out to L.A. and fallen hard for a guy. Addie becomes jealous and decides to show him which sister is the better sexual adventure. In a bit of narrative variety, Addie’s character is the older sister and she comes across as older than the previous ladies in the film. Addie’s natural tits look fantastic in both in cowgirl and especially during the spoon as they flop around nicely and Van shows some nice stamina and rhythm during both positions. I also really liked the way Van cradled Addie’s shoulders while she was riding him. It brought a nice level of intimacy to the scene. Creampie fans will love the finish!

“Studying for Finals” (Jade Kush and Johnny Sins):

The narrative here borrows elements from the scenes preceding it, portraying Jade as a college student struggling to stay focused on studying for her finals. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, Johnny’s sculpted physique distracts her as he works out and after a few moments, Jade decides to invite him in for some kinky fun. Again, the narrative portion of this scene seems to speed by, but luckily, the sex doesn’t follow suit. We actually get some extended cunnilingus (something missing from the previous three encounters) and it’s a welcome addition (ladies like it too you know).

The reverse cowgirl is unique in that Jade bounces on Johnny’s dick so hard she actually lifts herself completely off the bed a few times. I can honestly say I’ve never seen that before. I really enjoyed the slow build to this scene. There was no sense of rushing through positions or acts, and the performers really looked like they were allowed to enjoy each other however they liked which was nice.


The strength of this movie is absolutely Lena Anderson’s scene with Alex Jones. Lena is such a pure performer and she has a look that begs the viewer to focus on her and Gianna Dior is a treasure whose sexual capital is worth the price of admission. With that said, I was most pleasantly surprised with the passion shown by Jade and Johnny. Overall, this is a narratively simple movie, but the sex is all good and everyone involved brings a highly strokable performance to the stage.

Synopsis: is proud to present the long awaited next installment of its award-winning series - Young Fantasies Vol. 4! The popular series is back, celebrating youth and beauty in a collection like no other. Stunning cover-girl, Gianna Dior, stars as a college student with a kinky secret that satisfies all of her needs. Also starring Lena Anderson, Addie Andrews, and Jade Cush in erotically captivating scenes of their own. All wrapped in the high-end production value, breathtaking settings, and captivating story-lines is known for, Young Fantasies Vol. 4 is NOT to be missed!

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