Rebecca, An Indecent Story

Rebecca, An Indecent Story

Recent graduate Rebecca (Volpetti) decides to leave her home in Italy and travel across the countryside on an epic vacation full of exploration, indulgence and self-discovery.

This movie melds the all-sex showcase nicely with the feature. The only person who speaks in the entire movie is Rebecca via voice-over, but the combination of narration and visual storytelling is very well done and keeps the viewer engaged on multiple levels. The great thing about this type of storytelling is it gives all the performers an opportunity to speak to the audience through their body language alone and everyone does a fine job of it.

Rebecca meets Ian (Yanick Shaft) as soon as she exits the train station in a city she’s never been in, and because she’s decided to take every risk and satisfy her every whim and desire, she goes home with him without giving it a second thought. This fateful choice starts her down a path of sexual exploration and that sees her hook up with random strangers, participate in impromptu group sex and engage in lewd activities with a masseuse, all with no thought of the potential consequences.

However, the more indulgent Rebecca gets, the more she begins to lose sight of what she’s come to value. It’s a cautionary tale and it’s well done. Alis Locanta deserves credit for putting together a compelling yet sexy story and Rebecca and Yanick deserve credit for bringing it to life effectively.

Rebecca is in every scene in this movie so fans of hers will find a lot to love when it comes to the sex. There’s a steamy threeway featuring Rebecca, Amirah Adara and Emilio Ardana that plays on the sexy massage fantasy. Amirah and her husband Emilio share a friendly dinner with Rebecca and Ian, and Rebecca, finding herself unable to resist Amirah’s magnetic charm, struggles to think of anything but her exotic body.

Eventually, her longing is rewarded when Amirah and her husband come over to give Rebecca a full body experience. I really loved some of the angles and positions in this scene. The way it opened with the ladies lying next to Emilio kissing, licking and fondling each other while simultaneously stroking and sucking him off looked fantastic. I also really like the way Amirah smiles during sex. She just looks so devilish and it feels like she’s genuinely enjoying every moment. The visual of Amirah sitting on Rebecca’s face was glorious. Emilio takes turns with both women and the ladies share a nice facial to cap off the action.

Rebecca’s scene with tattooed stud Juan Lucho has a great opening sequence with Rebecca dreaming about him as she lies in bed next to her new beau. What a visual treat this scene was at the start! It opens with some 4th wall teasing as Rebecca alternates between looking at the camera and draping herself around Juan. When the two actually get together for a training session, the shadows create a stimulating visual that really sets the mood. From there, the scene jumps to a more brightly lit bedroom and honestly I thought this was a bit of a miss. The setting in the darkened room with the heavy bag hanging would have made for a much more intensely erotic scene in my opinion. There was an animalistic heat at the start of the scene that was extinguished a bit by changing the location and lighting. However, I did think it was quite hot for Rebecca to leave her leggings and bodysuit on as that lent a naughty element to the scene.

Talia Mint plays Ian’s cousin who comes to visit and Rebecca finds herself inexplicably jealous of the sexy woman. Certain that Talia is spending her days flirting with Ian, and oblivious to the fact that she’s upset with Ian for supposedly (the answer to whether Ian and his cousin actually have something going on is left ambiguous which was intriguing) stepping out on her even though she’s been doing that exact thing, Rebecca becomes infatuated with Talia and can’t resist the opportunity to seduce her. I loved Talia’s choice of panties and stockings and watching Rebecca stick a hand in those panties and rub Talia’s pussy furiously was hot. I also liked how both ladies ate each other’s pussies while standing pressed against the wall of the hallway. It felt like the ladies couldn’t wait to get into each other and that was a nice story element to their encounter.

There’s a second threeway in the movie featuring Rebecca, Yanick and Kristof Cale that is very intense. Rebecca gives a nice double blowjob and gets her pussy eaten and fucked nicely, but this scene is all about the pounding DP. Yanick’s thick cock filled Rebecca’s ass so full I don't know how she handled it. When both cocks were in her she literally looked like her holes couldn’t stretch anymore and the guys really laid the pipe on her hard. I mean they slammed the hell out of her and then she reciprocated by grinding her ass against their pounding shafts to achieve some pretty earth-shattering orgasms. This is the best scene in the movie.

Rebecca’s sexual abandon reaches its pinnacle in a stimulating one-on-one with Yanick. The couple reaches a realization about their status and they consummate their epiphany with a highly energetic fuck that just about sends Rebecca into orgasmic orbit. Yanick slams Rebecca’s pussy mercilessly, Rebecca jams Yanick’s cock into her pussy luridly and the entire encounter reaches a blissful climax with a vigorous anal. A really fun scene with the exact lighting I was hoping the scene with Juan would have employed. The desperate, energetic way the two lovers ravaged each other was heightened by the soft lighting and dark shadows creeping around the edges of the room. Exactly what I wanted the earlier scene to be.

Overall this was a good movie. I liked the creativity of having the entirety of the dialogue be narration from Rebecca, and I commend director Alis Locanta for being able to present the story of this movie so well without having dialogue between the characters to lean on. It almost felt like a silent movie from the 20s and I liked that. Rebecca is an energetic performer who really fits well into the teen genre with her petite body and she’s definitely a nasty one, while Amirah Adara was also quite impressive. I watched this movie on, so I was not able to view any of the special features.


At just 21 years old, Rebecca decided to take a few months vacation to go and discover the world. And the young lady wasnt at all inhibited to say the least: she is determined to refrain from any experience! She had resolved to indulge in all possible experiences. When she arrived on the Spanish coast with her head full of dreams, she immediately seduced an older man, Ian, who proposed that she should move into his villaIn this stylish world and in a foreign country, Rebecca explored the limits of her sexuality: with Ian, who was self-confident and who had no scruples about sharing her with his best friend; with Juan, a boxer who she met on the beach and whose body electrified her senses, and also with Amirah, a fiery brunette who initiated the game of partner-swapping. Yet another new horizon opened up when she lived out her lesbian fantasies with one of Ians distant cousins. After her stay in Spain, the pretty blonde would no longer be at all the same as when she set foot on the coast!

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