Clea, Private Banker

Clea, Private Banker

Clea (Gaultier) is the most sought-after private banker in London. Highly skilled and willing to do whatever it takes to not only close a deal, but make sure her clients get the highest possible return on their investments, Clea’s reputation and success rate are unmatched. But when an ambitious new banker appears on the scene looking to muscle her way into the game through any means necessary, Clea must pull out all the stops to stay on top, or watch the empire she’s built crumble.

Dorcel is a French adult studio known for their high-end features and elegant contract stars. Their films are consistently well-regarded (they were recognized as the Foreign Studio of the Year at the 2019 XBIZ Awards) and their contract star Clea Gaultier continues a tradition of excellence that has become synonymous with the studio. Many of the talent in this film either do not speak English, or do not speak it well enough to do so for the film. As such, the dialogue in the version I watched was a mixture of European talent speaking English with an accent and English dubbing. Fortunately, the dub work is mostly good and although it certainly stands out, it doesn’t really hurt the film.

Director Liselle Bailey put a lot of emphasis on location shots in this movie. It opens with a ton of exterior city shots, which sets a very specific mood and tone right from the start. Seeing the bustling cityscape of London and watching Clea stride confidently through its streets in her business attire was a wise choice by Bailey. It gave the film an exotic, business espionage aesthetic that persisted throughout its entirety. The story is intriguing and I really enjoyed the corporate joust between Clea and her rival. Alessandra (Jane) comes off as hungry and supremely confident that her proclivity for sexual manipulation will win her the day while Clea is a perfect counter with her calm, calculating demeanor. There was a palpable tension that hung over the entire movie as the audience was left to wonder whether Alessandra would be able to sleep her way into control of Clea’s lucrative accounts or whether Clea would be able to find some hidden leverage to keep Alessandra’s attempted coup at bay.

This movie acts as a showcase for Clea Gaultier as she is in four of the six scenes. This was my first time seeing her perform and what I can say about her is she is quite good at sexually stimulating the viewer through her body language. A former ballet dancer, Clea’s frame is long and toned and she knows how to speak through movement. Pay attention to the way she looks at her partners and the way she smiles; she connects with people intimately without having to say a word. For instance, there’s a scene where Clea meets with some unsavory clients and they get aggressive with her. At one point only her eyes are visible and she is able to project a sense of control, satisfaction and fear all through her gaze. That’s good stuff.

Ania Kinksi plays Clea’s hard-nosed boss who only cares about her employees getting the job done. She puts the pressure on Clea by hiring Alessandra and she doesn’t feel a single bit of pity or sympathy for the position it puts Clea in. Her loyalty is to herself and the number of euros her company can make. This attitude is apparent in her sex scene with Alex Aces who plays an employee of the company. She calls him into her office for no reason other than to pleasure her and he happily obliges. Ania’s dominant character is on full display during this scene as she rubs her pussy in front of Alex before telling him she wants him to lick her. There’s a rhythmic doggie fuck over the desk that evolves into anal doggie over the desk, and from there Alex works Ania’s ass relentlessly in every subsequent position.

Alessandra and Ella Hughes have a romp with prominent businessman Ryan Ryder as they attempt to sway him to do business with him and my goodness Ella is awesome. She’s got a dynamite ass that is on perfect display to open the scene as she rides Ryan in cowgirl like a champion. I love the way the crease in her back lines up perfectly with the crack of her ass. That is so sexy. She’s got a luscious jiggle to her ass as well and she just looks fantastic riding Ryan’s cock. Alessandra meanwhile is a little bombshell with great tits and great energy.

Clea has a threeway with Emilio Ardana and Potro de Bilbao that starts out pretty aggressively. The action goes from plot exposition straight to hard sex with little warning and Clea handles it masterfully. Seriously, pay attention to her face when Potro grabs her from behind; she is practically begging for everything that’s about to happen. It felt and looked like there wasn’t quite enough room on the counter for the performers and it left Clea looking like she was struggling to keep her balance, but when the performers did find their rhythm, it was really hot.

Clea, Alessandra and Max Deeds also have a threeway where Alessandra does most of the heavy lifting. It’s an impromptu encounter, with Max really just using his influence to get the ladies to please him with little regard for their professional rivalry. Alessandra and Clea both take pretty nice poundings, with Alessandra really getting a chance to showcase her skills (which totally fit the story), while Clea played more of the support role.

Clea gets a chance to reunite with her old flame Ryan Ryder in a scene that was sexy and hot, but when Ryan mounts Clea atop a metal table and slams away at her, he ends up slamming the table into another table repeatedly. The result is a metallic clang every time Ryan thrusts into Clea. It may not bother everyone, but I found it jarring. Still, the sex (particularly the doggie) is pretty nice. I really loved the way Clea bent her knees in the standing doggie. That added a thrillingly naughty feel to the scene simply because of the visual.

Clea gets a reward from her boss Ania after a job well done in the form of a fingering and tongue lashing right on Ania’s desk. This was a short scene, but it worked perfectly within the context of the story because it showed just how callous Ania could be. Her company lands the big contract, she “rewards” her employee with sex and then dismisses her by simply going back to her computer to continue her work once she’s had her fill. It was almost over as soon as it began, but of course it was because that’s how Ania’s character works in this movie. The visual of Clea, legs spread, head thrown back in ecstasy as Ania fingered her was a great way to conclude the sex.

This movie was a nice showcase for what Clea can bring to a feature. The story was interesting and Liselle Bailey did a great job of using visuals to enhance the mood, depicting Clea’s world as alpha male-dominated. Most of the men in the movie treat sex the way one would expect men of that caliber to.


An asset manager at a big bank, Clea takes care of the portfolios of the richest customers in the city, making her an intimate acquaintance of these powerful figures. Available 24 hours a day, she's always willing to give herself over to maintain her customers trust, and regularly goes beyond her role as a banker by offering her charm and love of sex Threesomes, exhibitionism, double penetration Clea consents with cunning pleasure to all of the sexual games thought up by the businessman that she cultivates. But Clea isnt just a pretty girl with loose morals: she also has a ferocious side, necessary to remain strong in the shark tank that she frequents When Alessandra, a provocative blonde willing to submit to any type of perversion to steal Cleas customers away from her shows up in town, Clea holds steady and roll up her sleeves to put out the fire of her new rival. Rumor has it that an important investor wants to put millions into the London financial scene. Naturally, a merciless dual between Clea and Alessandra begins, with both looking to trap this big fish in their nets. Tricks, charm, blackmail: everything goes in this fight!

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