His First BBC

His First BBC

A new gonzo-style series kicks off with four amiable dudes of varying body types — twink, jock and bodybuilder — agreeing to suck off and get fucked by a pair African-American studs with thick, gigantic boners. A second installment is already in release.

MVP honors to Seth Haas and Logan Vaughan for being almost comically good-natured and professional, particularly when dealing an interviewer and camera operator who is apparently stunned that a self-identified straight guy could enjoy anal sex.

Haas is a blond 6’4 drink of water, low-key and chill. He’s not at all perturbed by the size of Izzy’s cock. He sucks down about a third of it and takes most of the python like a total pro in various positions until his body tells him he’s had enough. Izzy jerks out a sticky load onto his handsome, smiling face. Haas comments, with heroic nonchalance, that he’d do it again with a little more practice.

Vaughan is another smiling, chipper stud with the fit, sexy physique of a football player. He’s chattier than Haas and talks about transitioning from camming to filming porn and his experience taking plus-sized cocks and toys into his butt. The boner belonging to Izzy is a real contender. Vaughan agreeably sucks as much as he can cram into his mouth as it stiffens, then gasps and groans as Izzy pokes and prods his internal organs. He seems to have an easier and more pleasurable experience when he squats and bounces on it. Izzy jerks out a few blasts of seed onto his chest and chin.

Brycen Cox is young, slim and slender and takes on both Izzy and Castro Supreme at the same time. He laughs nervously and incredulously as the men flank him and pull out their pythons. He maintains eye contact with the camera as he does his level best to service both plus-sized salamis, gagging occasionally and then going right back to work. Both guys manage to fit most of their cocks into his tight butt and pound away as he groans and gasps as if he can’t quite believe what’s happening. They both drop loads onto his face, coating him with seed.

The final matchup features Skye Woods, a bulky muscleman who appears to be quite pleased by the opportunity to handle Izzy’s meat. He expertly offers oral favors and uses controlled breathing when the fucking starts; he’s actually erect as he rides Izzy and jerks himself to orgasm when he’s being fucked missionary.


His First BBC - White guys taking their first back cock.

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