Sis Loves Me 4

Crave Media
Sis Loves Me 4

Four young vixens get ploughed by their on-screen (but never seen, since it’s shot via POV) stepbrothers, by the fun pervs over at Crave Media.

Cute-as-hell Kylie Quinn is the premier stepsis our POV stud nails after she suggests that since her stepbrother’s girlfriend is cheating on him, he should get revenge; Kylie further suggesting that her stepbro fuck Kylie herself as a means of getting back at the girlfriend, making way for a pretty heated porking session. Kylie’s a solid deepthroater and the cameraguy/stud doesn’t wobble the camera too much during sucking and fucking, with the best position being doggie style, which doesn’t last long, since the guy, understandably, pops his nut (in Kylie’s face) after hammering that juicy booty.

Next, Kharlie Stone is an amazing deepthroater, providing plenty of great eye contact as she sucks her own on-screen stepbro, with one of the best positions being reverse-cowgirl, shot as cowgirl, with Stone’s ass bouncing up and down for a good long time, and doggie, which, again, should last longer. Really meaty butt on this babe Stone, though there really is far too much chatter throughout the “storyline” involving Kharlie wanting to borrow stepbro’s car in exchange for some sexual favors.

Alexis Dean is a tasty long-haired brunette whose own stepbro blackmails her into sucking and fucking him, with another great blowjob ensuing; she’s got a terrific look to her, as well as a killer smile, with our dude doing a fine job of doggie drilling Dean’s succulent butt and, also, creaming all over her smiley face.

Lastly, we have Ally Tate who also possesses a wonderful smile while her on-screen-but-never-seen stepbro humps her most memorably during doggie (Tate having yet another luscious butt) and missionary (love her liquid, horny eyes); and I love how just before the pop shot, she coos to him “Give it to me” and “Keep strokin’ yer dick … it’s sexy.” Whew!

“Sis Loves Me 4” has some absolutely foxy, frisky female newbies, with the POV lovin’ being shot in a manner to fully get you off.


When Kylie discoveres that her stepbrother's girlfriend is cheating on him, she suggest he get revenge by fucking another girl, and when she starts undressing and teasing him with her perfect, little body, he realizes exactly who that girl is going to be. Kharlie bets her stepbrother that she could get a guy hard just by twerking; he doesn't belive her and when he pops a rod watching that tight ass bounce up and down he loses the car for the day, but teh blowjob and wet pussy he got later, made it all worth it! Alexis was about to light up when her sepbrother caught her and said he'd tell mom unless she agreed to put something else in her mouth; the next day Alexis go stucking sneaking in through the window, but it's all good, because her stepbrother was there to take advantage of that sexy ass! Ally's stepbrother has a thing for her so it was no surprise that he got a hard on while rubbing lotion on her back; taking it as a compliment Ally let him finger her pussy while she jerked him off. This only sparks more kinky, forbidden encounters between this young pair.

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