Club VXN Vol. 4

Club VXN Vol. 4

Vixen’s fourth “Club VXN” film is a total departure from the series concept, which typically centers on an upper-class sex club set in the Vixen universe. It’s a sexy idea and that concept has led to some truly stellar scenes since the first film. This latest installment, however, is a curated collection of four standalone scenes with their own mini-plots amidst wealthy and opulent settings, featuring superstars like the newly crowned Vixen Angel Little Caprice (who is also a 2018 XBIZ Europa Awards winner).

Scene 1:

Seldom will you see the incomparable Caprice in a boy-girl scene without her studly husband Marcello Bravo at her side. It’s a rare treat from this underrated talent who defined art-porn for the better part of this decade.

Caprice is joined by Christian Clay, playing a tailor that this naughty trophy wife has decided to try on for size. There is a short voiceover and an on-location walk through Parisian streets that offer thematic setup for the upscale lay.

Fashion is at the core of Caprice’s character, but it’s not just a vague concept. Caprice embodies everything Vogue with three outstanding wardrobe changes. The look is complemented by glitzy makeup and shimmering hair. Her style shines throughout the sex scene as she sports stockings, a garter and a choker. Don’t miss those pearl earrings either.

Caprice gives a short striptease and gets to the point quickly. Aside from a brief hug and kiss, foreplay is minimized in favor of a dash to the oral and a lengthy and varied mix of penetration.

Coming from the realm of glam and art-porn, Caprice musters a sensual and visceral performance that blends the art of tease, lust and romance into one. She’s got all the sex moves and emotes that fans have come to know and love. It’s a beautiful bang that stands up to the lofty bar set by her past films.

This scene distinguishes itself from Caprice’s past work in its intensity. Most of her boy-girl romps are gentle and delicate matters. The same is true of her girl-girl fare. But Christian Clay brings an aggressive energy to bear. He warms her up with some hard fucks that ignite her body and deliver two back-to-back orgasms.

Her eyes darken and a different Caprice emerges, fucking back hard in doggy, cowgirl and reverse before finishing with a fierce blowjob. Clay finishes himself off, but the camera lingers for a beautiful denouement with lots of cumplay and cock-worship.

The set is breathtaking too. Everything is filmed on location in Paris, including sex on a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Greg Lansky and crew work wonders with a telephoto lens that makes the famed tower stand over Caprice’s naked body like a giant metaphoric phallus. The same location is used in an anal gaping scene featuring Nancy Ace, yet to be released on DVD.

Altogether, it’s an awesome scene that Greg Lansky and performer-turned producer Julia Grandi should be proud of.

Scene 2:

As we near Spring and warmer temperatures in the northern hemisphere, Lansky teases us with a swimming pool “beat the heat” patio scene. This marks Brett Rossi’s Vixen debut, and it is a very strong showing.

Rossi plays an untrusted housewife who has grown to resent his distrust and dishonesty. He’s so insecure, that he sends someone to watch over Rossi when he’s away: Mick Blue. In Brett’s words, he was pushing her towards infidelity.

She cuts to the chase rather quickly, grabbing Blue’s crotch and in a matter of seconds, they are both naked with Brett choking down Mick’s mighty mouse. I get that her character is pissed off, a little horny and ready for some vindictive revenge sex. But if Mick is supposed to be stopping by as a favor to his friend, Rossi’s husband, shouldn’t there be some conflicting emotions here?

While the sex acts are relatively standard, Rossi makes it happen with a high degree of intensity. She fucks hard and is quite vocal throughout, with doggystyle proving particularly dazzling. The lens is angled off to reveal a lusty view of her naked body and swinging tits while half-showing her wet pussy being penetrated and Brett’s attitude is what makes this truly shine. Her body collapses, the tone changes and a great smile breaks across her face. Mick Blue reads this perfectly and pumps harder, driving Ms. Rossi to two awesome orgasms mixed with smiles and laughter.

She also makes a delectable O-face from reverse cowgirl and looks amazing squatting on Blue’s erect cock. You get a marvelous view of Rossi’s firm abs and now glowing chest. Most girls don’t get much out of reverse cowgirl, but Brett would have you believe it to be the one wild position.

Scene 3:

Keisha Grey is one good looking brunette. Although she’s enjoying life abroad and no longer performing pornography, there are still a few unreleased scenes bouncing around. Take this one which has been lurking within the Vixen members’s section since 2016.

Shot at the height of Keisha’s career, the buxom beauty portrays a bad girl with a crush on her bestie’s boy-toy Jean Val Jean. Through voiceover, we learn that she and Jean roll every chance they get. This is one of those times.

Despite her fascination with Sasha Grey, Keisha is a delicate performer. She’s soft and gentle in her performance — something that works well with the dreamy and romantic Lansky lens. But that is not to say she’s a complete submissive. Her sex is somewhat passive, letting Jean do much of the work, while there’s definite communication and partnership at work.

This scene’s got it all. Passionate kissing and embraces magnify beautiful foreplay followed by oral. Let’s talk about that. One of the highlights is Jean’s time munching her delectable cooch. It’s a gorgeous shot with Keisha on her back and angled off for a spectacular view of everything, and Jean purses his lips on her pink with a satisfying smack.

Then you’ve got Keisha’s eye-contact laden blowie. She starts out innocently licking and flirting with Jean Val Jean while she tosses some ball-play in. By the end, she’s full-on deepthroating a salacious grin in between breaths. Wow.

It’s a scene that takes its time. The sex progresses the way a chef develops flavors in a rich curry. Position changes are smooth and natural and Grey looks amazing bouncing atop that cock. Anal lovers will be happy to see almost 10 minutes devoted to pure tushy delight. Lots of lube is evident as Jean gently thrusts her bum doggystyle. They explore anal in three positions, including missionary and side-missionary, before ending with a very pretty facial.

Scene 4:

Athena Palomino is horny and alone. Her husband is out of town longer than expected. Disappointed, she hears her neighbor Mick Blue saying goodbye to his wife. That’s when inspiration hits.

She walks right in the front door seductively and asks how long wifey’s going to be gone. She’s so forward and he’s so willing that it gives the impression that this might be an ongoing fling between these two.

Athena is wearing a onesie sun dress that is clearly interfering with Blue’s desire to lick her ass. It comes off pretty quickly and sets up a beautiful dichotomy with the elegantly dressed Mick Blue and the nude Palomino. Her golden locks are highlighted by the gold architecture and decorations of Mick’s mansion.

Whovian’s are bound to have nerdgasms at this one. Palomino is sporting a bleach-blonde look along with her naturally dark brows. That paired with her thick lips makes her the spitting image of Rose Tyler, and that is a pretty hot thought.

Onscreen chemistry between this power-duo is tangible. There’s so much kissing and rubbing and a genuine outpoouring of emotions that it becomes less like porno and more like something real and raw.

Athena dedicates a lot of time to beautiful oral. Her performance is lustful and beautiful with lots of eye contact and slow, sensuous movements. It’s something she revists at the very end where she makes a spectacle of Blue’s facial finish.

Despite the movie not taking place in the notorious titular club, “Club VXN 4” is a solid collection of scenes that any Lansky fan will want in their collection. The movie serves as a good sampler of all the different types of scenes Vixen produces. Little Caprice’s Parisian fling stands out for its gorgeous setting and heightened production values, Brett Rossi brings the hardcore, Keisha Grey shows us what anal is all about and Athena Palomino is the personification of romance and lust.

Like most Vixen pieces, the Greg Lansky brand keeps the bar high with industry-leading production value and beautiful sets. And with this particular mix of scenes, the movie dispenses with the more typical white-on-white foreground and background compositions. It’s a good porno for glam fans and is a great way to spend the evening.

Synopsis: is proud to present CLUB VXN VOL. 4! Greg Lansky, has picked his studios absolute best works, showcasing the best and brightest talent the industry has to offer. Cover model, Little Caprice, plays a trophy wife letting loose in Paris with some high end shopping and high octane adultery. All wrapped in the world-class production values and captivating storylines that is know for, CLUB VXN VOL. 4 is not to be missed!

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