Rags to Riches

NakedSword Originals
Rags to Riches

A terrific starring vehicle for gorgeous Alam Wernik, the built-for-sex Falcon Studios exclusive with an ass that could stop traffic, and directed with customary attention to detail by XBIZ winner mr. Pam for NakedSword Originals, the three-time XBIZ Awards winner (2017-19) for Gay Studio of the Year. Special tech kudos for the film’s dreamy soundtrack.

Wernik plays a horny Brazilian boytoy fresh off the bus in the Big Apple with dreams of hooking up with a rich A-list sugar daddy. His beautiful bubble butt is properly on display within seconds. As the film opens, his cranky flatmate, ruggedly handsome Dolf Dietrich, demands either rent money or cock. Wernik hits the streets. Meanwhile, Drake Rogers is servicing Dietrich with hungry intensity. Dietrich is gruff, aggressive and dominating, but Rogers clearly gets off on his topman’s alpha intensity, and fires right back with the sex talk. Their sexual chemistry is superb, particularly as they drip with sweat as they fuck and Rogers begs for more boning. Rogers blasts out a splattery cumshot as he’s being butt-slammed.

Wernik lands a job as a cater-water and immediately has stars in his eyes when he works a party for Austin Wolf, a towering, muscular dreamboat with a smooth, confident sexual allure. Wolf briefly fucks African-American Parker Payne, slim and handsome, in the background of a party as his guests socialize. While Ian Frost slips downstairs to please Wolf (“I’m going to make sure we get paid really well,” he promises Wernik), Payne reappears to initiate a hookup with Wernik, who deftly demonstrates his power-bottom skills when he’s bent over a counter, naked, and grinding his ass into Payne’s face as the latter devours his beautiful hole. During their oral exchange, Payne gruffly orders Wernik to deep-throat and the latter happily complies. Their anal play is pleasurably intense and Wernik jerks his thick cock to climax as he’s being fucked.

Frost is slim and handsome, with a swimmer’s build, which makes for an appealing physical contrast against Wolf, who is built like a linebacker. Their sexplay has a sensual intensity and Pam’s camerawork captures the slow build, particularly during blowjobs when Frost engages in slavish cock worship. Wolf fingers Frost and throws a superb fuck into him in a variety of positions, all the while maintaining confident control.

When poor Wernik encounters some trouble, he is fortuitously rescued by Wolf, who brings him home, strips down the studpup and takes him into the shower and then into bed. Wernik is so turned-on he can barely speak, the perfect sub for an alpha-top like Wolf. Wernik whimpers with pleasure as Wolf allows himself to be serviced. When they fuck, at one point Wernik, groaning, aggressively fucks himself with Wolf’s cock, much to his topman’s delight. He beats his cock to orgasm as Wolf plows him, splattering his abs with seed, then sucks Wolf’s fingers and eagerly laps up Wolf’s own explosion of cum. “I guess my search for the perfect houseboy is over,” Wolf says.


Brazilian Boy-Toy Alam Wernik has moved to the Big Apple in search of the gay American dream but soon learns the concrete jungle is no joke. He finds himself broke, on the wrong side of the tracks, and dealing with some sketchy characters. Looking to make some quick money, he takes a catering gig at the home of New York A-Lister Austin Wolf where he discovers the lifestyle of his dreams. Determined to make it to the top, Alam will do whatever, or whoever, it takes to go from Rags to Riches.

While cruising around Manhattan Alam stares longingly at the glamorous window displays of the high-end designer showrooms and chic boutiques, dreaming of the lavish lifestyle he knows to be his destiny. He returns to his shared tiny apartment on the Lower East Side and is jarred back into reality when walks in on Dolf Dietrich being serviced by Drake Rogers. Even an excellent blow job doesn't stop Dolf from complaining and demanding money. Alam dashes out and leaves the two naked studs alone so they can finish what they started. Drake rides Dolf's face, giving him a taste of his hole before bouncing back on Dolf's rock hard cock and riding it hard. Dolf flips Drake on his side and proceeds to grudge-fuck him like he's the one who owes him money. Just before he blows, Dolf pulls out and feeds his thick creamy load to Drake who hungrily slurps up every last drop.

Alam takes a job catering with his new friend Ian Frost at a gorgeous penthouse on the Upper West Side. The host, Austin Wolf is obviously enamored by Alam's broken English and stunning good looks. When Austin calls Ian downstairs Parker Payne makes his move. Pointing to a camera on the wall Parker convinces Alam that if he really wants to get Austin's attention they should put on a show. They strip naked and Alam bends over the counter so Parker can tongue-worship his award-winning ass. They switch places and swap blowjobs until Parker can't wait any longer. He shoves his cock in Alam's tight hole, fucks a load out of him and licks it off his washboard abs. Parker shoots his load all over Alam's giant bubble-butt and the two give a devilish nod to the camera. In case the show didn't do the trick, Alam "accidentally" drops his wallet on his way out the door.

While Alam and Parker put on a show upstairs, cater-waiter lead Ian goes downstairs into Austin's private quarters. Austin orders him to take off his shirt and begins to jerk off at the sight of Ian's tight swimmer's build and perfectly puckered hole. Ian gives Austin a passionate blowjob but the muscular top has one hole on his mind, and it's not Ian's mouth. Austin flips Ian over to eats his ass and suck on Ian's hefty cock before shoving his rock-hard meat deep in Ian's hole. They fuck in a dozen positions until Ian finally bounces up and down on Austin's dick until he explodes. But Ian isn't done, it's time to get paid with a hot juicy load straight from the boss's cock.

Alam returns to his nightmarish living conditions to throw everything he owns into a duffle bag. Downstairs on the street he tosses the bag on the sidewalk to unlock his bike when someone runs by and grabs his bag. Alam hops on his bike in hot pursuit but soon realizes how futile it is. As the sun goes down, Alam finds himself at the piers, alone, penniless, with nowhere to go - then he remembers the kind smile of one man, Austin. Back on the Upper West side Austin has found Alam's wallet and made arrangements for Ian to come pick it up. Waiting outside his apartment, Austin spots Alam shivering on the sidewalk. Austin invites him inside and undresses him lovingly so they can shower together before Austin leaves for a previous engagement. The next morning Austin finds Alam ain the guest room and dives in. They passionately kiss and aggressively fuck all morning long, Austin paying extra attention to Alam's huge round ass and perfect hole. Alam finally blows his load with Austin still inside him then Austin pulls out so Alam can suck a load out of his fat cock. Both recognize a deep connection as Austin suggests they have brunch on 5th Avenue - looks like Alam has finally realized his dream of life on the A-list.

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