Natural Beauties Vol. 10

Natural Beauties Vol. 10

Greg Lansky’s 10th installment of the long-running “Natural Beauties” series is a rich collection of masterfully filmed sex scenes featuring some of the top performers to grace Vixen’s studios this past year.

“Natural Beauties 10” is a curated collection of some of the hottest stand-alone scenes. Like most Vixen releases, there’s a little setup to each scene with some dialogue and such, but this is far from a story-driven porno. All four scenes are standalone all-sex pieces in that glamcore style that Lansky is known for.

The DVD features high-class packaging with the alluring Brittany Benz gracing the cover. Typical of most DVDs, the special features are sparse. You’ll find a cumshot recap and some photo stills — making the VOD or a Vixen subscription more enticing to all but die-hard collectors.

Cover model Brittany Benz opens the show with her first mainstream pornographic scene. The story is simple: she’s turned on by her sister’s boyfriend Mick Blue. When sis is away, Brittany makes her move.

It’s a beautiful scene with a beach house vibe. There’s shots of Benz walking the beach with a prominent Vixen branded surfboard in hand. And the set is a welcome change from the monotone locations typical of Vixen’s productions. The sex takes place in a brightly lit room near a window with lots of natural light sparkling off Benz’s sun-kissed body.

Blue and Benz roll through the typical sex moves with lots of attention given to oral. You’ve got lots of pussy-eating along with a lengthy blowjob complete with some deepthroating. Benz also goes for some face-sitting, but it’s admittedly awkward on the hardwood floor.

It’s nice to see Brittany move about the set. Too often, XXX scenes are restricted to one bed or couch, but Benz transitions from spot to spot, railing against the banister, face-sitting on the floor and cock-sucking on the couch.

Brittany stays in character too. Throughout her sex scene, she keeps teasing Blue about her sister and how much better she is at each act. It’s endearing and keeps the premise alive.

“Library Girl” Kendra Sunderland may be retired from pornography, but there are still a few unreleased scenes across the Lansky network. This one’s an older scene from early 2017 when she was still pretty new to porn.

Sunderland plays a new college graduate saddled by overwhelming student-loans. She meets Samantha (Bree Daniels), who works for the wealthy Mr. Berlin (Mick Blue). Berlin is a sugar-daddy looking for talented and beautiful women.

At her interview with Samantha, things take a turn when she’s asked to take off her dress. Sunderland lets out a confused “excuse me?” while Bree Daniels disrobes to reveal her own stunning assets.

Here’s the thing about Kendra. She strikes me as a visual person by nature, and you can see this glee wash over her face the second she gets a look at Daniel’s delightful chest. It’s not just that, there are so many moments in the ensuing threesome where she sits back and basks in the beauty of the fabulous sex before her.

Kendra takes the spotlight early-on with her impassioned and expressive oral. It’s all about eye contact and building this sense of excitement. But she doesn’t hold back when Blue asks to feel her pussy.

Sunderland’s first position is reverse cowgirl, with Bree supporting by rubbing her clit to a great orgasm. Kendra’s chest glows a bright red and she lets out this wonderful smile as she explodes into her first O. She actually revisits the position after Daniel’s go and cums again. This time you can see Bree having so much fun watching the newbie twist and contort.

Primarily a girl-girl star, you can see Bree Daniels in her element when Mick starts eating pussy. Daniels shakes uncontrollably to Blue’s tongue flicks. She takes matters into her own hands with some skillful fingering while Blue thrusts away.

It’s a great scene for female pleasure, with Daniels and Sunderland repeatedly cumming for the camera, but Blue has his moment at the end with a big facial finish. Kudos to Lansky for keeping the camera rolling for a flirtatious ending while Daniels and Sunderland kiss and touch each other to fadeout.

Kenna James is back home from her first year of college and daddy’s business partner Johnny Sins has his eye on her.

Kenna James performance as the shy and uncertain girl is triumphant. She showcases her personal talent by playing the grand piano as Sins sits next to her. Sensing the tension, and later his wandering hand, James begins to miss notes and writhe with increasing sexual tension.

The silent closeup on her face as she gets increasingly turned on is the height of erotica. And with a kiss, they explode with passion.

What a beautiful set. You’ve got that piano adding little notes and highlights as the keys get bumped, and then there’s all that natural greenery splashing in from the window. Eventually the couple retire to a fancy boudoir overlooking a lush garden.

The tension is tangible. On the one hand, you’ve got Kenna, who probably hasn’t had sex since coming back home. She’s full of desire and want, but there’s something taboo about going too far with Sins. You can see the trepidation in both performances, and when they let go, it’s that much more erotic.

Once Kenna gives herself over to desire, she’s all romance. I love how they hold back for the longest time. Both fully nude and making out, Sins and Kenna want it so badly, but each is unwilling to take the next step. Kenna grinds over his cock for ages before Sins finds the courage to reach down, angle up, and push in. Her reaction is visceral.

And ones that penetration happens, Kenna unleashes her inner tigress. The sex is just insane.

This is real high-brow porno. Despite a near complete lack of dialogue, Lansky finds a way to tell a story through sex. There’s a clear beginning, middle and end with a tremendous amount of nonverbal communication between the two.

“Natural Beauties 10” closes with a threesome featuring the lovely Keisha Grey and Evelin Stone along with the ever-popular Manuel Ferrara. Grey and Stone play cam girls who have decided to do a live show in person for their number one fan.

They show up at Ferrara’s place and get busy once payment is received. It’s an abrupt start. The girls haven’t even stepped three feet into Ferrara’s house and they’re already naked and sucking his dick. There’s also a strip club theme going on the way Manuel tucks the money into their bras.

After some tonguing, the trio move to the kitchen where Ferrara has placed a mattress. It’s the same set you’ve seen in a lot of Vixen films, but taken in context, it’s hilariously weird. Think about it, Ferrara hired these camgirls to come over and have sex in the kitchen. Why would he do that? Is this some sort of fetish? I want to know more.

For a threesome, it’s a very minimalist scene. Action progresses from oral to cowgirl variations, spooning, and doggystyle for the big finish.

Evelin Stone has some fantastic moments getting pounded in cowgirl and doggy, sometimes licking away at Keisha mid-fuck. But something’s off with this scene. I don’t get a great sense of chemistry, and it looks like Grey is just going through the motions. She’s not wholly present in the moment.

“Natural Beauties 10” is a solid sampling of what Vixen’s got to offer. All of the sex is relatively tame, as the tone goes from hardcore to romantic, with some scenes emphasizing the erotica a bit more than others.


Vixen is proud to present the next volume in it's most popular and award winning series: Natural Beauties #10! Greg Lansky has curated another all-stars line up of passionate performances featuring the world's most beautiful women. Cover model Brittany Benz plays an untameable beach babe unable to keep her hands off of her sister's boyfriend. Also starring Kendra Sunderland, Bree Daniels, Kenna James, Evelin Stone and Keisha Grey in incredible passionate performances of their own. All wrapped i the world class production values and captivating storylines that Vixen is known for.Natural Beauties #10 is not to be missed!

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