Lana, Desires of Submission

Lana, Desires of Submission

A “journalist,” played by the ever-luscious Lana Rhoades, is delving into the perverted life of a dominant older Euro dude, in this Marc Dorcel semi-feature, highlighted by four (including the always-amazing Lana) choice pieces of foreign female ass.

After the tasty Lucy Heart gets a dildo up her ass from the dom — while Lana is interviewing him on-camera — we’re treated to a full-on fuck scene, as another pud gets it on with tasty Clea Gaultier right next to the table where our porn male, as well as Lucy and Lana, are dining indoors at night. Eventually the diners leave and let the guy slam Clea doggie (vadge) against the table in a semi-private setting; followed by mish-vadge, during which he switches his rubbered missile to her anus as the randy bitch keeps fingering herself, with our boy ultimately yanking the condom off his bobo and spurting toxic paste all over Clea’s cunt.

Next, lovely Claire Castel and Lucy get it on with vibes and dildos, as Lana watches and takes a vibe herself, with our bizarre-looking older male dom eventually gets finger-fucked (wouldn’t ya know) up his crapper a la Lucy, while she also jerks him off.

Lana soon delivers the movie’s highlight, as she gets DP’d by two very lucky Euro lads. She blows ‘em both off, while looking incredible in black lingerie with plenty of necklaces hanging around her neck. We have nasty choking sounds; she gets it in the vadge from one guy in a kinda spoon-like position, while sucking the other prick; next it’s cowgirl vadge (what a tush on Lana!); there’s lotsa bouncy-bounce booty action from Lana throughout this fiery scene, particularly during doggie, leading to a doggy DP, then a reverse-cowgirl DP, with Lana laughing and grinning when not grunting; all of which leads to a double suck while she’s squatting and both guys dumping dick snot onto her happy, downright beaming face. Wondrous slut!

In another room, the returning Lucy sits on a guy’s dick, cowgirl style, before he gives it to her doggie, then spoon, after which he pulls prick out, rubber off, and spouts all over cunt.

Next, the same older creep of a male dom gets Claire in a room by himself and fingers her ass with black gloves, doggie stance, before fucking her in the same position. Hard. He soon comes in the rubber, pulls it off and spills the cum all over Claire’s delectable ass cheeks.

In another scene, Clea is jerking a guy off while the two are standing before she squats down and sucks the lucky bastard, after which she offers him some standing doggie-vadge. She loves it! Our Euro stiffie soon pulls prick out, rubber off and cums all over Clea’s choice cheeks and anus.

Clea is, actually, up for a few more scintillating scenes. She next sucks and fucks a guy in a kitchen, before doing some standing doggie, with the bastard eventually erupting semen all over her ass cakes. Clea then does another guy (love this tramp!) on a grand piano via missionary vadge, before he pulls off condom, she squats and sucks his balls, then his dick, and he blows batter all over her tongue, cheeks, and nose. Whew!

Lastly, we have Lana in the outdoors with yet another lucky S.O.B., with the two doin’ the nasty. She sucks him good, slow and (balls-)deep; followed by mish vadge on the car hood, then doggie vadge, then hard doggie anal, with the latter position being really merciless and pounding, with Lana’s pretty face smashed down against the shiny black car hood; with it all ending via an abrupt edit, as the dude’s dick is suddenly out, the condom off, and he’s jerking off onto that outstanding Rhoades rump.

All in all, and despite the non-storyline and proliferation of prophylactics, “Lana, Desires of Submission” is a pretty good feature, simply because all four women — especially Lana; and especially her DP! — are so volcanically attractive and wildly horny.


The beautiful and talented American journalist Lana is going to launch herself into an investigation about submission. She will meet Jean Lefort, a writer who is specialized in the subject. Taking him at first sight as a narcissistic manipulator, Lana will soon end her interview. Not being the kind of person to give up so easily, Lana will make her mea culpa and agree to leave her camera to share a weekend of initiation with Jean at Claire's, one of her loyal readers. On the way, she will even her nature into an exhibitionist game to convince her host of her intentions.

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