DP Me: Vol. 6

Hard X
DP Me: Vol. 6

A double penetration, or DP, is a human sandwich, with a girl as the meat in the middle; one guy on top, the other dude on the bottom, both acting as slices of bread. More succinctly, the girl is getting simultaneously fucked in her ass and cunt by the gents. And this carnal act does, indeed, make for some arousing porn. Case in point: the “DP Me” series from Hard; with the sixth volume being a killer and high points going to all of the lusty lassies getting seriously double probed.

You really can’t go wrong with Lena Paul, seeing as she has a fanny-tastic ass and a pair o’ the best all-natural boobies in the biz; and it’s great seeing her not only take the anal plunge but, even further, answering her DP calling … and doing a damn fine job of it! Austrian pud Mick Blue and Russian rodster John Strong are the DP meisters here, taking turns hammering Lena’s cunt and reaming her anus, be it via doggie, reverse-cowgirl or standing DPs.

All pole positions are awesome, because Lena’s awesome. And she doesn’t at all shy away from ATMs, either, always a grand trait when it comes to a porn starlet’s true, sincere nastiness. Her frequent doggie DPs are, to me, the best parts of her sequence, seeing as it showcases her superlative pooper. I like it, too, when our pudsters go one-on-one with Lena, be it a cunt cramming or crapper kapootzing, seeing as such streamlined moments let us fully absorb her scrumptious body, be it her jiggling tits, rippling ass cheeks or succulent snatch. Even Mick Blue’s man-bun doesn’t get in the way of the intense heat generated in this scene, again thanks to the all-around lusciousness and downright filthiness of Ms. Paul. Love ya!

Black babe Chanell Heart is the next honey to get a dandy double dippin’, this time from two Rouskies, the returning John Strong and none other than the semen-ly ubiquitous Markus Dupree. Heart is another starlet possessing a juicy bod. I don’t care that her tits are bit-sized; I dig ‘em all the same. And her ass cheeks are positively marvelous, all lush and pillowy. Our Russian gents put her through the (doggie and reverse-cowgirl) DP paces, and they’re all sizzling moments, with Heart totally getting into her own orifice obliteration and, like Lena, not at all minding shining up a recently shit-streaked cock (straight outta smokin’-hot crap cave) with her mouth. And I just get enough o’ that meaty, ever-undulating butt on Chanell. Umppph!

White sweetheart Haley Reed, a truly classic beauty, takes on the penises of Mick ’n’ Markus (sounds like a cartoon, dunnit?), with nothing less than molten results. Again, it’s wonderful seeing an absolute cutie like Haley take it up the ass or the cunt on a one-on-one basis, making her double-attack/DP all the more horny. She’s got a perfect bod and knows how to use it as the boys do their best to bruise it with their pussy-fart and plain-ol’-fart probing slugs. I like the fact, too, that she digs getting her hair yanked and doesn’t at all mind, aside from lovin’ ATMs, eating her fair fill o’ (blechh!) man-ass. Quite the gaper, as well — Haley, that is, not Micky ’n’ Markus.

And we end on a nasty-as-hell note, with the ever-trampish Holly Hendrix getting oh-so-decadently double-drilled by our returning Micky ’n’ Mark. Holly is an over-the-top starlet, letting the boys pretty much do any fucking thing they want to her, including double stuffing her anus, as well as her cunt. Whoa! Holly is terrif, too, simply doing cowgirl vadge with one dick, her delish derriere wobblin’ all over the place as she grinds down and bounces all over that singular prick-a-roo. She’s also a solid deepthroat artiste, going all the way to the base, choking, gagging and nearly puking on those separate pricks. What a whore!

“DP Me 6” is one superb gonzo, filled with a quartet of tastily attractive, deliriously dirty damsels, all performing with top-notch grunge. You’re also sure to enjoy the candid DP princess interviews cunt-ducted by director Mason before the wild double schtupings begin.


Hard X, is proud to present, DP Me Vol 6, a celebration of intense double penetration action, starring Haley Reed, Chanell Heart, Lena Paul in their very first DP Scene also, starring spinner Holly Hendrix taking it to the maximum Capacity with DP, DV, DA. DP Me Vol 6, is directed by the award winning Mason. Do not miss this Hard X release!

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