Bound Gods Presents: Wolf Hudson on the Run
Bound Gods Presents: Wolf Hudson on the Run

A hard-edged and delectable showcase for the charismatic Wolf Hudson, whose special talent for BDSM is given full reign in three extended vignettes that cast him as a criminal who doles out his revenge via whips and other special toys.

Officer Eli Hunter is in for a world of hurts-so-good pleasure when Hudson, his prisoner, overpowers him in a scene that runs more than 40 minutes (not counting, as with the other pair of scenes, another 15 minutes or so of extended pre- and post-sex conversation with director Keys). Hunter is compact and cheerful with a lean physique and tight bubble butt that Hudson flogs and spanks. There’s a bit of oral play — Hudson also jams his head into a copier for a creative bit of humiliation — before Hunter is securely tied up to have his ass jammed with a fuck machine (literally). Hudson has another few tools of torture prepared before he fucks Hunter, jacks him to climax and then spreads a load onto his face.

The follow-up scene features lean, shaggy-haired blonde Daniel Lament, who is affable but more low-key (likely nerves) than the spirited Hunter, and is making his onscreen debut. He’s quickly overpowered and suspended upside-down in a pig mask (get it?) then tightly trussed up twice more, in different positions, all the better to allow him to submit to electro-shock, flogging, foot worship and other torments. He moans and bellows, as much as he can given the circumstances, while his ass is jammed with Hudson’s cock. Afterwards, Lament, spent, remarks that he’s “still processing” the intense experience while rope marks are still visible on his torso.

The final vignette spotlights Special Agent Chris Harder hot on Hudson’s trail. Harder is a serious looker with a neatly trimmed beard, gleaming smile and killer physique — broad shoulders, narrow waist, muscular thighs and butt — squeezed into tight dress pants, jacket and button-down shirt. Their sexplay is filmed on the rooftop of The Armory,’s headquarters in San Francisco, with the city skyline behind them. A quick chase leads to Harder being bound with duct tape for a flogging-and-fuck session — still clothed — before he is tied to a pillar and then against the wall for more electro-torture, whipping and taunting. Hudson goads him into shooting a load onto his boot and licking it up.

All three vignettes are a real showcase for Hudson, who has the physicality to carry off fight choreography and the gravitas to believably embody a criminal bent on enacting revenge against the law enforcement officials who bedevil him. The sexplay is shot and staged with Kink’s industry-standard polish and precision.


Officer Daniel Lament is hot on the trail of the twisted criminal Wolf Hudson. As Lament peers through the dark corridor, Wolf leaps from the shadows and captures him in brutal fashion. The Officer finds himself hanging upside down as Wolf taunts and shocks his body. Broken and humiliated, Lament gets tied to a rusty staircase and flogged mercilessly before Wolf rams his huge cock up into Lament's hole.

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