Naked Sword

Directed and shot on location by the prolific mr. Pam around Berkeley, and inside one infamous bathhouse, this NakedSword Originals sexflick crackles with authentic energy and features one of the year’s best matchups between a young Jewish hunk and his new studly Palestinian roommate. Well worth checking out.

Scene three is the winner. Singularly named Elijah is slender, handsome and pale with bright blue eyes, red lips and a long, thin boner. He’s speaking Hebrew to his mother and chatting about broadening his horizons when roommate Ty Royal turns up. Royal is handsome in a completely different way, muscular and charismatic, and both characters discover they share a desire to see the world through new eyes.

Their flip-fuck is by turns tender and passionate; they kiss hungrily, trade slavish blowjobs and take turns fucking. Elijah actually makes love twice to Royal, and cums twice. The shivery, delighted expression on his face after his second pop-shot says it all. One of the year's best.

Another eye-catching duo features tall and lean Cameron Diggs, who is inked nearly head-to-toe, as he hooks up inside his “fuck truck” with clean-cut Jed Athens. Diggs’ formidable cock includes an implant under the skin in the shape of a shark (all the better to stimulate the prostate). He and Athens are well-matched and Diggs, in his porn debut, relentlessly pounds away at Athens, spread-eagled in a sling.

Elsewhere, Dalton Briggs dozes off in math class and dreams up a passionate erotic dream involving his professor, Brendan Phillips, who looks terrific in his tight pants and proves himself a passionate, engaged performer. The wondrous Brenner Bolton, the very picture of All-American beefcake, wanders into the infamous Steamworks and enjoys a rigorous flip-fuck with Mike Maverick inside a steam room.


A horny student fantasizing about his professor, a tattooed punk rock star experimenting with gay sex for the first time, new dorm roommates that hit it hard, ‘Berkeley 1’ directed by mr. Pam, explores the progressive and vibrant town and encourages fans to free their mind and the sex will follow.

JC Adams