The Donald

The Donald

Inevitably, smut parodies like this one become dated if their subjects are still active in public, as is most certainly the case with mogul/Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. And in this Hustler satire, he (in the form of Evan Stone, dig that hair!) is deciding on his Vice Presidential running mate, when we all know it’s Indiana Governor Mike Pence. But, all that aside, let’s focus on the pussy probing, of which there’s quite a goodly amount of whackable material.

Actually, one of the very best scenes is right at the beginning, as Trump slams former Czech wife Ivana (played by Polish Natasha Starr) and his current — very fucking hot! — Slovenian-born wife Melania (Russian Subil Arch and her strange name), with Natasha really going to Deepthroat Town, choking and coughing (“Excuse me,” she politely gags at one point) on Stone’s bone. Natasha and her big juicy ass are also great when Stone doggies her — twice, even! Subil Arch, of course, just looks incredible (good choice to play Melania!) while she sucks and fucks quite professionally. But it’s Natasha who’s most certainly (love her!) the nasty one here.

The two featured blonde whores, called “Trumpettes”, also provide horny moments. Trump tests his two possible running mates (Senators Cruz and Rubio, portrayed by Mark Zane and Donnie Rock, respectively) to see how well they can “fuck the middle class” (personified as Skylar Madison and Christie Stevens), with the lads doing a damn good job of it. Skylar’s a great blowjob artiste, going down slow, deep and passionately; while Christie Stevens, though less vocal, is also a good little slut, allowing Donnie Rock to properly hammer her.

Except for the occasionally awkward jokes, which fall flat at times, and the largely improvised dialogue, as well as the somewhat tepid girl-girl scene between Sarah Palin (Britney Amber) and Carly Fiorina (Alyssa Lynn), “The Donald” is solid XXX, made all the more arousing by our pair of Euro tramps and blonde strumpets. And, yes, that really is Evan Stone’s actual hair.


Donald Trump needs to find a running mate! But this isn't going to be just any vetting process. He's doing his part to make sure the next VEEP is hot and hardcore-ready! Larry Flynt delivers his contribution to the Trump media circus with this hilarious spoof of The Donald's next step to the White House.

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