Spanish Sun

Spanish Sun

A quartet of crisply shot vignettes featuring smooth, slender Spanish cuties with an emphasis on condomless, outdoor frolicking. Sweetly passionate kissing is a highlight.

A threesome kicks off the sexplay in and around a pool on the grounds of a lovely palatial home in the Spanish countryside. Ray Mannix stands out as the lissome blonde sandwiched between his slender, pale and dark-haired buddies (including the striking Gabriel Angel). They kiss and engage in underwater dickplay before retiring to a lounge for another makeout session and traded blowjobs. The two brunettes pull a train on Mannix and soon he is easily riding both of their cocks for a bit of double penetration. Angel splatters his cum all over the handsome features of Mannix, who licks his buddy’s cock clean.

Kris Blent is very tall and lanky with a hairless physique and a lovely upwards-curving boner. He and Xavier Sibley, returning from the first vignette, share a good connection. They kiss with seemingly genuine passion, trade some assplay and then Blent fucks Sibley briefly before squeezing his pal’s torpedo-shaped cock into his tight little bubble butt.

Josh Milk is slightly older than the rest of the cast with a masculine demeanor, more worked-out physique and a scrotum piercing. His partner is adorably babyfaced David Sky. As in the rest of the film, their makeout session is sweetly passionate. In an unexpected change of pace, the younger, more slight Sky plays topman to Milk, who rides his buddy’s cock with an appealing intensity.

Final scene again features Blent, whose lanky blonde good looks play nicely opposite costar Ruben Bart, who has floppy blonde hair and a punkish, bad-boy demeanor. Their kissing is tasty and they flip-fuck (Blent is always rock-hard). Bart cums as he is being plowed and is treated to a facial to close out the action.


Ruben Bart, Josh Milk and David Sky prove themselves to be the perfect hosts when a gang of beauties head for Spain to indulge their appreciation of Spanish Sun and cock — and not necessarily in that order! It's not long before the hot boys are taking full advantage of the hospitality in a series of ass-breaking, ball-draining escapades. As a result, whilst the skies are clear and blue, there's showers aplenty — of hot creamy pent-up spunk!

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