Demon Lust

Demon Lust

Love the title. Perfect for porn. Really sharpens up one’s sense of anticipation, dunnit? Yet “Demon Lust,” from Spizoo/Girlfriends Films, has a storyline which makes as much sense as a speech from “the Donald.” Even the plot breakdown on the flipside of the DVD’s box cover is totally jumbled. What we did manage to decipher is that you’ve got two demon liquidators (Tommy Gunn and Evan Stone) book-ending the movie, while the rest of the flick is filled with a buncha goobers who fuck this slut, pork that slut (and, trust us, there are quite a FEW good sluts to go around in this title), with an errant demon floating about in human form (Tommy Pistol doing one the worst English accents ever captured in cinema history) who gets to eventually boink the incredible August Ames. Confusing plot, yes — but plenty of whackable sex.

And we definitely start off on an erotic upbeat — sort of. Demon killer Tommy Gunn ventures to a haunted mansion to snuff out a few disciples o’ Satan, but ultimately gets stuck in a wild three-way with foxy brunettes Jessica Jaymes and Chloe Amour, both playing cock-hungry demonesses. The ladies wonderfully gag on cock and let Gunn really slam it to ‘em. The only problem is the directors keep cutting to an absurd fish-eye view of the scene which literally shrinks each fuck angle down by half, making it hard to see what the hell’s going on. Whatever the purpose of this camera ‘effect’, it’s both lame and, in this context, criminal, as it radically reduces the heat of an otherwise fiery sex scene. Pity.

Otherwise, all of the sucking and fucking is pretty good in “Demon Lust,” with one or two total showstoppers. After the demonesses fool Gunn and fill his dumb-ass with searing lead, his son (Ralphie Long) flies to England for no apparent reason (told you the story was nutsy-balls), with England not even LOOKING like Britain (it’s probably Encino) — but, nonetheless, the ‘region’ cunt-ains plenty of trashy, highly penetrable Euro tramps. Aruba Jasmine, for one, is a unique-looking Brit, with the kind of soft body, nicely sized tits, and juicy ass which would cure the most painful of hangovers, with fellow Brit Luke Hotrod giving her a proper toad in the hole.

More horny Euro femmes follow. Like Sensual Jane, a huge-breasted (all-natural) Romanian sperm depository who takes on Luke Hardy and Ralph Long, respectively. Soon thereafter, a much cuter Romania trollop, Julia de Luca, lets lucky-fuck Luke Hotrod hammer her, while Ralph gets to cornhole Italian pixie Stella Cox, who later blows Dean Van Damme. Meanwhile, back at the haunted mansion… Evan Stone, whose mere presence elevates this low-budget fare up a few notches, gets to pop (in more ways than one) sexy MILF Jessica Jaymes, one of our earlier cocksure demonesses.

Ultimately, the best scene (as you probably guessed) features Demon Lust’s main cover girl August Ames, who looks, as usual, spectacular and boinks, as usual, like a total pro. Tommy Pistol gets to drill this super babe, just after she exits a shower (providing some choice glam shots of her soaping up and washing off), leading to some awesome humping positions, all nicely highlighting Ames’ beautifully bronze-skinned, magnificently lush figure. Thankfully, when the Ames pumping session commences, our directors use that same lame-ass fish-eye lens for just a few seconds before, quite wisely, dispensing with it altogether. Someone was smart enough to avoid ruining another solid cunt-snaking — and with the superlative August Ames, yes, you wanna fuck her up, but NOT her scene.

As a horror-comedy, “Demon Lust” might be all over the place but that’s okay, since the grinding, for the most part, is engaging enough to get you off. Some pretty good special effects, too. But get it for A-girl August Ames.


The mighty devil's son, played by award-winning actor Tommy Pistol, battles the angel warrior Evan Stone. What follows next is a trip to Earth, an evil nightmare, an encounter with The Temptress and Tommy Gunn, and a series of epic sex scenes that only the legendary Spizoo could conceive.

Kenneth Barlow