Behind the Line 3: Jake Takes Two
Behind the Line 3: Jake Takes Two

Three Active Duty favorites make for a potent combo in the centerpiece of this four-scene entry, with handsome Jake getting flanked in bed by Shea and Riley — their three beautiful boners quickly taking turns in each others’ mouths. Jake and Riley are the more vocal, charismatic ones, but watch for a few glances by the quieter Shea in the opening interviews — he stares at Jake’s chest with palpable desire, and as the action starts he plants a few licks and kisses on the stud’s toned stomach before making his way down to his cock. It’s those little touches that make this (and all of the studio’s efforts) so special. There’s an excitement in the air, and it carries over to the viewer. Jake takes turns fucking them both before they fuck him back, their hot smiles punctuating the scene.

Jake is then joined by smooth cutie Jaxson — whose big boner stretches to the ceiling (a shaft of steel!) when he gets in the shower stream with the tattooed top. They swap sucks (watch as the two share a smile while Jaxson worships Jake’s cock) before Jaxson’s boner bounces all over the place (hitting his own stomach and leg) as he rides Jake’s dick, his ass hairs clinging to the shaft. Two solos round out the package: handsome Max (check out those killer eyebrows) and muscular Dawson.


Behind The Line 1 was all about Big Jake – now we’re bringing in his namesake, Jake II, to fill his shoes in part 3 of the Behind The Line series. Jake II may not be new to bottoming, but he’s always filmed with just one guy at a time. Now we’re upping the stakes, as Jake takes two guys on at once in a no-holds-barred threeway with Riley and Shea where anything can happen! Then, Jake takes Jaxon on one-on-one in a hot shower encounter that will leave them both soaked and satisfied. Plus, don’t miss these hot solos from Max & Dawson, who were featured on DVD for the first time in Re-Enlisted 2!

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