In this very Private-like feature, from the very-Euro Marc Dorcel Productions, we get a group of spoiled, young, affluent shits or “players”, looking for the next kick, which happens to be having themselves thrown into an Eastern-Euro prison for three days, by arrangement, to experience what it’s like to be treated like real prisoners. Whatever. It’s the sexy, slutty Euro chicks—mostly from Czech Republic and (mais oui!) our star/narrator herself, 22-year-old French ultra-babe Lola Reve—who’re the main reasons why wanna pick up this DVD.

No girl here, by the way, puts in a bad performance. First up at bat (with several ‘bats’, actually), Lola Reve sucks four guys through the bars of a cell (typical porn-prison fare), letting only one guy fuck her. Woulda been better if they ALL fucked her. Of course, as you would expect, the head prison guard (played by Alexis Crystal) is mean, conservatively dressed, hot-looking…and oversexed. Brunette Ferrara Gomez plays another very bangable prison guard who lets inmate Mike Angelo sodomize her. Dido Angel is one of the rich girls who gets fucked (way hard!) by a prisoner (Thomas Stone). Alexis Crystal lets two creepy bald inmates (Stone and Angelo) hump her in a barely lit cell, but, have no fear, we can see all of the raunchy action; no DP, though. Next, Ian Scott cunt- then ass-fucks Reve who, even without makeup, is ridiculously sexy; after which Scott gets it on with Ferrara, who looks awesome sucking his fat prick before he violates her vadge.

Even though the movie has condom-coated sex and an abrupt ending (the latter making not the least effort to satisfactorily conclude this feature), hell, if prison is like this—having sex with great-looking Euro women, without any fear of guys named Bubba cornholing you—then, hell, sign me up!


Lola Reve, a beautiful young woman from a good family, is on the verge of a unique experience that will change her sexuality forever. Imprisoned in a high-security zone in Eastern Europe with other candidates, she chose to spend three days and nights as a prisoner: walls, cells, bars, uniforms, body searches... everything is true to life! Totally at the mercy of a particularly vicious and authoritarian female supervisor, the group will quickly learn what it means to be completely subjected to pleasure.

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Charlie Strom