Frat House Cream

Frat House Cream
Cute Hunter Page is having a rough night after getting harassed by his frat bros, he gets the feeling he’s being watched. The texts from an unknown caller (“Want to make a dirty movie?”) don’t help...

and then the power goes out. Things get bumped in the night in this fun thriller, which combines chills and cocks. Page’s is a beauty, a big and thick rod that gets some action in the back of a moving van with butch strangers Connor Maguire and Ray Han. The three engage in sexy suck combos before the two fill both of Page’s holes, the bottom staying stiff as he gets plowed (and in some pretty cool positions, the two tops holding him up in the air). Our protagonist also gets reamed by his stepbrother (taboo!) in the finale, hairy stud Shawn Wolfe working up a sweat while force feeding the bottom’s mouth before pinning him to the sofa.

Marco Russo lands porn star Johnny Torque, whose boner is breathtaking as it gets worshipped by the sucker (“Choke on that dick!”). Marco rides it, the highlight coming as the two jack off side by side: Torque aims his missile as his buddy, dousing his chest with an impressive flying stream. Doug Acre fucks Lucas Knight (two mighty fine dicks) in a club, while a 14 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage rounds it out.


When the wind blows this hard, no one can hear you cream. Alone in the frat house at night, Kev (Hunter Page) can't shake the feeling he's being watched. What follows in this NakedSword Originals production is stormy mix of hot sex, cheap thrills and things that go bump in the night - With menacing stalkers, hung movers and an older brother (Shawn Wolfe, Raging Stallion Exclusive) with a taste for college ass! Cream is a frat house all-nighter that makes pledge week look like amateur hour!

Dan Cameron