Shared Wives

New Sensations
Shared Wives
This release on the New Sensations Swingers label should appeal to fans of the psychosexual dramas Paul Thomas directed for Vivid for so many years. Here he reunites with his longtime scriptwriter Raven Touchstone for a look at the psychology of mate-sharing and its possible pitfalls.

Richie owns a motorcycle shop, Eric is a policeman. Their girlfriends work in the same office where their girl-talk touches on swinging. Neither of the guys is eager to try it out, but when the two couples meet up, it soon becomes apparent that Jessie and Eric know each other and have had a previous relationship. Eric wants to reignite it, Jessie does not, but things get out of hand when the couples go to a dirty dancing class together. The four get together to try to smooth things over, but a game of Truth and Dare leads to partner-switching, and finally, a semi-surprise ending.

The story is expertly acted by all four of the principals (this should play well on cable channels), and the sex is fully professional, with Andy taking the orgasmic honors. There are two additional sex scenes that have nothing to do with the story.


Karla and Gabe are a loving couple looking to spice up the sexual side of their marriage. Gabe has a fantasy of seeing his wife with another man, and Karla, apprehensive yet intrigued, shares this little secret with her co-worker, Mindy. As luck would have it, Mindy is seeking more attention from her husband Will, who seems more married to his job than her. Two couples, very much in love, that share a similar interest; the sexual fantasy of watching and being watched by the person they love. However, the road to heaven is not always paved with gold. In a dramatic twist, the very thing that is intended to bring them closer together may actually tear them apart. Will their relationships be able to survive the ultimate test?

Jared Rutter