Attack Of The Squirting Succubutts

Seymore Butts
Attack Of The Squirting Succubutts
It starts off with two blonds squirting all over each other, then you're suddenly transported to four women squirting, fucking and eating Tom Byron's ass.

Then it's back to the blonds from the beginning. Then off to Tom and two other girls. Then back to the blonds. You get the picture. Fortunately, porn doesn't really need to make sense.

There's plenty of squirting in this movie. There's also plenty of anal. There's even some ATM. These are the positives. Unfortunately, there's also plenty of Tom Byron. Like way too much Tom Byron. It's kind of like Seymore Butts made this movie as a favor to Tom. Lea Stevenson highlights the female performances with some hot reverse cowgirl anal and squirting. Otherwise, this movie is probably just for Tom Byron fans.


First they seduce you, then they eat you ass first. Gaping gushing and ass pounding.