Sex Pub
Welcome to the Sex Pub, where the horny barmen prefer pulling the hunky customers to pulling pints! Danny the barman is just closing up for the night, but he really likes the look of handsome Kris and so he serves him a stiff one, right up his tight arsehole. Next, Duncan's boyfriend is away and he's called into the Sex Pub to drown his sorrows. A perfect opportunity for Danny to knob him in the snug after giving his shapely arse a bloody good rimming. Meanwhile, barman Brett spots goodlooking jay playing pool and fancies potting his brown. He offers him a pint for free saying "You can pay me with a fuck." He gets a good head on it as well. Hunky Nico has come for a job as a male stripper in the Sex Pub, and gives Brett a private audition that gets his knob throbbing. The job is his as long as he lets Brett shag his tight ring too. As Brett finishes chatting with Nico, Hunter comes into the bar asking if he can use the toilet. Brett sees an opportunity to have another guy while he's on shift and follows him into the toilet. After eyeing each other up they start kissing and finally get fucking on the toilet floor. It's all happening at the Sex Pub - come and join in the filthy fun.