2257 Software Packages

These software packages are available commercially for those who prefer not to start their digital record-keeping systems from scratch:

Operating system: Novell Linux,
Windows XP/Vista, Mac 10.4 or better
Support: Phone, email, web-based tickets and user forums
Developer: Metrosharp Corp.
MSRP: Free to less than $1,000

Metrosharp Corp. in May acquired Psyance LLC’s 2257MadeEasy, the first commercial 2257-compliance package on the market. The new owner, comprised of former Microsoft employees, plans to release Version 2.0 in January after a complete overhaul.

2257 Model Age Verification and Information System (MAVIS)
Operating system: Win 98, XP Home/Pro
Support: Phone, email, instant messenger, fax
Developer: Brady & Associates LLC
MSRP: $299.99 to $999.99

MAVIS has been available since mid-2005 and doesn’t seem to have evolved much (if at all) since late that year. It’s a standalone Windows application that uses a proprietary database and provides a separate inspection query application and built-in image scanning and manipulation capabilities.

2257 Software
Operating system: Linux
Support: Email
Developer: Robert Lum
MSRP: Free

Generically named 2257 Software is a freeware product designed for Linux servers equipped with an Apache server, PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL. Records may be synchronized between primary and secondary producers as long as both employ the same software and both databases are connected to the web. It’s a basic effort that requires some programming knowledge to use effectively, but for small studios on a budget, it could be a viable solution. An auditing feature allows users to track changes to the database.

2257 Tracker
Operating system: Windows 98/2000/XP
Support: Email
Developer: Kelly Copley
MSRP: Free

Released in August, 2257 Tracker is another freeware product that provides basic record-keeping abilities. An attractive interface allows both entry and inspection of records, although in inspection mode some data is obscured and all data is locked so it can’t be changed. Cross-referencing and search capabilities are limited, and there is no built-in ability to synchronize records between companies.

Cool-Content 2257 Records Keeping System
Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP
Support: Email, instant messenger
MSRP: Free

A simple product consisting primarily of an input interface that posts data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, CC2257RKS hasn’t been updated since December 2005. It’s still freely available for download via the website, but drawbacks in design and database size probably make it inappropriate for all but the smallest content producers. Everything must be entered by hand (a task made easier by drop-down help in the data-entry interface and on the product’s website); there’s no easy way to index, rearrange, search or collate data; and sharing between primary and secondary producers is next to impossible except by exporting the data on one end and re-entering it on the other).

Operating system: Linux/Unix/BSD with PHP, MySQL, Zend Optimizer and Perl ImageMagic
Support: Phone, email, instant messenger
Developer: Mansion Productions
MSRP: Free

An add-on module for Mansion Productions’ back-end management solutions, MP§2257 is provided and installed free of charge for all Members Area Management System and MPA3 clients who request it. Seamlessly integrated and synchronized with MAS and MPA3, MP§2257 can pull information from both systems and alerts producers when content records are out of date. Manual content entry also is possible. When used with affiliate manager MPA3, records may be distributed automatically to secondary producers.

Operating system: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Unix/Linux
Support: Phone, email
Developer: Strategic Systems Inc.
MSRP: $1,000 monthly

One of the more robust systems on the market, TrueCompliance was developed by an attorney who’s also a software engineer. With a proprietary database that can expand almost infinitely, impeccable cross-referencing abilities and built-in web-spidering (for image URLs) and image recognition and importing components, it’s got more power than small companies may need but large companies may find it invaluable even at the steep monthly fee (which includes updates and personalized automation and migration scripts).

Operating system: Multiple platforms (interaction via web browser)
Support: Phone, email, instant messenger
Developer: Entertainment Records
MSRP: $49.95 to $149.95 monthly

xLegal (formerly 2257ok) maintains a secure, centralized database of indexed and cross-referenced records (including supplemental documentation like model releases) from all the producers who use it and also allows clients to keep copies of their records locally. In addition, whenever a record is updated, records at all client locations are updated automatically. A web-based interface facilitates entry and retrieval of records from anywhere, and a second interface allows government-authorized inspectors to view only the information they require.

Operating system: Win 95, Win98SE,
XP Home/Pro, Mac OSX
Support: Web-based contact form
Developer: Keyframe Multimedia Inc.
MSRP: $49.95 to $149.95

Truly a standalone machine system, YTracker was designed for small to medium-sized operations. Most recently updated in March, it offers a number of benefits for the tech-challenged: It’s easy to install and use, can install software upgrades by itself via the Internet, doesn’t require a server, and the database can be moved between Windows and Mac operating systems seamlessly. On the negative side, because its size is limited and it doesn’t “talk” to other users, it’s not the best choice for large companies or primary producers who need to share their records with secondaries.

Operating system: Win XP or 2003 Server
Support: Phone, email, instant messenger
Developer: ZEI Pty. Ltd.
MSRP: $795 plus $45 monthly to $2,995 plus $165 monthly (single-user license)

With clients like AEBN, Metro, Naughty America, Hustler, California Exotic Novelties and, ZEI 2557 is one of the more popular software solutions. All records are stored in a relational database, allowing them to be cross-referenced, associated and retrieved based on any number of criteria. The system also performs some content cataloging functions, allowing producers to track and manage all sorts of data about their intellectual property.