Championing Yourself When Applying for Corporate Work

Championing Yourself When Applying for Corporate Work

Adult performers and creators have long been sought out for content partnerships and event staffing. In recent years, however, some adult performers have also independently burst through to the mainstream, shaking off the stigma associated with adult while sharing the unique perspectives and expertise that only sex workers and adult talent can offer.

Breakthrough talent can put a human face on an industry that is often misunderstood, if not outright condemned. Rewriting our storyline starts with us, so here are some tips for navigating passage from adult into the open waters of the mainstream.

Remember: Your worth is not defined by your occupation or former occupation, but by your skills, unique experiences, values and contributions.

Shift Your Mindset

Adult industry talent face real barriers that can prevent us from moving forward outside the industry. I absolutely don’t want to dismiss or minimalize that problem in the least. However, we also often face internal struggles that can be just as daunting.

Sometimes, getting what you wish for is scary, so we subconsciously put it off by telling ourselves it’s not the right time, or it’s not going to happen for us. Or we may be secretly uncomfortable with experiencing joy. These tendencies can potentially cause us to self-sabotage.

Stepping away from such habits requires a mindset shift. Much of the self-limitation, fear and anxiety around what we think we can or cannot do is a matter of programming. Our upbringing and experiences train us to subscribe to certain beliefs about ourselves and the world. Since the mainstream world frequently projects a negative image of sex work and the adult industry, it can be a struggle not to subconsciously absorb such notions and view ourselves negatively as well.

My big ask is simply that you consider, just for a moment, that perhaps you are the perfect person for the job. You are the ideal candidate, the dream hire. If the story playing in your head is holding you back, change that story. Allow yourself to feel worthy, and dare to sink into the idea that you’ve already got the necessary requirements. Dream big because once you do, new things will begin to take shape.

Have Courageous Conversations

Obviously, you’re not the only one whose perceptions have been impacted by stereotypes and myths. Businesses may have concerns about whether adult talent can step into new roles. Breaking through such reservations can be a significant obstacle to overcome.

A good tactic for easing this tension is addressing the issue upfront. Acknowledge that your unique identity might cause worry, but then spin how your attributes and lived experience can actually contribute positively to the workplace. This allows you to lead with your strengths.

Prepare for interviews by engaging in self-reflection. Understand your own motivations so that when you sit down with a hiring manager, you can clearly articulate why you are interested in the job. Identify the personal goals driving you toward this position, and how your values align with those of the business that is hiring.

Demonstrate that you understand the challenge at hand and the required pivot on your part. Combat fears by highlighting instances from your past where you successfully adapted to different environments or contributed to positive changes in organizational culture.

Recognize Your Power and Cultural Capital

Though often denigrated due to societal biases, adult work is often about engaging with people all across the world, to help them feel more connected and less isolated. As a result, adult industry talent can bring unique and indispensable skills such as negotiation, empathy and communication to the table. Familiarity with the latest technology also means having your finger on the pulse of a fast-moving world. Paint a picture for the hiring manager about how you can plug yourself and those talents into their business, and help develop solutions where there are weak points.

By emphasizing your resilience and capabilities, you can help change the narrative around adult, encourage empathy and challenge stereotypes and traditional notions of professionalism. Remember: Your worth is not defined by your occupation or former occupation, but by your skills, unique experiences, values and contributions.

Ramona Flour is a veteran sex worker and former Chaturbate cam model who now serves as the COO of Sin Party. Follow her @ramonaexplains on X.com and ramonaflour.com.


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