Top 15 Fetish Subreddits for Marketing Your Content

Top 15 Fetish Subreddits for Marketing Your Content

When it comes to advertising as an adult creator, I often find that fetish clients are more accustomed to paying for their porn and inclined to subscribe to your page to request custom content. That makes them an excellent audience to target! One great place to find and reach this demographic is Reddit — but only if you know where to post.

A subreddit exists for every fetish you could imagine, but finding the right subreddits can be challenging without prior knowledge of the site’s vast selection. That’s why I put together this list of fetish subreddits, to help you maximize the effectiveness of your posts by reaching the right clientele.

HD close-ups with tons of light and detail do well; so do full-body pictures with feet as the centerpiece.

In assembling this list, I drew on my time as a Reddit manager as well as my personal experience using Reddit to advertise my own content. I based the rankings on my experience posting in them, both for myself and my clients, and on the engagement I have observed while doing subreddit research.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, just my top three subreddits for each fetish category. There are many more subreddits in each category, so be sure to research and test all the available subreddits to see which ones bring you the most engagement.

One final caveat. While many of the subreddits are active in general, a particular body type and look often tend to perform best: Reddit heavily prefers young, skinny, busty, white creators. Predictable, I know! But the subreddits don’t discriminate against posters in any way, so it can’t hurt to post and see how you do.

Foot Fetish

The foot fetish communities on Reddit are vast, and I’ve found more than 10 vibrant subreddits for this niche. Note that the folks in foot subreddits are picky about the style of photos they like. HD close-ups with tons of light and detail do well; so do full-body pictures with feet as the centerpiece. Be sure to check the rules on NSFW content and mark your posts as such, to avoid being banned. Not all of them allow nudity. These are my favorite three, based on engagement:

  • r/VerifiedFeet - Verification takes upwards of a month.
  • r/Feet - Verification is required, there is a Reddit karma minimum for posters and the subreddit has strict rules about your account/content.
  • r/Feet_nsfw - This is the only fully NSFW foot fetish subreddit on this list, though it has low-ish engagement.

Camel Toe Fetish

The camel toe community on Reddit is surprisingly large, and none of the subreddits I’ve listed below requires verification or has a karma minimum. Despite the prevalence of the Reddit “type,” I’ve posted in these subreddits as a BBW creator and my content performed just as well as that of other posters.

  • r/Cameltoeoriginals - High engagement, with optional verification.
  • r/Cameltoe - No verification required, lax posting rules.
  • r/Cameltoegw - No verification required, no posting rules.

Piercing Fetish

As a pierced creator, I use many of these subreddits myself. Once again, despite bias toward the Reddit “look,” I still have success posting in these subreddits as a plus-size femme.

  • r/Piercednipples - Requires verification and has high engagement.
  • r/Decoratednipples - A personal favorite, with optional verification.
  • r/Piercednsfw - Largest subreddit, but has the lowest engagement.

Body Hair Fetish

The hairy genre on Reddit has taken off recently. While I don’t have any experience posting in this category, I follow a few different creators who have had a lot of success in these subreddits. I recommend starting here if you like to grow body hair and want to sell that genre of content.

  • r/Hairy - Optional verification, relatively high engagement.
  • r/Hairypussy - The largest one, no verification required.
  • r/Hairyassgirls - High engagement for its size.

Armpit Fetish

The armpit communities on Reddit are small but offer high engagement on posts. I often get reports from my creator clients about armpit guys showing up in their premium social media DMs after I post their content in these subreddits. All of these subreddits allow both hairless and hairy armpits.

  • r/ArmpitVoyeur - No verification required, with high engagement for its size.
  • r/Armpitfetish - No verification required.
  • r/Armpitworship - No verification required, though the community is on the smaller side.

I hope this list makes using Reddit for promoting fetish content easier, and helps you gain new fans. Remember, even if you don’t have that “look,” there are tons of subreddits that exist for your unique features and traits. Reddit’s potential as an effective advertising tool for adult content is limitless, and the smaller fetish subreddits, like the ones on this list, are a great place to start. Happy posting!

Suki Jade is the social media director for PS Group, a marketing agency for the adult entertainment industry. She is also a content creator, former cam model and dancer. She can be found on Reddit at reddit.com/u/bittercupbea or WeArePSGroup.com.

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