Gay Content Tips for Male Creators

Gay Content Tips for Male Creators

I started modeling for adult magazines in 2003. Once they hit the newsstands, calls to shoot videos came in left and right from Randy Blue, Sean Cody, Mighty Men and many other all-male studios. Ultimately I went with Randy Blue. I spoke with Randy and could tell he was a good guy with a big heart.

The mid-2000s was the heyday of adult websites, and my gay fan base grew quickly. Back then, if you were doing gay films, you couldn’t also shoot straight films, but today it’s more accepted and I can produce my own content for fan sites while working for studios.

If you are looking to earn, gay is the way.

I love, respect and stand by the LGBTQ+ community, which has supported my career for so long. Right now, doing gay shoots enables me to film the kind of porn I really want to do. Until DrRideout.com supersedes my other revenue streams, gay shoots help me afford to travel and pay the female talent I work with. It’s like your day job paying for your hot-rod habit.

Gay vs. Straight Scene Partners

So, you’re ready to become a content creator! I’m sure you already know how to thrust your hips and cum, so we’ll skip past that. It’s time to find someone to thrust with and cum into or onto. Do you want to do gay or straight?

Guys are much easier to set up shoots with. Before you can even finish saying “Do you want to collaborate?” a dick is already in some hole. Females are a little more selective about whom they want to be on screen with. I’m sure many get messaged a hundred times a day by guys asking to film with them — and probably half of those guys just have a cell phone and started a fan page a month ago.

Another bonus of gay shoots: If you are straight or bi and you have a girlfriend, she may actually be more comfortable with you shooting with guys than with women. Some men are the same way about whom their female partners shoot or hook up with — it seems to be innately wired into our psyches to avert what we perceive on some primal level as competition for procreation.

Show Me the Money

If you are looking to earn, gay is the way. Even if you don’t perform with other men, it will make you much more money faster than straight content, in my experience. Mind you, the girls make most of the money on the straight side — and rightfully so. The fans are there for them. Your paycheck is bigger if you’re the star who draws the crowd, which is what happens if you are a guy and do gay content. So be proud you have a dick and hoist it straight up in the air. The guys will come running for it.

Making Gay Content When You’re Straight

Often, I’m asked if I’m bi. My answer is usually, “Reese is all of the above.” But if you’re straight, here are some actionable tips. First, save your load for a few days. This helps you get an erection and a better cum shot. Next, remember the one thing that turns you on most, and repeatedly play this in your head to help you stay hard. It sounds like a challenge, but it will become second nature before you know it. Finally, use Trimix, which forces your cock to be hard by injecting it with a vasodilator. This is great because you won’t have to worry about staying hard.

Guys Are Horny, But Paperwork Comes First

Gay or straight, it’s good to lay down ground rules ahead of time. In addition to making sure everybody completes the appropriate legal paperwork — releases, 2257 documents and so forth — be sure to get a written agreement on your scene itinerary. Let them know you will be shooting a few different positions so they don’t cum in the first one. This is business and needs to be treated as such.

Be sure to get all those documents out of the way first. This is important both for legal reasons and also because often, when you just meet up with someone in their bedroom or at a hotel, the only thing on their mind is the sex itself. The other day, I went to shoot a scene and the model was so horned up wanting to get my penis in him that he had trouble concentrating on filling out the paperwork I brought.

Market Your Man Ass!

Once you've shot your content, you need to market it. When I sell my straight videos, it’s a little trickier: the straight guys want to sign up for the female performer’s fan site because of the possibility of actually talking to her and directly supporting her. Most of the time, I’m just a dick. That’s why I created Dr. Rideout — so “he” can be a star and a character who’s branded better and remembered for making cool content the guys like.

On the other hand, if you are filming solo jack-off videos and gay content, you can market directly to the horny guys. They will want to message you on your page, watch your daily activities via Twitter and jack off to your beautiful hole or cock. Twitter is the best place I know of for marketing, right now. You can run deals, give away prizes, retweet, comment and like other creators’ and performers’ pages.

Here is some super-laser-targeted secret advice, especially if you are just starting out with gay content: Find other male creators who look like you and who make content similar to yours; having a similar vibe or aesthetic is a good recipe for hyping up fans and gaining new followers from one another.

No matter what content you’re making — gay, bi, straight or beyond — only do what you’re comfortable with. However, don’t be afraid of experimenting and expanding your audience base.

Reese Rideout is a creator and performer who can be followed @reeserideoutxxx on Twtitter and at DrRideout.com.


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