Overcome 'Creator's Block' for Fresh Content Ideas

Overcome 'Creator's Block' for Fresh Content Ideas

Think, Andrew, think! You must think of an article to write for XBIZ that will be amazing and informative all at the same time… but what to say?

Yes, I’m starting this article that way. Got a problem with it?

Say you’ve just done the best jerk-off instruction vid ever and your fans loved it! Now what? Do it again with a theme variation. It’s just that simple.

You shouldn’t, because this is the way I cure my writer’s block. Whether I’m writing an email to an angry customer or trying to ingratiate myself to a prospective model I want on the site, the first thing I do is just start typing.

“Great,” you think. “Now he’s talking about writer’s block… he’s supposed to be talking about when you run out of content ideas.”

Here’s the thing, though: Mental blocks are mental blocks. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing when that nasty little paralysis-by-overanalysis bug hits you; The important thing is to break through that obstacle. Fortunately, I have some ideas that might help...

Steps for breaking through content creation blocks fall into four basic categories:

Don’t Overthink It

That’s right, think less! Remember who you are shooting content for. Is it a movie critic that will give you a thumbs-up or -down? No, it’s horny people who love sex. Whether it’s cleavage, asses or armpits, they're looking for a good time, not to deconstruct your oeuvre.

Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to put out professional, high-quality content. Learning fundamental skills will prevent you from ever producing bad content. Understanding the camera, lighting and video editing — and for heaven’s sake, pick up that pile of dirty laundry in the background if you’re going to be shooting some content! — will help you succeed every time.

Just Start and Go With the Flow

Just like this article I’m writing, sometimes you just have to start the process even if you don’t feel ready. I can toss off some cheesy little sayings about every long journey beginning with a first step and so on, but I’m not really good at motivational slogans, so just start, okay? See, what happens is, if it totally sucks, you delete it and it never gets seen again. Or, you take the crappy content, repackage it as a blooper reel and make your fans laugh.

Replay Your Greatest Hits

Now, let’s explore the value of revisiting your greatness. Say you’ve just done the best jerk-off instruction vid ever and your fans loved it! Now what? Do it again with a theme variation. It’s just that simple.

There are only so many ways you can talk about rubbing a dick until a happy ending. That part of the video doesn’t change. But hmmm, let’s see, you did the first one as someone’s nurse. Guess what? Now you’re someone’s stepmom! Oh wait, now you’re the librarian… hold on, now you’re the secretary. You get the point.

Remember: when us guys were in our formative years, we thought about having sex, constantly. That’s why, now that we’re adults, we’re perfectly happy repeating the same video over and over with just slight variations. It works for a scientific reason: because us men are dogs, woof! So we think about the same simple things often. We don’t actually require that much variety to keep us interested.

The point is: Get a good topic, then do it again — and again — changing it up just enough each time.

Finding Inspiration

When I talk about inspiration, I don’t mean ripping off other content producers and just stealing their ideas. What you can do, though, is go to a place like Literotica or other such sites, where average people decide to write down their fantasies for the world to see, like a giant focus group for porn research. See what you find there that “inspires” you!

Again, don’t plagiarize. Just look into these types of resources to help you understand what the average person is thinking about when it comes to sex. Just stay clear of the really taboo stuff. People can get away with much more in the written word form than visual content producers can!

There you have it! I couldn’t think of a topic for this month’s article, so I just started writing and… behold! We got words, they make sense, kinda, and now I’m done. Wait ’til next month’s article on the ancient Greek philosophers and how they can teach us a lot about the porn biz.

Andrew Loyal is the support manager for Loyalfans, an all-inclusive fan club platform. Find him on Twitter @andrewloyalfans and contact social@loyalfans.com for promotional opportunities. Loyalfans can be followed @realloyalfans on both Twitter and Instagram.


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