Cam Models: How to Clean Your Sex Toys

Cam Models: How to Clean Your Sex Toys

Taking care of your sexual health is one of the most important forms of self-care there is. For cam models, part of that means cleaning your sex toys after every camming session. It may sound tedious, but keep in mind that these are going inside your body.

Without proper care and maintenance, you could be exposing your most sensitive body parts to a ton of unpleasant germs and bacteria, which can wreak havoc on not only your health, but your job.

Leaving any type of moisture on your freshly cleaned toys can create a breeding ground for other bacteria and even mold.

Fewer things are more frustrating than not being able to work because you have a UTI or yeast infection that could have easily been prevented. So, just how do you approach this daunting but totally necessary task?

Get to Know Your Toys

When it comes to keeping things clean, the devil is in the details, so make sure you know everything about your toys before you get started. The most important thing you should examine is whether your toys are porous or non-porous.

Most soft plastics and silicones fall into the porous category. Toys made from these materials need extra care because there are lots of dark corners for germs and bad bacteria to hide out in and cause trouble later. If you have an STD, for example, the bacteria can stay in those tiny little pores indefinitely and re-infect you over and over again. Definitely not a good time!

Non-porous materials like glass, metals and hard plastics still require cleaning and proper storage, but they can be a little more forgiving. Another thing to factor into your toy maintenance routine is whether the toy is waterproof or not, as motorized toys can’t be submerged in water even if it is just for cleansing.

Clean Your Toys

Now that you we’ve determined what types of toys you’re working with, let’s look at which cleaning methods work best.

Mild Soap and Warm Water

This method is effective for most sex toys, but it works especially well for those made of porous materials that don’t hold up well in high heat, like cyberskin and soft plastics. This also works for motorized toys since you can just lather them up and rinse them off without fully immersing them in water.


If you really want to sanitize your toys, boil them in plain water for 10 minutes. This is a great method for sturdy, non-porous materials like silicone, Pyrex and stainless steel.

The Dishwasher

We all know someone who knows someone who put a sex toy in the dishwasher and melted it, don’t we? While this is something that can happen with some materials, others like Pyrex are dishwasher-safe as long as you keep them on the top rack. Don’t use any type of soap or dishwashing liquid though, as you definitely don’t want any harsh detergents touching your toys and then your genitals.

Sanitizing Sprays and Wipes

There are a ton of antibacterial wipes and sprays on the market that will do the trick if you are looking for an easy way to cleanse your toys without damaging them. These are safe for most materials and can be done in a few minutes. Just spray or wipe the toy, then give it a quick rinse and you’re done. Keep in mind that while this method works well when you’re in a hurry, you shouldn’t rely on these products completely as a full cleansing is still best. Think of this as the equivalent to using hand sanitizer when you can’t find a sink to wash your hands. It’ll do in a pinch, but it’s still not a replacement for mild soap and water.

Dry Your Toys

Leaving any type of moisture on your freshly cleaned toys can create a breeding ground for other bacteria and even mold (shudder), so make sure you dry your toys completely with a clean soft cloth or towel. I can’t emphasize the clean part enough, as there is no point to cleaning your toys if you are just going to run a dirty towel over them afterward.

Store Your Toys

Leaving clean toys out in the open air exposes them to whatever germs and bacteria are hanging around, so make sure you store them properly in a silk bag or sex toy case once they’re dry. Some brands such as Joyboxx even make anti-microbial storage cases that come complete with vents so you can dry (and charge) your toys while they are locked away safely.

Jackie Backman is the Content Manager for Cams.com. She has been working in the industry for over 12 years and specializes in copywriting, beauty and social media management. Follow Jackie @beautychaoticofficial on Instagram.


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