Crafting Video Clips Made With Love

Crafting Video Clips Made With Love

In the year-and-a-half that I have been selling clips, I have made some changes, while managing to keep my viewers coming back for more. I believe that forming a connection to your audience and feeling comfortable while filming is the most important part of having longevity in your clip-making career. This leads to an increase in your income and personal brand’s growth as well. It can be tough to navigate how to build and maintain an audience when you are first starting your clip career journey, but I have discovered some important tips to make it a bit easier.

On days when I have planned to do some filming, I like to wake up early and take a nice hot shower to get my day started. After my shower, I do a face mask and drink some coffee in my robe to relax before I get ready. Small steps can really improve my mood and get me excited to create new content. I think that everyone should take time to figure out what makes them feel inspired.

Paying attention to what sells and what doesn’t will allow you to retain customers.

One of the greatest obstacles in my clip making is the fact that most days I am not in the mood to sit down to do my hair or makeup. This probably explains why I have so many videos with no make-up and my hair in braids. To feel comfortable while getting ready, I like to listen to my playlist titled “bad bitch” or watch inspiring YouTube videos, those always get me hyped and in the mood to create some good porn. After I’m done with my hair and makeup I like to pick out my outfit to film in. If I don’t already have a specific idea in mind, I usually don’t know what kind of video I want to film that day until I pick out an outfit that I feel inspired and sexy in.

Many people believe that in order to be successful, you need to release multiple clips a week, but I do not believe that is true. The saying “quality over quantity” is something that I live by in my career. I believe that if I stress myself out with releasing videos too often, it will show in my work and I never want to create content that starts feeling like a chore I don’t enjoy. Amateur clip making is a very creative field, and you can make a video out of practically any idea that comes to mind. I find it helpful to have a notebook to write down potential video ideas that I can refer to whenever I am in the mood to film and can't think of an idea. In my desk drawer I have at least 50 video ideas so that any time I am in the mood to film, I’m ready to go.

Most of my ideas come to me while I’m running on the treadmill, scrolling through the top searched tags on ManyVids and even looking at what is popular in professional porn right now. I believe that paying attention to trends and patterns is very important to bring new and returning buyers to your page. Personally, I choose to put my content on ManyVids and when you go to your “Content Manager” tab, it tells you how many of each video you’ve sold — as I am sure that other clip sites do as well. I find this to be a crucial part of my clip selling strategies.

Paying attention to what sells and what doesn’t will allow you to retain customers when you create more of what your audience likes. Noticing what doesn’t get many sales will also help you save time by creating a little less of those types of videos. I was very surprised when I noticed that my videos that seemed more amateur did better than ones that I spent more time setting up, but now that I know what they like I am able to cater to my audience better and it’s so much fun for me.

I believe that utilizing social media is a huge part of my success at selling clips. Having a large following or amount of likes doesn’t always guarantee customers, but if you find what works, you can turn any audience into returning buyers. For example, if I name one of my clip titles something unique or funny and I share it on my social media platforms, my followers will reply and repost and it will gain more exposure.

Instead of just posting links to my new videos, I like to build anticipation by telling my audience how excited and proud I am of my upcoming content. I take the time to find ways to promote my new videos on every social media platform that I can. This way, it gets my audience just as excited as I am. I have found that when I hype a video up for a few days before I release it, it gets more sales the day that I post it. I love to interact with my supporters and it helps them feel more connected to me and my work.

It has been really exciting seeing my clip making strategies change over this last year and I can’t wait to see what else I learn in the future. My time as a content creator has included a lot of trial and error, but it has only helped me find what works best for me. Everyone has their unique styles and I love sharing mine with my audience in hopes that it helps them as well. Success can happen quicker than you can imagine, just put effort and love into what you do and good things are sure to follow.